The Eyes Have It....

Isn't this the most fabulous photo?

Sophia Loren.....the most amazing eyes....I could have written a whole post just on her alone!

Yes, Penelope again.....she does have such beautiful eyes though....

The lovely Vanessa Redgrave.....wonderful blue kind eyes.....and that luminous complexion....

Elizabeth Taylor's violet eyes....dazzling even in black and white....


Natalia Vodianova has THE most incredibly stunning eyes....yes, and a body to die for!

Fendi catwalk 2009....

I love Twiggy.....THE most amazing and then....

Oh and those dark-brown-mesmerising-pools-of-melting-chocolate-looking-at-me-like-I'm-the-only-girl-in-the-room....I could never forget you....

Elizabeth Taylor this photo....

Sophia Loren....amazing to think that where she grew up in the poorest area of Naples, she was known as "toothpick" and picked on for being ugly....

Diane Kruger.....beautiful eyes (and make-up)....

You don't even need colour to see how beautiful Paul Newman's eyes were....

Uh oh.....double trouble!

Emma Watson has gorgeous eyes....

The always stunning Marion Cotillard....

And finally.....the little man who makes my heart melt every day with those chocolate-y eyes....this is him aged 3 (a year ago). This morning we were cuddling and I told him that I just couldn't stop kissing him....."I know", he said...."and I really like it"!! I'm making the most of it....


  1. Don't you think that old stars as Sophia Lauren, Paul Newman, elizabet Taylor and the others have something in their eyes and their look different from young actor or actress? this is my impression...they are deep and charismatic...
    Don't you think?

  2. These eyes definitely have it!

  3. Oh my fav is the last, he is SO cute Simone, it'd be hard not to maul him all the time.

    I love Paul Newman, I saw some of Cat on a Hot tin roof and couldn't believe someone could look that beautiful. Vanessa does have kind eyes, I've always thought that.

    re comment, I didn't translate in case someone took it seriously .. ha! It will be interesting to see the feedback. Your welcome, re guest comment xxxx

  4. Great post! All very beautiful eyes! It's great to see all these classic stars are all so extremely beautiful and natural with no plastic assistance. What a darling little man too;)

  5. Oh you are so lucky to have that little guy to cuddle. Mine is a little older, and lives far away. But when he's home, I do sneak in a few cuddles.



  6. Simone,
    Oh...his beautiful chocolate-y eyes are your world! Thanks for sharing all the beauty throgh your beautiful eyes!

  7. I can see why you saved the best for last ~ so glad to hear he is a little snuggle bunny!

  8. That last photo is by far my fave...what a handsome young man!! You have a heartbreaker on your hands..haha My two babies (although they're grown up now) have the most beautiful blue eyes also.....Great post, Simone!!!

  9. The first and the last are heartmeltingly sweet. Twiggy, wow, the most amazing eyes. Your little man is a gem.

  10. Oh I adore this post Simone! I have always been attracted to eyes...those twiggy lovely! Very creative my dear!

  11. A beautiful post, but the clincher is the heartthrob at the end! I have two boys, and I love looking deep into their eyes and getting lost, wondering what stories they will have in their lives. You have a beautiful blog, I come by way of A Gift Wrapped Life.
    I'll be back!

  12. I have a little guy with chocolate eyes too. They are the best.

  13. What a great post Simone! Isn't it nice to have a wee cuddly one still? I'm making the most of it too for now!
    Now - Paul Newman - there were some eyes!!!

    Thanks for your lovely comment yesterday. The cake worked!

  14. I just became a follower. Love your blog and your inspirational photos!

  15. All of the pics are amazing..Sophia Lauren is literally one of the most fab women on earth.

    But the BEST picture is the one that has your heart. He is beautiful!

  16. All lovely eyes but your little man has the loveliest of them all!

  17. surely little man is the most beautiful of all!
    ps-i'm sure he loves being referred to as beautiful!

  18. And when a little child looks up at their Mama's well, those are the best eyes of all.

    Renee xoxo

  19. Aww the last picture was the best by far!

  20. Have a wonderful time at Fame!!! I would love to go see it and haven't had the time yet, so let me know if it lives up to the expectations! mmm M&Ms. THey have a limited edition coconut M&M right now that is to die for! It tastes just like a mounds bar!

    PS-Your son is DARLING!

  21. Oh! Wow! so many great images, I love the top pic and the ribbed grey cardigan, Have a sweet day! x

  22. LOve how you always find the most beautiful pics to share and how you bring all types of women we all have somewhere inside ourselves.
    sweet dreams,

    ps. your son is beautiful!

  23. Paul Newman's eyes...Sigh. That's how the hubs got me...with the baby blues!

  24. And the most famous eyes of all... you had post her twice... Liz Taylor's.
    Her Violet eyes were definitely her trademark.

    Rest in Peace Elizabeth Taylor.



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