Heidi Claire's beautiful and inspiring blog heidiclaire never fails to provide something that I will fall in love with and when I read it this morning, there it perfect kitchen....or at least, two photos which combined would make my dream kitchen. I love the warmth and elegance of the first kitchen with the beautiful chandelier and I love everything single thing in the other photo......just pure gorgeous-ness!

Thank you Heidi :)


  1. oh, I have to agree! so light and airy, yet elegant... and all that space! swoon...

    lovely blog!

  2. hi Simone! thank you so much for your nice compliment, i really appreciate it! :) i'm so happy that you and your daughter enjoy my blog. yours is very lovely too! i love the image of you and your daughter, very nice! thank you again!

    God Bless,

  3. Will head over there and check out the blog as these images are so beautiful.

  4. What a wonderful dream kitchen! I'll have to take a look around since I see something about antique mirrors below, another of my very favorites! Glad to have found your blog.

  5. How beautiful Simone!!! Very very you, I must say!!

  6. Simone that is perfection indeed - that second shot....xv

  7. Thanks, Simone. They are so very beautiful that you just have to share them. I love the little rainbow colored beach houses. Too cute. Have a great weekend, Heidi


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