Sizzling Silver or Gorgeous Grey....

I couldn't decide whether to choose grey or silver for my colour of choice I chose both! I have always loved grey whether it's a darker shade of charcoal, a pale French grey or "stormcloud" grey (as I call it). As for silver....some days we all need a little added sparkle....

Just the most gorgeous image....I love everything about it!
Sometimes hard to remember....but so true....

A very toned Jennifer Aniston looking sparkly fabulous at the premiere of "Love Happens" last week....great dress and amazing legs....

Absolutely beautiful....those ruffles are amazing....

Ultimate rock chick Kate Moss....the camera does love that girl....I love this shot of her....

Halle Berry at the Oscars....

With limbs this long, I guess you can wear pretty much what you these shoes too....

The stunning Eva this shade of grey....


Jennifer again, glamorous in silver....she clearly doesn't spend her Sundays eating toast and ice-cream....ahem!

And neither does Charlize Theron....looking goddess-like here....

What an incredible dress....

My favourite shade of grey....

I have surprised myself by doing a post that is solely fashion! I think I have dresses and red carpets on the brain lovely friend Marisa is once again attending the Emmys in Los Angeles as a "seat-filler"....she will be glamorous in red and I will be quizzing her tomorrow as to who she saw and sat next to.....who sizzled and who wore what.....what a fun evening....I am hoping to catch her later on television if I can stay awake. It's a pretty busy and long day for her....I have given her strict instructions as to what she is to do if she gets within stroking distance of Kiefer, Hugh, George or Brad ;)
Happy Monday.....and thank you so much to everyone who left me kind messages after my post yesterday....


  1. Thank you for your sweet comment! Love this much silver! And great quote. :)

  2. Love this post, as usual you have outdone yourself with the gorgeous photo collections!

    I totally forgot the Emmy's were on tonight, and I live right her in LA..haha....

    I was in stroking distance of Keifer a few years back, at a local bar a few times..he was always a very nice guy..:)

  3. After black, grey and silver come a very close second for me, Simone.
    My absolute favourite photograph is the girl in the long white ruffled skirt and grey jacket that you have in your sidebar. I've been meaning to say how much I love that photograph. It's sooooo me !!!!
    and Jennifer Aniston...I love her....and our own Kate Moss just has IT !!!
    Gorgeous, Simone. Try and have a happy day. With love and am thinking of you. XXXX

  4. Oh beautiful post honey. Jennifer looks great in the grey. The third last dress is my favorite, awesome.

    Oh do tell if there's any goss from the Emmy's! Loved the 'stroking' distance!

    love and hugs darling.

  5. Lovely post...grey is one of my favourite colours this fall. Now talk about a lucky friend .....Emmy's! I bet she is looking pretty wonderful tonight! Many blessings to you!

  6. Great quote & a lovely collection of photos

  7. You must get out of my head as I was looking for images today for a grey post!! I will wait awhile before I do mine.... Gorgeous shots once again ~ keeping you in my thoughts sweetie as I know it will be a hard week. xo

  8. Dearest Simone,

    Imagine how surprised I was to see your gorgeous new header! Love it! One week away, and so many fabulous changes - oooh, la la!

    And this post thrills me because I do love grey! And yes, Jennifer Aniston can rock a red-carpet, eh?

    Happy week to you!

  9. So many great grey pieces, I am loving grey for Fall, Have a sweet day! x

  10. As you know, charcoal is my fave! With a little bit of sparkle of course. Great post. Have a great week. x Jayne

  11. SOOO true!! gorgeous pictures. Have a nice day,

  12. FAB blog - it is 5:15 a.m. here in San Antonio, and I should be asleep!
    no chance, now that I've perused your blog

    leaving for NYC on Thursday, with my darling husband - meeting fav
    brother and his wife there - any " must do " suggestions ?

    all best-

  13. Love them all, but that first picture of Jennifer! I would love to have her legs:) Come by later Simone...I gave you an award on my blog:)

  14. fantastic!! Love grey/silver -- in fact, i just painted my nails a very fun gunmetal grey!
    (and the perfect body would be made up of jennifer aniston's legs and halle berry's boobs!)

  15. Grey, grey and more grey..Love.
    I really love Jennifer's dress in the 1st pic.
    Man...I wish i had the legs for that dress..gotta do the below the knee thing :(

  16. Love love love. Jennifer Anniston looked amazing in that silver shorty. I bought a charcoal dress the other day and am now even more in love with it. Thanks ;)

  17. I love silver and grey too! jennifer aniston looks so so good in that pic! Those shoes, dress, and legs. I saw 'Love Happens' yesterday and loved it. xoxo

  18. Doesn't Eva just look amazing. Great collection of photographs.

  19. Great photos Simone. I love grey, so long as it's not in my hair....

    My thoughts are with you and your family. Your Aunt was much much too young.


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