Quick question.....

Is there an appropriate response when you for once splash out on one of those super-duper-extremely-expensive-shampoos in order to attempt to make your hair shine in the way only hairdressers apparently can......and you walk into your bathroom to find your three year old son cleaning his very muddy running shoes with said shampoo......a good two-thirds of the bottle no less?? A large G and T is the only answer I can think of right now.

Millie.....I am sure you could write a book of similar stories ;)


  1. Maybe console yourself that they don't really work anyway, or at least aren't five times better than something one fifth of the price? The hair serums are the only thing that I think makes a difference.

  2. I really need to stop laughing here before I reply...

  3. I know it's not funny... but it is so funny! :) He is so cute, and so innocent. I love it. I am so glad that you love that song, and you can think of me sometimes when you hear it, especially on Sept 5, cause thats when we will be dancing to it!
    love your kids... they are adorable!

  4. A G&T the size of a bucket!!!! Its always funny when its not happening to you!!!
    I once walked in on Hailey covered in my splurge body cream...$40 all over her body.
    He's such a cutie!!! At least he was trying to clean them.

  5. Honestly, I tried not to laugh, but looking into those eyes of his ~ well I am grinning! Convince yourself that you really did not like what it did for your hair, or you disliked the smell of it and it's just as well that it is almost gone....
    Feel better?

  6. I get it all too well...my question is it still as cute and foregiveable when it is your not so adorable 14 year old, who knows better??!!?? I have and am still been there!! :) KIM

  7. Are your shoes clean, honey? Yes? Mommy is so happy for you.

  8. I have to say that picture of him is so cute. I don't know how you could be mad at him HOWEVER, I have been there in similar situations and could feel your pain. Next time we keep the "valuables" higher

  9. Yes, it is EXTREMELY hard to be cross at that adorable little face and those eyes....sometimes I have to avoid eye contact :) Hopefully, I have learned my lesson....and his running shoes do smell gorgeous :)

  10. Yes Miss Millie could tell a story or 60! One that comes immediately to mind is when I splashed out (no pun intended!) & bought all 5 boys a bottle of CK cologne as Christmas Stocking stuffers. As you will discover dear Simone, young men always keep such items, not in the bathroom but in their cars. Well all 5 bottles somehow ended up in just one car & yep, this was the car that got broken into. Expensive stereo stayed, laptop computer stayed, mobile phone stayed, all 5 CK bottles gone!
    Millie ^_^
    P.S. That gorgeous child of yours is a true little star - get him up to the Casting Agency pronto!


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