London Calling....

Big Ben....

Tower Bridge....

Black cabs....

The Houses of Parliament....

The London Eye....

The famous red telephone box....

The City (the financial district) from the air....

Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square....

The Natural History Museum....

After a quick lunch at my mother's today, the children and I spent today being tourists in was so much fun....Big Ben, St James's Park, Buckingham Palace, Green Park, Piccadilly, Laduree, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Embankment, sushi and noodles for dinner, Covent Garden.....and home to bed....phew :)

My family moved to London from Wales when I was just 6 years old and, probably because they weren't from London themselves, my parents spent a lot of time taking us into town and showing us around.....I haven't done that so much with my two children and so it was lovely to be doing some of the same things with them.....we had a wonderful time....the children really enjoyed it....

My son on the bus: "Where's this Mummy"
Me: "This is Piccadilly Circus"
Him: "Police Circus?
Me: "No sweetie,Piccadilly Circus"
Him: "Where are the clowns?"
Me: "No sweetie, it's not that kind of circus"
Him: "Look, there are some policemen, it must be the circus"
The logic of a nearly 4 year daughter and I had to avoid eye contact at this point!

By complete chance (honestly), we walked past Laduree.....their Burlington Arcade's small but looks like a small gold grotto, all wonky shiny walls.....absolutely gorgeous.....after going in to admire the shop, it would have been very bad manners not to buy any we bought blackcurrant, rose, mint, orange blossom and bergamot.....A-MAZ-ING....we girls loved son said his tasted like soap....clearly he has a lot to learn :)

As my husband was tucking my son in tonight, I heard my son saying that he had seen lots of castles today and that he had wanted to go in to the Queen's castle but Mummy had said the Queen was too busy....."I think Mummy was right Daddy because I heard the King calling her and she didn't answer him"!!!

Just a little rest for some tired feet....good times :)


  1. What a splendid day! Your kids are so adorable, and the treat they had to see London with their Mama!

  2. That is so cool. I should do that with my kids and NYC. That is also a perfect picture of two pooped out children.

  3. What beautiful images! I would love to visit London! Your kids are so cute!

  4. Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner , that I love London so ....what a great day you have had....and what a lovely mummy for taking the children on a wonderful tour of my favourite city....I bet they will sleep well tonight ...and so will you !!!!.....I love that photograph of The Natural History Museum.....and the ariel view....isn't the Gerkin a lovely building....your sons remarks were so funny...maybe macaroons are an adult taste !!!....sleep well. XXXX

  5. Oh I'm laughing at your adorable son's comments, they just come out with priceless quotes, you should write them down in a journal, cause you forget the exact words they say sometimes.

    Am envious of your day out, what fun. You must have been exhasted.

    Really love all the pic's, the last one is the best, total cuties.

  6. I love that your son calls you mummy! and I love that you put up these beautiful pictures... makes me so excited to go there on our honeymoon! Your kids are beautiful!

  7. Oh Simone ~ what a wonderful day you must have had. They will remember this as you remember your parents taking you. The pictures are gorgeous ~ London is on my wish list!

  8. Oh, what a fun day you all had!! Thanks for sharing...I would love to tour London one day! Take care, Caroline

  9. What a fun day Simone! Your photos are beautiful and the memories you made will be in those babies hearts forever!

  10. oh gosh you know i am so jealous. or as you might say "My knickers are in a twist"........i miss London.......I miss Marks and Spencer - all that food that i could pretend i made...u r a lucky girl.

  11. Was so nice to look through your pics of London today. We are coming to visit the city in a few weeks. As I am running a little behind in scheduling, it was actually only today that we booked a room! Looking forward to being there again. Any special thrifting or second-hand shops you would recommend?
    Hugs and have a super rest of the week!
    Betty :)

  12. Oh ... I live in Oregon and visited Barn House last week. Saw it on your blogroll.. Everyone is fantastic and it was great fun!
    Betty :)

  13. What a lovely day out!
    Love this post, a Londoner at heart myself.

  14. Hi Simone,
    I've never told you this before, but I've actually been to London. My honey and I fell in love over there when we were teenagers. Our church choir went on "tour" over there and we were just smitten with eachother.

    We visited several cities...Lincoln, London, the place of John Wesley's birth, the city where Robin Hood originated...can't remember their names it's been so long. We went to Warwick castle...which was my favorite spot and sat on the big Lions in Trafalgar square...ahhhh memories.

    I have a friend who lives over there now. It's where the queen has a summer home...can't remember the name. Anyway thanks for taking me down memory lane. So cool to think of you over there.

    OH and my ancestors are from there too. Again I forget the name of the tiny town where we all came from...I'm so helpful:)

  15. Oh, I so want to go to London! Hopefully some day. Hubby visited there during a semester abroad at Oxford. Love the pic of your kids resting - looks like they had quite a day! Enjoy!

  16. Your photos are adorable and your children are cute!! I love London and England so much, have been several times. I took two of my sons there are few years ago when I was pregnant with Oliver(my youngest son) we made memories that I will cherish the rest of my life.

  17. love your son's comments... priceless!

  18. Cute Kids and thanks for the tour mummy!

  19. This sounds like it was such a fantastic day! I too, love the logic of a small child...

    daughter 6 1/2 and son almost 3.

    the things they come up with.

    The photos you chose to share are absolutely stunning. Thanks!

  20. Thank you for the great photos of London and your very exhausted children! I am happy that you are enjoying yourselves, what an exciting adventure! My son is also 4 and I love the logic too - what a crack up! Jayne

  21. Could he be any cuter!!! Being a tourist for the day sounds like a blast. All through my scrolling I kept wondering how cheap would a flight to London would be???
    By the way thanks for suggesting Clive....

  22. London & Laduree - a day from my dreams. Your son cracks me up - I love his logic. You should tell your children that the only Queen they need to concern themselves with is you, thank you very much! Hope the holidays are going well for you and your lovely ones. Meredith xo.

  23. As if london wasn't calling loudly and frequently enough as it is...
    Thanks. A lot...



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