Finding A Rhythm.

It's been a different kind of summer holiday for us....
for a start, we haven't been away & following the loss of my Dad in late June, life has been quiet & small.

I've been very conscious of my desire & need to keep my little family close.
We found our rhythm though....
we've  had "sofa days", as my son calls them, & we've had some fantastic & fun days out & about in London.
I want my children to love this city as much as I do, I want them to feel comfortable in its busyness & its bustle, to be interested in everything that it has to offer.

We've walked & talked, eaten, photographed, read, marvelled & watched.
Museums, Chinatown, bus, tube, markets, Notting Hill, Greenwich, ice cream....

I've wanted & needed some alone time & there hasn't been much of that, 
I don't think that I've even begun the grieving process, but school starts again soon for my children & I'll have plenty of time then.

Life moves you son is 10 next month. TEN!!!
And my daughter starts an important school year with big exams not so far away.

I made a list of of smallish jobs to be done around the house & because we've been at home, things have got done....
I am - and I say this softly & carefully - actually enjoying the renovation process right now.
I can see changes &, downstairs at least, the house is coming together.

Today we leave for a week in Wales, time at a very quiet beach, just the four of us....
I cannot wait. I've packed as if for winter since the summer seems to have moved on....
I am expecting rain so any sunshine will be a bonus.
We will hunker down, read, walk on the beach, eat at the local pub, play games (no wifi, woo hoo!) & talk. Happy days, family time.

And then school starts in one week's time & we find yet another rhythm....and on it goes....  


House & Home : The "Horizon" Trend aka Letting Nature Into Your Home.

Recently I have been working in collaboration with wallpaper designers Graham & Brown, featuring
 one of their design trends for 2015 each month & exploring it a little more.

This month's trend is "Horizon"....
the introduction of subtle & calm colours into your home, using colours taken from Nature....
sunny yellows, watery sky blues, grass greens & varying shades of white.

The Horizon trend definitely speaks to me, shades of white are everywhere in my house right now & as I'm finishing each room, I am adding in splashes of colour.

I've used some beautiful floral prints - photos from Instagram which I enlarged & framed in large Ikea Ribba frames.

The main colour in the "horizon" trend is blue, but there are plenty of other colours reminiscent of nature. 
I love blues & greens....
not only do they add colour, they also give a wonderful calm to a room, they speak rather than shout.

I love wooden floors, brick walls & natural stone....they all give a simplicity to a home, making a simple statement & creating a wow factor, just in a more understated way.
two beautifully warm spaces, I love the exposed brick wall on the left & the white light kitchen on the right is  simple & fabulous.

This post is written in collaboration with Graham & Brown, all content & opinions are my own.
Room images via Pinterest & Mirage Grey wallpaper featured is via the Graham & Brown website.

House & Home : Creating the Wow Factor.

As our house renovations continue, albeit very s l o w l y, 
(does anyone do house renovations quickly, apart from on television?!), 
I am really learning about putting rooms together, building up the layers, saying enough but not too much, making the right choices, creating the space that you want to live in....
it's most definitely an art.

I have a room right now which is painted white but which I think actually needs more colour, I am leaning towards a colourful wallpaper....I just need to be bold enough! 

honolulu palm green by julien macdonald for graham and brown

I am working with wallpaper designers Graham & Brown this year & every month am featuring one of their design trends....this month it is "Eureka".

The Eureka trend involves all colours of the rainbow, but specifically using colour blocking to create a bold statement in your room.

You could use a bright or patterned wallpaper on just one wall, make a feature of one colour on a shelf or hang a large & colourful piece of artwork to really create a "wow" factor & focal point in the room.
colour blocking in a kitchen can have a fantastic impact....

....and a very quick way to both update a room & add colour & impact : add a contemporary rug or these fabulous tolix chairs

This post is written in collaboration with Graham & Brown, all content & opinions are my own.
Kitchen photos via Pinterest & all wallpapers featured are via the Graham & Brown website.

House & Home : Top Tip When You Want To Make Home Improvements Quickly

Here is top tip to try at home for those of you who want to make home improvements quickly, easily and inexpensively.  

After all, the more money we save on one home improvement project, the more we have left for all the other ones we want to do. 

This tip is for those who wish they had more windows and light. It needs very little planning and is easy to do. 

It’s the ultimate in illusions: brighten, lighten and create a seemingly more spacious area with mirrors.  Mirrors can be more versatile than we first think. Placed opposite a real window, a mirror will reflect the view and light of the real window, making it seem as if you have another window where there is not. 

We’re writing about acrylic mirrors and polycarbonate mirrors because they are much stronger than glass mirrors and don’t shatter in the same way, making them a safer choice. Acrylic and polycarbonate mirrors have made it into our Top Tips because they can be one of the best solutions for the small space owner’s back pocket and bank account.  
Create a window using acrylic or polycarbonate mirror 
Check out this fake window one of our customers created and sent in to us. 

The Plastic People supplied the acrylic mirror cut to size, ready to use. 
Dream spaces might be filled with windows but if this isn’t your reality then try using acrylic mirror or polycarbonate mirror to make a fake window, giving you what you wish was there. 

This post is sponsored by The Plastic People. 
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