Flowers and Florals....

I had the most amazing response to my Sunday/Monday "Rewrite your Script" blog....I honestly cannot thank you all enough for all the lovely, supportive, fascinating and beautiful comments....and for sharing so much too....there is nothing like those "You too? I thought it was just me!!" moments to realise that very often we share the same road, have the same hopes/dreams/questions/concerns....I enjoyed reading everything you all wrote, it was such a boost and so encouraging....thank you so much....

Happy Wednesday!


  1. So pretty, just absolutely so pretty. I like floral prints alot. It seems to just brighten the day & mood.

  2. Those are gorgeous!!! I think this might be one of my fav pretty collections. :) You are gorgeous darling. Thanks for making this big old world seem a little bit smaller and all the more beautiful!

  3. Absolutely Bright, Bold, and Beautiful!

    So glad we found each other!! BTW... Gone with the Wind, Somethings's Gotta Give, and You've Got Mail are ALL on my favorites list!!

    Enjoy your day ~~

  4. These are beautiful images! Where and how do you find them all! :) Thanks and have a great day!

  5. Dear Simone,

    Sweep us away; that's what you do. Every day you are like a breath of fresh air, a beautiful escape. Thank you.

    (Thank you too for your lovely, lovely note.)


  6. Dear Simone, this is so pretty! I'm having a very 'down' day, and your post is just what I need for a pick-me-up. xx

  7. It's sooooooooooooooo feminine that i want to be born a woman again on my next 100 lives!!
    Loved the photos! You do bring back the best a woman has!
    Take care,

  8. There's nothing nicer than a bunch of fresh flowers, is there Simone.
    I love all of your pictures, especially the little girl picking daisies.
    Happy Wednesday to you and may it be full of flowery moments. XXXX

  9. Hey babe, love those words about waking up. The first two photo's are my fav's, gorgeous.

    Yup we are all on the same page I'm thinkin.

    I just love the way blogging has opened up this whole new way of social commentating, we publish what we like and can say if don't like something going on in the world. All writers, artists, mums, stylists etc can be heard now.

    Finally the little people are being heard ... three cheers for bloggers.

    ps your comment made me laugh so much, think we have the same sense of humour.

  10. Dear Simone~
    What a beautiful wake up call~ With the holidays so close, I am getting a little bit sad and missing those not with me... Your post makes me happy! Thanks for making me smile~

  11. One can never under estimate the power of a friend made through blogging I've found. I am constantly and utterly amazed each day.
    Such a gorgeous post Simone and a great way for me to end my Tues. evening. A happy Wednesday to you as well xx

  12. I adore the little girl picking flowers in the fields. Beautiful.

  13. What a lovely bouquet of colour to gaze upon after a dull and wintry day...merci!

  14. Simone,
    I really need that pretty umbrella - definitely would perk up a rainy day!

    Can't wait to see what arrives in the mailbox soon! I'll let you know the moment it's in my happy little hands!


  15. These images make you feel so happy ... and look... the sun is out today Simone!
    How did you know it was going to be such a nice day ... Enjoy the sunshine and get your Vitamin D supply today!
    Happy Wednesday to you too!!

  16. gorgeous photos, all of them. couldn't pick a favorite until i saw the very last one -- that's it! the last pic is my favorite! :)

  17. awww thanks Simone! You are too sweet!!! You are such an amazing lady! Thank you soooo much for voting for my little mia! (feel free to do a post yourself and spread the word!)
    and YES You HAVE to find the big cups!!! they are truly DIVINE!

  18. Such gorgeous florals! Every pic is fab. And I heart that SJP jacket.

  19. Lovely post, I do believe flowers make us feel better.I love flowers

  20. wow those photos are amazing! so lovely!

  21. Hello Love....Oh I adore florals and this post has inspired my adoration even more! And are you kidding me with that 5th photo of the girl in the blue flower dress!?! Stunning.

    Baci xoxo

  22. Cute florals and a lovely quote!
    Hope your Wed has been fab Simone.

  23. Sooo purty! Makes me wish it was Spring instead of the dreaded Winter that is heading our way! Love ya girlie:)

  24. So very many beautiful photos! Love your blgo!

  25. These photos are a breath of spring Simone ~ and although it feels more like April here than November ~ I will take them!! I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

  26. I'm having a lovely catchup on your blog - doesn't that long long table with all those beautiful flowers look amazing! Wouldn't it be nice to fill it with blogging friends?

  27. How beautiful and sweet is your blog!
    Sil. (from Amazônia - Brasil)


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