A Little Friday Perfection....

Can you imagine arriving here on a Friday evening? The perfect getaway from the heat and hum of the city....

Is this the most perfect holiday destination in the world? Quite possibly....

The perfect week-end hideaway....

The perfect view? You would never tire of it would you.....

For those moments when you really need to escape from it all....


I shall meet you at the end, glass in hand and we shall chat til the sun has disappeared completely....

The prettiest ice EVER...
Image by frenchblue

A colour to suit everyone....

Perfectly gorgeous....

Perfectly pink....

Perfectly dressed and so preciously pretty....

The perfect summer dessert....

Perfectly nestled....perfectly private....

Another Friday is here already and in a few hours time, it will be school holidays.....almost eight weeks of freedom, fun and probably a little madness :) I am so looking forward to it. We have quite a few plans for next week and we leave for Italy in 10 days time - had I mentioned that?!

One final mention, I saw a wonderful film last night "Seven Pounds" starring Will Smith.....fabulous......"Australia" was good but this was really something....I fully recommend it.

Happy Friday....


  1. OOH Simone beautiful, all of it.. The first image is truly glorious and of course Positano...crying!! I saw seven pounds a few weeks ago.. INCREDIBLE ..but will say no more than I agree... a must see! You must be so happy to be on holidays and counting the days till Italy!! Have a great weekend! x Julie

  2. The pictures are breathtaking. I love Positano and miss it!! The little white shed reminds me a bit of my small garden shed out back ..I love it there
    have a wonderful day

  3. Well Simone , you have started our weekend off beautifully....not that I will be anywhere like that this weekend but in about 15 days I will be !!!!
    You find the most beautiful, wonderful and colourful pictures...they are a joy to gaze upon and they make us all wish we were there and they make me happy.
    Once again, thanks for all of your support and enjoy the school holidays....tell us all about the trips that you go on. XXXX

  4. Hi Girlie,
    Those pics were just breathtaking. I especially loved the one of, I think Greece, in the cave...wow!! Have a great weekend. I'm gonna have to check out those movies now...they must be good:)

  5. Oh to dream....I love them all and find it would be so hard to pick just one of those lovely spots to slip away to....I do love the image of the sweet little girl...so chariming! Thank you for those lovelies this morning! You always put the images together so well! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. What a great way to start my weekend!! LOVE IT ALL!!!! THANK YOU FrenchyB's mention~ I want to live in that room with a view and have rose ice! Thanks for your inspirations!

  7. What a great post. I too just saw Seven Pounds and thought it was wonderful. I am a huge Australia fan, the movie and the country. One day I am planning to move my family there, I am glad that blogging is helping me to create some good friends before I get there. Have a great weekend, Heidi

  8. I love all those pictures you put up... especially the quote by Souza :) I have been wanting to go see a few movies, so maybe we will have to go see 7 pounds. Hope you have a fabulous weekend, Simone!

  9. I'm ready to run away...any of these places will be just fine with me! So, so pretty! Have a beautiful weekend! xxxkim
    Thanks for the movie recommendations. We saw IceAge..Very funny!

  10. My head is spinning from all this gorgeous 'eye candy' - thank you!

    And yes, Seven was a very good movie!

    Love your blog...found you through the lovely Jackie's, home.

  11. Oh I just love so much in those photo's, my fav is the forth. Can see myself there, chatting away with a wine in hand.

    That statement is just so true at the top, something we all really need to get.

    ps YES you have mentioned ITALY!!! What with that and CO, you are in so much trouble.xxxx

  12. Perfectly wonderful. Any of those vacations would be like heaven.
    Thanks for the tip on Seven Pounds. Hadn't heard anything. Just went to see Public Enemy with Johnny Depp. Loved him but the movie was flat...fell asleep. Rent Grand Torino-wonderful!
    Have a great weekend,

  13. Love your quotes...so true!! And I so want that weekend hideaway cabin! Take care, Caroline

  14. brilliant post... so glad to have discovered your blog!!! enjoy your weekend... pam

  15. Truly delightful, smitten especially by the first pic!

    Beautiful weekend.

  16. Well you finally made!!! I wish after all the crazy hecticness of the last month I could send you & the hubby to the remote island for a little one on one time. I love the pagoda cabanas above all. Where ever did you find them Holmes???


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