Pure Pink Gorgeousness....

This wasn't my planned post for today......but some days are just pink days....

One of my neighbours has this in peppermint green....good thing it's not pink otherwise I might be tempted to "borrow" it and just drive it around town in the middle of the night when no one was looking.....


  1. Hi Simone. I'll have one of everything in image 10 please and I'm afraid I would love that car in peppermint green. Tell your neighbour to watch out! I also love your quote at the top. x Julie

  2. What a wonderful post! I adore those deep pink rose pillows on the white settee. I agree with you; some days are just pink days!

  3. I LOVE that car, that living room, and that pink climbing rose! Did you do this post just for me? You are such a good friend!

  4. I need to live in the 3rd photo please. : )

  5. What a happy post! I sure do NEED some pink in my life! Just like I NEED that car!!! LUCKY NEIGHBOR!!! : ) hugs for you! Lara

  6. How lovely Simone! I must have the shoes and car!! Love this...thank you for the day brightener!


  7. Love the quote and the photos are fab!

    The car is really cute but would be even cuter pink!

    A bientot,

    Leeann x

  8. Lovely...lovely...lovely! What more can I say:)

  9. I love Pink. It's one of those things that my favorite color is blue but pink is, well just lovely. I love the peonies. The Laboutins. Maybe Maya's room should be in there for the Azalea Pink it really is.

  10. I always love the little gems you find & giggle when I see one I have to!!! Pink can just add a spring to your step!!!
    Hope you're getting to the bottom of the basket with your camping laundry!!!
    Love to all...

  11. Some Gorgeous images there...

  12. I want to have pink days everyday!! Love the shoes but am totally in love with the first quote ...

    Thanks for my pink break today ... I will come back to this post often!


  13. A total riot of pink gorgeousness! The writing on the pink wallpaper is amazing Simone. A fab post!
    Millie ^_^


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