Friday Fabulousness - Italian Style....

Sophia Loren is a stunning....I just love her....

Friday Squeeze....Paolo Maldini.... family are from Wales and I grew up watching rugby, somehow blissfully unaware of the existence of football (soccer)....I'm not sure how because during the World Cup and the European Championships, London goes football mad. Anyway, when I met my husband that all changed and I even went to watch Italy play....this man was probably largely responsible for that....AC Milan player and Italian national team captain for many years, Maldini is hero-worshipped in Italy....he certainly made 90 mins fly by....

Fabulous Fendi....

Such gorgeous shades of green....

La Fontana di Trevi....the Trevi Fountain....when the famous actor Italian Marcello Mastroianni died in 1996, the water was stopped, the lights dimmed and the huge stone fountain was draped in swathes of black fabric as Rome mourned one of its own....very Italian and so romantic....

The day that I look like this is the day that, yes, I will indeed be cooking in my underwear....

The extremely handsome Gregory Peck and the beautiful Audrey Hepburn in the wonderful "Roman Holiday"....for my friend and fellow old movie watcher Cathi....


Julia Roberts wearing, and accompanied by, Giorgio Armani....

Real Italian coffee....nothing like it....

Sofia Coppola.....I have always really liked her style and just admired her for who she is....

Dolce & Gabbana's "no support" shoes.....hilarious!

Patrick Dempsey for Versace....if you could gift wrap him and send him to my hotel please....

Pesto di rucola.....

Here come the D&G boys....Mamma Mia! of my all-time favourite desserts....

Heidi Klum in Armani Prive....

Marcello Mastroianni....."La Dolce Vita", "Divorce Italian Style", "81/2"...and many many more movies....a wonderful actor....and so handsome....

St Peter's, favourite Italian city....

Dolce & Gabbana....

Al still my beating heart....SO handsome!!! I don't like violent movies at all but I do love "The Godfather" trilogy.....even if I do have to cover my eyes at some parts....he is fantastic in "The Godfather Part 1" in particular....a wonderful actor....


Armani Prive....

First the "no support" shoes, now the incredible heel-less boots by Antonio Beradi....

Yes please!

I am very excited to say that I am off to Italy - Costageminiana - on Monday for one whole week!!!! We weren't sure if we would make it but happily, it is school hols and off we who wants to come with me?....I managed to find this old charabanc....a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio and some olives for the first 10 to arrive!! Hurry for everyone if we squeeze up!!

I feel as though I have met lots of new people this week....some new visitors to my blog and some wonderful new blogs that I have found. Thank you to the lovely people who were nice enough to give me some wonderful Awards....more of that next week.

Thank you for your support and kindness.....arrivederci.....c'e vediamo.....baci....ciao belle :)

PS Thank you to everyone who left such nice comments about my wedding photos yesterday :)


  1. Love love love this italy-centric post!! My boyfriend is actually restoring an old scooter for me and we will be painting it pink! :) AND I LOVE the salmon pink Armani Prive gown! Although, heeless no-support boots I don't think I could rock without falling on my face! I REALLY wish I could join you for some vino and olives! But I think we'd need to grab some cheeses as well! :)
    In response to your lovely comments....
    1. The show was very interesting.... I don't think i'll ever have to see it twice...once was enough, but it was fun. :)
    2. You've seriously never had frozen custard!? Oh goodness, its basically super creamy ice cream! and butterburgers are pretty tasty. I THINK they are basically just cooked in butter, which makes them AWFUL for you. haha super tasty though!
    3.Definitely pick up her 30-day shred DVD it's 20 minutes of the hardest workout of your life, but after 20 minutes you can relax and drink a gallon of water!

    I love those stockings. I think we may end up getting them ourselves. :)

  2. It's always great to come here, but on fridays (although here is still thursday!!!!) it's extra special! I'm always anxious to see what you got!
    Take care,

  3. How gorgeous Simone ~ I love all of the images ~ just spectacular! Have a wonderful trip my friend ~ I will miss you! xo

  4. Can see and understand why you are smitten by Italy Simone, ha ha lovely!

    Happy Friday.

  5. omg, this makes me want to go back to Italy!! I absolutely LOVED it there!

  6. I'll take the body in the red bikini and riding a pink scooter.

  7. oh yes, please count me in, Simone! I'm such an admirer of Armani and Italy! lucky girl! xo

  8. Take me, Take me, please!!! :) I would love to have a real Italian coffee (especially in that beautiful mug pictured...lovely)

    I wish you a wonderful holiday, Simone...I will miss you quite a bit around these parts...

    Take lots of photos so that I may live vicariously thru them...Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, my fabulous friend!

    *ah, Roman Holiday - with Audrey and Gregory...wonderful!

  9. Love The Fendi shoes so amazing!!! Try profiteroles when you are there. It is an amazing desert.

  10. Oh, so jealous. Have a fabulous time...will miss your images...but surely there will be wonderful ones upon your return! Venice is the ONE place I have left from my top 5 to visit...!

  11. Can't believe how much you have spoilt me, firstly Sophia worlds classiest pin up,Al paccino, gorgeous,Venice I have been, Florrence and Tuscany too so you created a fairy tale post im my eyes.Hope you have a beautiful holday in Italy.Look forward to seeing you sooon! Sharon xxxooo

  12. Simone! So many beautiful things about this post, where do I begin? The trevi fountain... the beautiful pink dress, you living in England and, no futball??... you're going to Italy!! YAYAYAYA! I want to come with you :) Hope you have a fabulous time!

  13. I love the Italian style. Thanks for posting all these inspiring images!

  14. You just *know* you want me to come with you! ;-)

  15. Hi sweetie,
    Can I just say how gorgeous you were on your wedding day!!!! Wowza..those eyes:) Now about Italy...again? Already? You just got back;) Have fun and drink some of that fabulous coffee for me, will ya?!

  16. You sure know how to get straight to my heart! I have to admit, every time I come across an Italy post, I feel equal parts love and pain! I lived their for three years and the posts just remind me of how terribly I miss it and nostalgic for that very beautiful time in my life. So, I suppose it's heartache that I feel :)

  17. Sophia = goddess. And I love the no heel boots. What a great montage!

  18. Baby, what a post. I love Sophia, I love Venice, I love everything posted here ....

    ..and you SO have to take me with you, you are seriously lucky to be that close to Europe.

    I will miss you honey, have lots of vino for your blog friends :o CHEERS

  19. Well this post is right up my ally of course! :)

    1. I absolutely love Sophia Loren...such a stunning symbol of beauty.

    2. Couldn't agree more about real Italian coffee, it truly is a dream.

    3. LOVE the gorgeous Armani Prive and amazing Antonio Beradi boots!

    4. Have a wonderful wonderful time here, and you always find such beautiful images to brighten my day!


  20. Oh ... belle Italia!!!
    Oh, please take me with you!!!
    Sophia is the ultimate GODESS ... and that photo is breathtaking!

    I missed your post yesterday, so ......
    Happy Anniversary!
    You looked absolutely stunning as a bride!
    Have an amazing time in Itallia!
    And finally, I want to come toooo .......
    Enjoy your week away.

  21. What a great post.. I love anything first husband was Italian. Funny what you said in the beginning about Wales. My gradfather was from Wales.. he came to america when he was 16 to leave the mines. I have to say you touched my heart today. My dream is to go to Italy and I may make it next year. I love every photo you posted and wish you a fabulout trip!!

  22. Fabulous images that sum up Italy beautifully.
    Venice, Florence, Rome....designers, food and drink, beautiful women and....MEN !!!! haha.
    I remember my first cup of Italian coffee in was the most delicious coffee I've ever had.If I bought the same coffee here in England, it wouldn't taste the same, would it ?
    I wish you and your family a wonderful week in Italy.Have a safe journey and don't pinch too many Italian men's bottoms, Simone !!!!XXXX

  23. Buorngiono to you!! I love Paolo Maldini too, does he have the most amazing eyes, very sexy man!!! My mum looked a lot like Sophia Loren especially when she was younger, people used to tell her all the time!! I love this post.
    Enjoy your holiday!!
    Claire x

  24. I am so envious! Haven't you just got back from Italy? Rome is my most favourite city, and I am fairly certain I must have been Italian in a past life! Have a fabulous fabulous trip! Arrivederci! xx

  25. Bongiorno Simone
    Andiamo .. italia!! per favoure???
    Well I want to come too.. you know how I feel about Italy and you have portrayed it beautifully here. Have a wonderul time.

    Ciao Ciao... xx Julie

  26. Italy is my most favourite place...I love the shopping, the food, the wine & the people...I always have a fantastic time when I am there I hope you have a fantastic time too!!!
    c u you get back


  27. What a great post! I am glad to have found you thru Inspiration in Italy! Enjoy yourself in Italy, you are so gonna have such a great time!

  28. HOW EXCITING! I have been a couple times and each time is a new experience. So much to see and do. Asissi is one of my favorite cities.

    Pictures are gorgeous. Sophia Loren and Audrey are two of my favorite actresses of all time.

  29. Aaaah bellissimo! Lovely post on wonderful Italy. I adore this country. Enjoy your week Simone,and then tell us all about it. Arrivederci. xx

  30. Have a fabulous trip! that coral gown is soooo pretty! Eats lots of yummy pasta

  31. "Buon anniversario carissima, dai, via, subito, andiamo in Italia!" XXX

    Ps. A big thank you to all you lovely women that follow Simone's blog and for your lovely comments about our wedding day.

  32. Loved this post. Italy is on my list of holiday destinations (I'm ashamed to say I haven't been yet) Looking forward to your pics :O)

  33. Thanks for the sweet comments! I also love looking at your much to keep me occupied for hours! I hope you are having a marvelous weekend. Kori xoxo

  34. These photos are so divine I could weep! I feel a bit like my eldest son though. When he's playing cricket, it's his absolute favourite....when he's playing rugby, it's his absolute favourite...I feel like this about Italy and France. When I look at this post, I am positively drooling over all things Italian...when you've done posts about France, I am decidedly a Francophile. I'm not a fickle person by nature, but this has me deliciously stumped.

    I'm now off to view your wedding on earth did I miss that post! Honestly, I blink for a second and completely miss the boat. Love to you and your lovely ones. Meredy xo.

  35. As much as France draws me to it, basically Italy wins my heart every time! I love the chaos & emotional throwing up of hands of the Italians, it makes me smile EVERY time! Have a fantastic week away Simone.
    Millie ^_^
    P.S. Dr. McDreamy in top to toe leather - all is right with the world!

  36. found you after a comment on daisy chain. your blog is wonderful and it makes me want to travel and see all the beautiful places that are out of my reach. i am a mom of 4 so travel is in the states only for several years and then, finally, we are crossing the ocean to visit you all!

  37. Hi there again,My Passport to Style due to reach a special number of followers shortly.To celebrate I am inviting some of my followers to be guest bloggers for the week.I would love to invite you, as I feel we have alot in common in terms of blogging interests and I love your Style!Interested? email me @ Sharon xxxoo see you soon!

  38. Why have a always loved Italy soooo much? I've never even been there...Its a dream of mine to live there...These beautiful images feel so familiar to me..Hmmm..Maybe i lived there in another life and I'm just longing to go back!
    I can't wait to hear all about your trip...I am so excited for you! Enjoy your romantic getaway..

  39. You had me smiling from beginning to end. So many of my favortite places & people. Marcello I always, always had a huge crush on. Gregory Peck..well, he is #1 on my list. I always thought my husband, when I first met him, resembled JP. From pink Vespa's to Florence, you made me happy. Have a marvelous holiday in Italy. All the best ~ xx

  40. What a wonderful tour and reminder of all the best of Italy. Have fun. We will all be right here waiting on the pictures of your holiday.

  41. Stunning photos! Especially love those shoes and pink vespas! XOXO

  42. ****** what a dreamy post !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a FANTASTIC TRIP.

  43. You captured so much in this post...that I go back and read it over and over. Crazy about your blog name as I adore ironing (one of my secret sins). Had the pleasure of spending 10 days in Italy, Vicenza and Florence visiting my granddaughter, my son and his lovely wife. Of all of the places I have had the pure pleasure of visiting, it was Italy that truly captured my heart. I felt like I was at home. Have a wonderful day. Sea Witch

  44. Those are fabulous! I love Sophia Loren!

  45. How cool to find your blog the day you posted about Italy.... my best friend moved to Florence a few years ago and she's been heavy on my mind this week. Thank you so much for the wonderful images; I know she loves it there - and have a beautiful time! You will!!

  46. Come back Simone!!!! Has Italy totally captured you?

  47. I so enjoyed your photos - I traveled to Italy several years ago and have a post on my blog of the trip - it was very special to me - Venice, Rome, Florence and the town my family is from Lake Como - Thankyou for sharing so many of your loves... Jennifer ( Mondelli ) Ingram

  48. I'm new to your adorable and stylish blog too!! I'm so please to have found it. I adore Italians and their amazing style. I have never met a frumpy Italian.


  49. Hi, Gorgeous post! I love all the Italian influences! Me too on the pink scooter! Have a sweet day!

  50. OMG.. where have you been all my (blog) life??? Just found you via ....but then I had kids. Beautiful photos and a gorgeous blog... am now off to read more and Follow. Have a wonderful time in Italy. Ciao Bella x


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