The Shed, part 2......

So I spent a very productive afternoon in the glorious sunshine rummaging in The Shed.....I made a throwaway pile, a give-away pile - and a pile of lovely things for me :) I found two wooden fireplaces, a dozen or so wooden stair spindles, a huge pile of lovely grey slates, a large cupboard (more about that another day).....among my favourite finds (and things I will keep for us) were....

Two large old laundry hampers complete with their original leather fastenings....what would YOU do with these?

2 dozen little old tin dishes, perfect for brioches or creme caramel.....or to be put in a large drawer to store buttons and other little knick knacks....worn, a little battered and probably bought in Italy, I really like these.

A lovely old tin bath......perfect for the garden I think....

An old laundry box with leather corners.....I love this!

A butler sink hidden in the greenhouse......LOVE this!


  1. Those are wonderful hampers. What a great find! Would they be strong enough to make big box cushions for to sit on in a conservatory? And of course also store the linen in.

  2. Horribly, terribly, thoroughly green with envy!
    Can't wait to see what you do with your treasures once you have a shed of your own~

  3. What an awesome treasure chest you have come upon. I hope you are keeping some stuff.

  4. Love the butler's sink. We found one in a skip and took it back to the house and planted in it. It was perfect!

  5. Verde, verde, verde envy, envy envy!!!!!!
    Coveting the carnival of treats discovered at your feet.
    Stack the baskets & voila!! Tableau required.
    My gasp when it first met my eyes awoke Gunther, tabby extraordinaire curled up in the chair next to me.
    Covet & love it!!!!!

  6. What lovely treasures the shed is yielding Simone! Your FIL sounded just gorgeous & I'm sure he's still having a guiding hand in your decisions to keep or to giveaway all the pieces.
    Millie ^_^


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