School's out for summer!

Woo hoo.....after an insanely busy few weeks and after finishing off a couple of commitments this is finally the summer holidays......we made it....I made it....I feel positively giddy!!!!

Free and exhilarated is how I feel right now....

....tonight I will be doing this....

....followed by one or several of these....

.....followed by several weeks of blissful unbroken sleep....a girl can dream right?!

Freedom from the school routine is a wonderful thing :)


  1. This girl LOVES your pretty list of indulgences!

    Here's to a Blissful Summer!

  2. What a lovely list on indulgances!!...enjoy!1

  3. Congrats on reaching summer vacation! And thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I've throughly enjoyed perusing yours - great commentary and images! So glad to chat with someone from "across the pond!" :)

  4. Yeahhh... Hurrah....then after you have done all of those wonderful things you have then got to....wash all the clothes for holiday...iron said clothes...go shopping ( children in tow ) to buy clothes that you forgot you needed for holiday.....make sure that you have got factor 15, 25, and 50 sun protection...check passports are in order...decant toiletries into managable size containers...go up into loft and drag suitcases down....find padlocks for said suitcases....try and find swimming costume that fitted last year and check that it fits this year !! Find someone to water the plants....cancel newspapers .....Sorry Simone..just kidding...have a wonderful summer holiday with your lovely family and go and enjoy all of those delights that you have just shown us...especially the cocktails. XXXX

  5. Hurray Simone.. I've been thinking about you and your count down to both the school holidays and your upcoming vacation. You deserve a good rest, although I know we will all miss you on here. Who is going to brighten my day with happy thoughts and pics??? I love all those images... Just perfect for relaxation!... Enjoy! xxx

  6. Settle down girly, you might do a hip injury doing those cartwheels!

    Totally agree with your list, love the pic of Audrey, so funny, that's what cat's do and then they sharpen their claws in your back!


  7. Simone - you made it! Hurrah for the holidays. I hope you have a wonderful time with your beautiful children, released from the school routine, homework demands and ironing of uniforms. Long live pyjama days! Can't wait to see and read all about your summer adventures. Meredith xo.

  8. I hope you got to enjoy some "tubby time" and a couple of beverages. You have me humming that song now too - brat! Happy summer Simone!

  9. Enjoy! I loved the photos, they are fabulous.

  10. yay for holidays!!
    and have a bit of Italy for me too...please!

  11. Sounds perfect.. if you can catch all that sleep, let me know how your doing it. with my husband being gone, it's one thing I just cant' seem to do. Have a wonderful recooperation period!

  12. WoW Simone!
    I feel good too! Free as a bird you must be! Your commitments I'm sure were very worth it~
    Y E A ! !

  13. You go girl - you deserve it!
    Millie ^_^


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