Friday Fabulousness....


Friday squeeze....the very handsome Andy secret celebrity crush....

Cinque Terre....

Such a beautiful dress....I love this colour....

Now THIS is a cake!

Heidi Klum....back in business at the Victoria's Secret show 2009....looking amazing....

Could you put this in my garden please?

My favourite bed....

It's nearly Christmas....

Friday treat.....French Onion delicious does this look?

The beautiful Chanel Iman....I love tons of pearls put together like this....


....and finally....this little cutie is Mia aka Miss Fancypants and she belongs to lovely Jenni from She Can't Decide........she is currently no. 21 out of 992 dogs in a doggie competition and we want to get her to no.1!!! If you want to help her - no pressure! - please click on Jenni's blog and vote!! Thank you :)
Happy Week-end everyone....thank you for so many fabulous comments this week xoxo


  1. That dog sure has big ears. Is it meant to be that way? Happy weekend to you too..xoxo

  2. I make sure I pop in every Friday...I love your Friday posts. Happy weekend.

  3. Ooooh its so hard to pick my faves out of these images, but speaking of moments in ones life, I wouldn't say no to a wee moment with Andy. Ha ha. Happy weekend. xx

  4. Hello gorgeous!! These photos are too beautiful for words, absolutely breathtaking....and someday I will make it to the Cinque Terre :) The 15th photo is so stunning, and I would like a big slice of that cake!

    Thank you for your comment, isn't Florence at sunset just perfect?! Have a wonderful weekend, Love!!

  5. That lovely image of Cinque Terre! As a cruel joke a friend told us about this 'lovely walk' 'really easy', 'little jaunt' - he just neglected to tell us how far, how steep, how hot - oh but how amazing. The boys jumped into that harbour with the waves just like the locals. Thanks for such a lovely memory Simone. Happy weekend! Thanks for your lovely comments this week. Amanda xx

  6. Wow, this week went by fast! Love your quotes and your pictures are so absolutely fabulous! I will definitely go vote for that adorable cute! Have a wonderful weekend, Simone! xxoo

  7. Oh you always put so many things I like in your posts. Umm cake, yes please, Heidi's body, yes please, The bedhead is now my fav :o, the holiday spots..of course! I'll just stop there honey..oh I love your take on Deej, it's so cute.

    Hope your week has been a good one, have a happy weekend sweetie.

  8. IT couldn't get more fabulous then that!!! Wish i could escape into that small village covered in snow!!!! a small small little house would work!! Talking about paradise!!
    Love the quotes you've posted! Soooo true!
    Take care and happy wk,

  9. Oh what a gorgeous dog - i adore those fabulous ears!!!!!!

  10. Ooh... French onion soup... think I may have to make some this weekend now! And is that a picture of the Maldives? It looks like the paradise where we spent our honeymoon... happy memories for a cold Friday! Have a wonderful weekend! x

  11. Hi there, Im a little dumb struck by todays post, you really create the most breathtaking posts!I have awarded you the Passionate Blogger Award over @ My Passport to Style I hope you like.I felt it summed up your blog perfectly.I wondered also if you might like to exchange blog links with me? Your blog would make a really stylish addition to my blog list!Have a lovely weekend. Sharon xox

  12. What a way to start my Friday.. great images of things beautiful and lush! I love the cake picture and the snow covered village.. reminds me it's almost time for Christmas which is wonderful. Thanks for sharing such great and fun pics this Friday after Thanksgiving.. have a good weekend.

  13. Loving Chanel, the girl rocks and the sweet Mia!
    Happy Friday love.

  14. so lovely photos, as usual! I want to be in that paradise, please? have a beautiful weekend! starting with your Christmas decorations already?

  15. Happy weekend Simone. Your photos put me in a tip top mood. It's up to me now to keep it a'going.


  16. I love all of these beautiful pictures, as usual! My favorite is of the Cinque Terre... we wanted to go there so bad but didn't make it over! I hope you are having a good weekend!! :)

  17. Hi Simone! These are beautiful images! Have a great weekend! I think I've got it figured out now! Jennifer

  18. I want to wear those red shoes, be covered in the pearls, being fed that cake by Andy Garcia in Cinque Terre...oh, with Heidi's post-baby body. Ooops, I forgot to add a dress...oh well. Meredy xo

    p.s. love your comments as always, my hilarious friend. In answer, splades are a cross between a spoon and a fork and nearly everyone gets a set as a wedding gift, there's a rule or something. Send my love to your nose flarer! M xo.

  19. I love that last dress and the white photo ~ simply beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful week-end my friend ~ enjoy DWTS ~ Donny rules!

  20. Great post and the dog is adorable!
    Have a great weekend!

  21. Sorry that I'm late for Friday Fabulousness, Simone.We were at the O2 for the tennis.
    Well, fabulous dresses, love the copper container with the white ribbon,French Onion soup.... delish, beautiful holiday destinations, those brass taps with the terracotta pots and a massive cake. What more could anyone want ?.....and, Chanel Iman copying my pearls... (see my profile photo, everyone !!)He he.
    Thanks for giving us a beautiful Friday (or Saturday in my case !!) XXXX

  22. Oh, Simone,

    How do you do it? How do you think of these things? How do you bring it all together. I know I'm redundant, but truly you have magic. You really, really do.


  23. i must is just going to be VERY hard to decide which of these is my favorite photo...!

  24. OH MY GOODNESS! You have got to be the sweetest lady ever!!!!!! and if I do say so myself, I think she blends in just perfect with all of your lovely photos!!! :) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

    PS-Love the heidi klum photo. I hope I look that rocking after 3 kids...heck I wish I looked that good right now!!!

  25. HI Simone
    Beautiful images! You know my one regret with Italy is I didn't get to Cinque Terre.. I made it to Portofino!! so close. Will just have to go back.

    Well you'll be pleased to know I didn't need to use the hammer, although I almost did today! Take care xx Julie

  26. Beautiful, beautiful images my dear!
    That pink flirty dress,the bed, that Christmas village and.... paradise!!
    Keep those gorgeous images coming.

    Also, I'm passing on the 5 diamonds award to you... for all the beauty you provide.
    Hope you didn't get drenched this weekend!

  27. Can you believe that Heidi Klum??! Unbelievable:)

  28. Simone, I love the noughts and crosses and the huge cake, I must bake something today! Thanks for all your well wished last week. xx

  29. Oh trust your eagle eyes to notice no fellas! I'm a bit snowed under (not literally like you guys) so a few things had to go. Sorry doll. Was thinking may have to do a whole post on guys just to cheer us up.


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