I'll take them all please....

Dream home......

By this time next year we will have moved house.....any longer than that and I may just implode with impatience......when I say " we WILL have moved....". I say it with great certainty and conviction so that then I know it will happen. Because that's how life works......isn't it.....??

In the meantime, my file of "things-I-must-have-in-our-new-home" has started to grow again recently......here are some items I have seen recently and absolutely loved....love does seem to be my word of the week.....well, that and "gorgeous"......my other all-time favourite word :)

I'll take all of these - and an extra large house too....

Isn't this just gorgeous.....such character, so many drawers, such potential......LOVE it :)

....love this....

....the perfect table for entertaining.....

....Petersham Nurseries....

....love the shape and colour of this....

....isn't this lovely....

.....I would fill this with pretty pink girly things....my husband would probably think it was perfect for nails, wooden things etc......

.....I love the design and dimensions of this.....love the open spaces in the centre.....

....I LOVE a cabinet with chicken wire doors.....


  1. Gorgeous Simone. I love all your choices. Please don't implode, we need you here! Julie

  2. I absolutely love the shape and design of all the furniture (where on earth do you get all the beautiful pix from?)- though not the shabby-chic "I'll get round to painting it one day" sort of look. And to have a dining-room or kitchen big enough to fit that fabulous refectory table... what bliss.
    Ideally where would you like to have moved to by next year?
    Enjoyed 'dropping in', plus reading about your weekend away. Thanks a lot for the remarks you've left on my blog.

  3. Hi Simone,
    I must have missed it. Why are you moving and where? How exciting indeed. I love all the lovely furniture you posted. Anything for storage and to look pretty.

    BTW...you could never post too long on my blog. I LOVE hearing from you. Make them as long as you wish:) Have a beautiful day!

  4. I am in love with that robin's-egg-blue bowed dresser. It goes on the top of my list of things I must have in my next house! Like you, I'm determined that this time next year we will be in a new house. Where there's a wish list there's a way! I'm enjoying your blog immensely . . .

  5. Want that house in the first pic too!

  6. What wonderful pictures Simone ~ have you found a place yet?? Do tell..... xo

  7. I LOVE, LOVE it all, I hope you have a Big House warming and invite me. Your new home will be Stunning..

  8. Simone my luv, I'm getting the feeling that one house won't do, more like my dear friend you need two!!!!

  9. You will have a lovely home soon, and in the meantime have fun dreaming about how you can fill it! It's fun and free! I love that white plate cabinet. Beautiful! Gorgeous!

  10. I'll have one of each please! You have an incredible eye for gorgeousness, whether it be a holiday destination or a chest of drawers. I can't wait to see what you put together in your own home. Is it a big move or a little move you're undertaking? Please don't implode in the meantime, it's so lovely here. Meredith xo.


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