There are sheds and then there are SHEDS....

One project we are working on at the moment is the house that belonged for 34 years to my late in-laws......the house will be sold sometime fairly soon and we are in the process of sorting through, decluttering and organising the house and tidying and re-designing the garden. It is a huge and emotional task, one which we are taking our time over.....fortunately the house is just ten minutes from our own home. My main job so far has been the garden.

My in-laws came from the mountains of Italy where they grew and produced everything they ate.....they continued this lifestyle in London and their garden here was very much a working garden.....right now there are apples, plums, figs, cherries and strawberries growing there.

The garden is a little overgrown right now, quite meadow-like in fact! At the bottom of the garden is a lovely greenhouse and then a collection of 3-4 sheds. My late father in law was a great collector and couldn't pass something abandoned in a street without visualising how he could transform it in some way. And so in the garden are a collection of sheds which can only be described as cobbled together but which have stood the test of time and which stand as a testament to his ingenuity and ability.

We have plans for the garden but before that I am continuing my work in the sheds which were jam-packed with all kinds of things. My aim is to clear the garden and the sheds while throwing as little away as possible.....and there are several lovely things in the shed that I have my eye on, one in particular will be my next project.

Spending time in the shed has really made me realise how that little space can be transformed into a personal space, a place full of hidden treasures.....and memories. My father in law's shed smells of wood, is full of tins which rattle, drawers full of bits and pieces (and enough nails to build a house!) and things put there long ago to be's just lovely - and so him.

So, of course I got to thinking that our own new home must absolutely have a shed.....not just a place to keep tools but somewhere to spend time......and this was when I found these beauties......


  1. I love it Simone. I so want a shed in our yard and I know exactly where I want it to be.

  2. I so want to come over, as thoughts of how magical the treasures in that shed must be! I hope you are taking photos!!!

  3. I know wht are you talking about...I'd like to have it , It would be my private room ...look at the one I've seen in store...

    but maybe it's not a Shed?

  4. Mimi already left my comment.

  5. Just found your blog, and it is lovely, I love all the photos you have choosen - and what a beautiful post about sheds - I need to build one and you got me all inspired! :) best!

  6. Just stumbled upon your blog from Mimi Charmante. Love your blog. So glad I found you.

  7. What a lovely post - the sheds are adorable.

    A bientot

    Leeann x


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