What a difference a blog makes....

One whole week has passed since I started my blog and it almost feels like that feeling you have when your child is weeks old....and you can't remember a time when they weren't around!! Having already written as many posts in a week as some people write in a month, writing now seems an essential part of my day - how wonderful is that :)
I can't believe it is only a week.....I already feel inspired and uplifted.....feel I have accomplished so many things.....have seen many beautiful and inspiring blogs......have done some new things......my ironing basket is almost empty (that's practically unheard of!). Another interesting side effect is that I haven't eaten ANY cookies for six whole days (that's practically unheard of too!)
Looking at so many stylish blogs has really made me think about what my style is.....I love a) that sunny white Californian look, delicious creams and whites b) French chic and beautiful antique furniture, old mirrors and delicate linens c) shabby chic....I adore floral prints, pink, Cath Kidston and pretty girly things.
So I guess my style is d) all of the above! There are definitely similarities though in those styles and I can clearly see how different things will work in different rooms. We will be house hunting in about six months time......I cannot wait. I don't want to wait but I will have to :)
To everyone who has inspired me, commented on my blog and made such lovely and encouraging comments, I thank you.


  1. Keep up the good work. Blogging does keep you creative and uplifted.

  2. Hi Simone - what a delight your blog is! And even happier that you are having such fun, it really shows! Looking forward to visiting you often.
    Millie ^_^
    P.S. I love the story behind your blog's name.

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