Beach huts

The sunny weather we have been having this week and a photo I spotted this morning had me thinking how lovely it would be to own a beach hut. My good friend Lucinda is lucky enough to own one on the Norfolk coast....she spends her summers there and on a sunny day she entertains, cooks and just enjoys her beautiful hut - hers is painted pink and is decorated in bright colours and Cath Kidston which I think suit it perfectly!

Beach huts date from the Victorian era when they would actually be wheeled down the beach to the water and ladies would descend, dressed head to toe in their bathing suits, into the water....when they had finished their dip, they would be wheeled back up the beach and only emerge when they were fully dressed again. For many years, beach huts then languished on the beach, becoming popular again in the 1950's and again in the last few years when they have sold in certain areas for over $140,000!!

I think of them as very British but I am sure that they can be found on beaches in some other areas of the world. I would LOVE one!


  1. I love the very English beach huts and the colors onlydrive my desire further. A
    Cath Kidston inspired hut would be perfection.
    We use to carry her product line in the boutique I colors, but I would need Bridgewater in the cupboard.
    Perhaps Lucinda would oblige you to do a post this summer...that way you could snag an invite.

  2. Aren't these just lovely Simone! We also have them here on the beaches of the Mornington Pennisula, just south of Melbourne in Victoria. And yes, ours fetch outrageous prices when they occasionally come up for auction too.
    Millie ^_^

  3. Oh, I love these. There are so many beach huts lining the shores of England. Lucky you!!!

  4. Oh, I just LOVE beach huts. The colours are just amazing. Thanks for the lovely post!


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