Tea and knitting....

Fingers crossed that it stays on!!

My friend Lucinda has a beautiful tea room and craft shop called Emporium in Muswell Hill where we live and today, after school, she is hosting a "Mad Hatter's Tea Party".........my daughter (and I) spent yesterday evening creating her hat......and then I spent a few minutes this morning creating something that my son will probably wear for all of one minute.....if that! Not quite Phillip Treacy but lots of fun nonetheless :)
I have always wanted to knit......I can sew but I really adore knitwear.....and autumn, winter, boots, scarves, jumpers etc.......so today I am having my first knitting lesson with a very talented and creative friend who makes the most wonderful knitted pieces, I can't wait!


  1. Oh knitting. I tried that once. It's actally a lot harder than I thought...good luck.

    Thanks again for the sweet comments. You made my day. Oh and glad you like my music. That's always nice to hear. Have a wonderful day:)

  2. Cute pics. I can knit but not sew. Although haven't tried knitting in years. Have fun with your day's adventures.

  3. I adore Olivia's hat!!! You are so clever, my girl. I love that you will learn to knit! How fun, I can see you doing really well at it.

  4. Oh knitting! My secret desire. That isn't so secret.

  5. Oh, how I wish I could join you at that tea... How was it?
    Hugs to my girl please,

  6. Mad hat indeed. Fabulously, colourfully, magically mad!!! Olivia will be the envy of all.
    I tried knitting for a couple of months but couldn't get my 100mph brain to slow down long enough to enjoy it. Savour the yarns for me & enjoy.

  7. Tagged you darling...you're it. Come see what that means!!!!

  8. Love the hat Simone ~ you will have to let us know how the tea party went!

  9. Oh you'll love your knitting experience Simone! I'm an abject failure at anything crafty, but I can actually produce something half pie decent with wool & needles. Thanks for your well wishes, looks like the Drs. have finally got their act together, will know more tomorrow.
    Millie ^_^


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