The Perfect Spot.





No noise....

Disappear altogether....


A quiet space above the hustle and bustle....



A good book, a cup of tea, a scone with jam and cream...perfect....



The perfect end to the perfect day....

A room with a view....

Pure fabulousness....

On duty this week-end will be Mr Owen who will be very ably assisted by....

....Mr Jackman.....available for tea-making....cocktail turning....general compliment-giving.....whatever your pleasure may be....these boys come highly recommended....
Happy Friday....


  1. I wish it was for real. Such awesome pics! Have a great tranquil and peaceful weekend.

  2. I want to go to all of those places... especially the 3rd one down! :) Amazing

  3. Mr. Jackman and that third picture would make me a very happy girl!! Thanks for the momentary fantasy!!! xxx kim

  4. These pictures are to die for...i'll take either one of those men in any of those destinations!

  5. Mr. Jackman can enter any of those paradise venues with, the perfect fantasy weekend! Thank you!

  6. I adore Mr. Jackson, always the perfect gentleman and filled with such talent!!

  7. I was going to say the first four are my fav's then I kept going down, going okay that one and that one and then the last two ... whew! So I guess I'll just say I adore the WHOLE post.It's my dream come true!!


    ps thank you SO much for your comments at mine, I truly appreciate them and you. Seriously, I was thinking I'm going to miss you when your on holidays ... lol :(

  8. I dropped by for a visit and I have to say I am so glad I did, thank you for the mini-holiday at my computer screen which you provided. I looked at each pic multiple times and I am now all relax, thanks again.
    Duchess xx

  9. Dream vacation......might as well have a dream guy along....Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

  10. As long as Clive is at any of these places.. I'm there (sorry honey).. but come on...Clive! I love anything near the ocean and total serenity!! Perfect.. and priceless!

  11. WOW, Sharp intake of breath, gasp, sigh.....these images are soooo wonderful just come up wiith fantastic ones every day.
    How do you do it ?
    I keep think that it is coming to an end and ..woah...ther's another one.
    So Gorgeous.....Have a great weekend.

  12. I'd love to spend an evening in the hammock with Clive...then truly it would be blissful.
    Where's the stunning shot from????
    Have a lovely must be getting excited for your upcoming holiday.

  13. Jackman and one of those fabulous outdoor resting spots please. Ahhhhhhhhhhh

  14. No doubt about it Simone - you are definitely in the relaxation zone! Oh & once the other girls have had their little moment with Clivey baby, he's all MINE!!!
    Millie ^_^

  15. Well I will take them all. Thanks. Dreaming everyday of a holiday and your great images just make my want stronger. You must be almost off yourself. If so... I wish a great, wonderful and restful vacation to you and yours.

  16. Such a great photo layout. AWESOME!

  17. Oh, now I want to go on a vacation! Take care, Caroline

  18. Those pictures took my breath away. I loved them all, but the one with the hammock with twinkly lights seemed like such a sweet spot. I can see myself there.

    Have a great weekend Simone.

  19. I could use a secluded getaway spot right about now - those pics are amazing! And, I would not scoff at the idea of Clive or Hugh serving as my "help" for the week. :)

  20. Lots of happy places to visit here. Feels like I just had a vacation after viewing all of these images.

  21. mmm - such yummy images! your post was like a mini-mind vacation - LOVELY :)


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