Princess Diary....

I LOVE everything about this image....I think I've already used it once this week.....but there is no rule that says I can't use it I am! Penny for those thoughts....feeling pensive this week....

Don't we all some days....

Life as a princess.....a dress for every single day of the week....and more....

Princess of Glamour....

Princess Cupcake....

Disco Princess....(kinda liking this one today!)

Shiny Hot Princess....

New York Princess :)

Runaway Bride Princess....sometimes all those princes just really get too much....

Another day.....another pile of gifts....

Champagne? I never drink anything else....

Princess wants cake, Princess gets cake....

Prince McDreamy....what took you so long....?


  1. Oh Simone....I'm so sorry that I missed your last post and you guest post...I've been a bit busy the last couple of days and the other day, I couldn't get into anyones was awful...anyway, here I am and re 'The Eyes Have It', I don't care about any of the pictures apart from your lovely little boy...oh how I wish that mine were little again.He is just so both must be very proud,and of your daughter too....we mustn't forget her....beautiful photographs of beautiful eyes.
    Todays post...the dresses, the champagne, Kate, the roses but those cupcakes are the ones my son and daughter-in-law had (well, as near as damn it) as their wedding cake...same colours too.....fantastic pictures, Simone and a treat for the eyes.Will try not to miss any more posts but if I do, you know that it's just because I'm busy. XXXX

  2. You captured a perfect day in the life of many types of princesses!! I'll be the princess sipping the coffee and the one on the chaise...haha Fabulous pictures as always.....Have a wonderful day/evening....!! XXOO

  3. Simone,

    I swear we are sisters - champagne is my only drink of choice too! And my McDreamy husband (yes, he has been told more than a few times how much he resembles Mr. Dempsey!), would gladly hang that saying about living in your own fairytale above my desk! He always comments that "life must be good in your head because you live in a fairy dream land!" And I love it!
    Love this post and all the dreamy dresses!

  4. Your right!!! that is such a gorgeous photo! It does make you stop and look at it!... do you know the author's name?
    that sentence couldn't be more right. you always find the perfect words!- made my day!!
    love the Penelope photo and dress!!
    have a beautiful day,

  5. Hi honey, love the first pic too, you do wonder what's shes thinking.

    Champagne yes please and cupcakes ... no worries! We're sorted!

    re comment: I'm so happy you loved the post! Yes he worked for Mario for a few years I believe.

    Have a happy day sweetie,

  6. What about Xena, Warrior Princess? Okay, so the fur and tanned animal hide ensemble isn't exactly Galliono...or maybe it is?.....but I'm sure that under your Princess Cupcake facade, lies the heart of a Warrior Princess! I love your style and your generous shows through in the beautiful way you view the world...don't stop your lovely dreaming. Meredy xo.
    p.s. your beautiful boy is quite the heartbreaker isn't he? Life should be very interesting indeed in the teenage years, methinks! Hope you're having a great week. M.xo

  7. Tell Mel to just back off....
    i'm your long lost sister...even though i might prefer a little wine over champagne...

  8. haha I love it! Today i'm the princess of caffeine. :)

  9. what fun....being a princess!.....

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hate it when I misspell something and notice it after the fact! Anyway let's try this again. I want cake too and throw in McDreamy for good measure;) That would be a good day!

  12. My friend,
    You bring it all so together so pretty~ You post my daydreams like no other!

  13. Hi Simone , your post is so so Lovely. The picture of the canopy bed and all the gifts is gorgeous. I live in a Fairy Tale in my head and do my best to live that way in real life as well. I can tell you are that live life beautifully!!
    also, we have launched our new site and are doing a $50 giveaway in our new boutique, stop by if you get a chance.

  14. gorgeous pics, very inspirational! and those cupcakes are my me hunngrry! :)


  15. So many pretty princesses, however does one choose?? I love the runaway bride-esque shot. The red tights are fabulous!
    XX Kate

  16. I will take a huge helping of Patrick along with a cupcake and some champagne please....
    Thank you!


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