Picture Perfect....

Perfectly breathtaking....

Perfectly put....life is an amazing thing!

Perfectly glamorous...

The perfect relaxation spot....

The perfect colour combination....

The perfect LBD....

The perfect sanctuary....

Perfect end to a perfect day....

Perfect poise....

Perfectly precious!

The perfect office space?

The perfect treat....

Perfectly proportioned....

The perfect linen cupboard....

The perfect picnic....

The perfect centrepiece....

Perfectly scrumptious!
Happy Friday everyone.....thank you for reading my blog this week.....I've had some absolutely wonderful comments from some lovely people....thank you so much, I really appreciate them. Have a great week-end....


  1. Perfectly purrrrrfect Simone! Have been snowed under @ work this week, so I've been very remiss visiting, so this post is a lovely way to say hello & goodbye for the week.
    Millie ^_^

  2. I will have 1 perfect Santorini [one of my favourites memories], 1 perfect linen cupboard and 1 perfect office! Thanks
    OH could you gift wrap that and have it here by the weekend? No pressure!
    ALL perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!! x Julie

  3. You find the most amazing photos. I really am in awe! I love the quote...isn't that the truth. I just hope that something new continues to come to me on a regular basis or people might seriously get sick of me...HA;)

    LOVED Picture #1 oh and the vinyard picture is like a dream. Hope you have a weekend like that one!

  4. what a great quote... i really love that. I think i may need to use that as part of my toast :) and I love that picture of greece you have at the top. It is one of the places I want to go in the world. Also, TL and I are going to London... do you ever go into the city? Are you around? I would love to just meet you while we are there :)

  5. OH my! Seriously, my head is spinning from all this perfection! If only I could have that office space - it is calling my name!

    Beautiful post!

    And happy weekend to you!

  6. Hi there honey, thanks for such a perfect post. It's hard to pick a fav image when you like something in all of them. Even the girl in the sidebar with the cake is lovely.

    Those green chairs do stand out though and the first picture is amazing.

    Thanks for all your comments too and have a lovely weekend my sweet.

  7. The Perfect Post!

    Happy Friday.

    LBM xxx

  8. Fabulous! That is, indeed, the perfect office space.

  9. Visiting you at all times is such a visual treat! Have a great weekend. Best from Seattle.

  10. What a lovely post as always so beautiful!! I just adore the linen cupboard.
    have a lovely day

  11. Perfectly divine, delicious photos my friend! What a wonderful start to the weekend - now if only we could do lunch...
    hugs to my girl please,

  12. Simple stunning images that are sure to stay with me throughout the day. Thank you.

  13. Wow, I am so impressed with your collection of photos! Amazing.
    xoxo Agnes

  14. I'm drooling over the linen cupboard!

    Happy Friday to you too, miss thing.


  15. A perfect post entirely! Agree with Lola the perfect linen closet, office space, and that dress. I think I want that for a wedding dress! Very pretty...

  16. Beautiful post! So many gorgeous pics, Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, I will see if I can find that wallpaper for you, Have a sweet weekend! x

  17. What a gorgeous post! I love the quote you posted and the pictures are all so beautiful...

    Have a great weekend,

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Your photos are mouth watering! And that quote is great, I'm still waiting for that moment...
    Have a great weekend too!

  20. Just found you from clicking from somewhere. I like your style. Your images. Your way of thinking.

  21. Wonderful array of photo's. Have a great weekend Simone xx

  22. Lovely pictures Simone! I especially love the workspace in the sea and the beach picnic! Wouldn't that be divine? I am looking out the window to rain at the moment ... ahhhh. Have a great weekend. x Jayne

  23. Hi honey, just wanted to say thank you for your lovely comment, means a lot to me! Very chuffed actually.

    Hey we're blog twins just about 100 together....don't know if I like the sound of that! Yikes.

  24. So many gorgeous photos! Love them all! Have a great day. Daisy~

  25. ohhhhh...I adore this post ....just what i needed to start my day...love the quote..you always put things together so well...makes me want to go out for tea today...want to come?

  26. Thank you for your blog! I wanted to ask since you also love Wales if you recommend a particular website to find self-catering cottages in Wales? Also the Cotswolds? We are planning a trip to England next year. Thank you!

  27. Wow, I want that bathroom and the office space too!! Beautiful photos!

  28. i need perfection...like that linen closet!

  29. It never ceases to amaze me ~ where on earth do you find your pictures because you must let me in on your secret. This, once again my friend is a perfect post ~ too many favorites to pick just one, but I do love that linen cupboard with all the quilts. Hope your Saturday was lovely and tomorrow brings a smile to your face. Happy Week-end!

  30. Simone, this post is just beautiful. I'm intrigued - are you a famous art director or stylist going incognito on this blog? ;) Surely you must have a creative profession (other than kid-wrangling which requires much creativity obviously). I just know that this blog is going to become one of those blogs that Washington Post are going to be raving about.

    Hope your lovely ones are well and happy and letting you put your feet up occasionally. Meredith xo.

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