The pleasure of your company is requested.....


  1. Okay, you are officially the queen of finding the greatest photos! I love garden dinners!

  2. I love the flower arrangement in the top picture... I think that when it comes to flowers... bigger is better! :)

  3. They're just sooo breath taken, mouh open, wishing I was know??
    I'll make desserts; pavlovas, cobbler, trifle, clafoutis & a rustic tart, respectively, all luscious from the fruit of the moment.

  4. Thank you so much for the lovely comments.

    I love all the tables for different reasons but I think the fourth photograph is my favourite.....I think it's those chairs.....and the table.

    Alicia....those desserts sound FAB-U-LOUS :)

  5. "The pleasure of your company is requested..." Who can say "no" to this kind of request :)


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