Just some pink loveliness....

Some days are just better for being pink....

What a dress....just fabulous....

Oh, I think so....

Must remember this....!

Gorgeous....gorgeous....the beautiful Diane Kruger....

Beautiful.....so feminine....I love this....


Hot in every sense of the word....Rihanna....

Love this.....although I can't really see my husband in it....!

...or this.....guess it would have to be mine :)

Just adorable....

The always elegant Natalie Portman.....the Oscars 2009....

Fabulous shoes....

Sometimes just a splash of pink is all it takes....

Cameron Diaz....what a beautiful dress....

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh I LOVE this post... it is so sweet. I love the quotes and the dresses... it is so beautiful! You are so beautiful, Simone :)

  2. So Pretty in PINK!!
    Love the pink cupcakes ....

  3. Hi ya honey, how's it going! Totally want the first pic and just adore the second, okay get to the point! he he.

    I think your reading my mind again, you have something there that is related to my post for tomorrow :o

    talk soon,

  4. Pink is good for everyday! I love that pink typewriter...I so want to find one for my desk! Everything is so well put together again my dear...so yummy and sweet! Thanks for those treats!

  5. Oh how I love the color pink...its my absolute favorite color, so I just adore this post!! the gown on the top right in the larger pic reminds me so much of my high school prom gown. I still have it, its gorgeous!! great post

  6. A DOR ABLE!!! Aren't we lucky to have PINK in our big big beautiful world?? You make me so thankful for PINK!!! Great post you!

  7. One of my favourity accent colours. Beautiful selection of images.

  8. Well, this post tickles me pink! One of my favorite colors!

  9. just what I needed !!!! way to much testosterone in my life at the moment

    thank you

  10. I dont think you can ever have too much pink...in fact I'm sure.
    Its just one of those colours for me that I find myself drawn too even if I dont mean to.
    The bath...filled with lovely rose scented bubble bath, strewn with tea lights drinking champagne..french of course..perfect girlie downtime...oh and music to drown out the chorus of "Muuummmmy, where aarrree you?? "

  11. Pink peonies and pink cupcakes! Lovely lovely!
    Happy Monday to you too!

  12. Cup cake queen! I love the way they always feature in your posts...

  13. Looks like we are both in the pink here lately! Lovely post my friend ~ hope you are having a wonderful Monday as mine is just beginning!

  14. Oh my, so many wonderful images of pink, I want those cupcakes! and then a little nap in the adorable bed, x

  15. You knew I needed this today, after a weekend with a house full of boys and my dad visiting... You are such a true friend~
    Have a lovely week,

  16. You had me with the pink cupcakes...divine:) Loved the cherry blossom tree too. Just gorgeous.

  17. Love the flowers, love the bed, love Cameron's dress, love the shoes,love the car, love the bath, love the hydrngeas,love the cupcakes, love pretty things..LOVE PINK. XXXX

  18. Your blogs are simply climatic. I scroll through thinking oh i love this, oh wow look at this, oh my! ;) Love the flowers, diane-she is the prettiest little thing, velvet bed, and the typewriter, oh my! And the little car, so envious of Europe that way!

    Have a lovely day! :)

  19. I agree...pink is better on Monday....

  20. Beautiful! My sister sent this to me knowing I would love it! London is my fav place in the world! I want to go to Greece and Italy next but have to wait til all my girlfriends can afford it! Love your pictures!! Alaska is amazing if you ever get the chance! GO! I love pink too but I am afraid Red owns my heart! I live in Orlando the hottest wettest place in the world. A little cool weather would be welcome right now. I could make that midnight flight on Virgin! Be there in the morning! I wish! Shari


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