.....Part 2....

A few more gorgeous dresses that I couldn't resist.....and few young men too....who would be your escort of choice?

Happy New Year's Eve!

The gorgeous Sophia Loren....

...and the equally gorgeous Mr George Clooney....

Jennifer Aniston....

Andy Garcia....

Hugh Jackman....

Marion Cotillard....

The perfect accessory....Mr Patrick Dempsey....

Jessica Alba in Roland Mouret....

The inimitable Fred Astaire....

Mr Johnny Depp....

Halle Berry in Marchesa....

Kiefer Sutherland....

Super-smooth and so debonair....Cary Grant....

Diane Kruger....

The very handsome Gregory Peck....

Rock Hudson....oh, he was handsome!

Reese Witherspoon in Christian Dior....

Clark Gable....

Kate Winslet....


  1. Gorgeous! I love Kate's dress and Patrick for an escort!

  2. I'd pick Kate Winslet, she seems like she would be excellent company.

  3. Gregory Peck was my Mum's favourite. I never quite recovered from the shock of finding out that Rock Hudson wouldn't WANT to be mine and would have preferred me to have a brother. But it didn't take long to choose - George Clooney for me!! And if I get him I won't need no dresses, thank you.
    Happy new year Simone!

  4. Ohhh what stunning pictures of these people!!! I love Sophia Loren!! I love Kate Winslet & Clark Gable!! I want all these stunning dresses!! Happy New Years!!

  5. Loving Kate ~ she is just so real!! McDreamy is always top of my list too. Have a wonderful New Years Simone ~ cheers!

  6. Andy Garcia for sure, but Cary Grant is hard to pass up. Kate's dress is so gorgeous!

  7. Okay it would be the dress below Kiefer and I'd take Hugh because I think he'd be great company and show you a real good time....and he's easy on the eyes.


  8. Ah... yes, Clark Gable...
    What a true movie star!!

    Happy New year to you Simone!!
    May 2010 be a great one ~~


  9. What gorgeous photos and I love Kate's dress! I wish I had a fabulous party to go to this New Years, but alas, my boyfriend is on a cruise, and I'm all alone ;-(...Thanks for the really interesting comments on my Marilyn post honey. I've always been fascinated with the case and like you have conflicting ideas. Such a tragedy, any way you look at it. Hope you and your family have a fantastic New Years! Kori xoxo

  10. Mr Depp and Mr Grant...to die for.

  11. Ummmmm.... no hard thinking here for me... Andy Garcia for sure! LOVE him!! Happy Happy New Year Simone!!
    I hope your New Years is filled with magic that surrounds your everywhere~~

  12. This may take some thought..I choose Halle Berry's dress with Mr Hugh Jackman or Fred Astaire - I think he was a true gentleman.
    At the risk of sounding like a perfect cornball, I much rather prefer my own honey!!
    Wishing you a fabulous 2010 filled with much happiness!

  13. While Rock Hudson may have been as camp as a row of tents, I believe he had a wicked sense of humour and was outrageously fun. On a hedonistic outing like NYE, I think he would be the perfect escort and I wouldn't have to worry about him drooling all over me and my model good looks. This is pretend, right?

    In reality, my real Prince Charming is currently peeling prawns over the sink and about to pop the cork on some bargain French champers...it's only 7pm...and we'll probably be fast asleep by midnight. When did we become so middle-aged!! And why doesn't this worry me?? Anyhoo, wishing you, dear friend a wonderful New Year. Can't wait to "do life" with you in 2010! Meredy xo.

  14. Oooh I would be torn between Mr Dempsey and Mr Clooney... is it too greedy to ask for both? I hope you have a wonderful New Years and I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful blog in 2010! xo xo

  15. Dear, dear Simone,

    That dessert challenge is difficult and since I'm a gourmande I guess I would choose: Johnny, Patrick, George, Andy and Gregory. Is that too much? I'll cut down after the first of the year. . .

    Again, thank you for bringing such joy and beauty into the blogosphere. Every visit has been a petit cadeau.

    I'm so triste you've skittered away again, especially since we're both Taurus girls. . .

    This is just a quick note to wish you and yours a joy-filled new year in which all your hopes and dreams come true.

    Warmest regards,

  16. I think you know that I would pick our boyfriend George (I do share....haha...)and Kate Winslet also - she is wonderful too!

    Happy Happy New Year, Simone! I will be thinking of you and Jackie as we celebrate the English New Year this afternoon, then onto the NY celebration and hopefully I will be awake for the California celebration...haha...

    See you next year, my lovely friend! xxoo

  17. Ooh, Hugh Jackman please, although I wouldn't say no to a night out with Clark Gable either!

  18. Oh I love them ALL!!!! Thank you for all your lovely posts...you always brighten my day when I visit you! Sending you lots of love for 2010 my faithful friend.

  19. Dear Simone,
    I was going to say that I would rather have my own Mr. Home but, Bonjour Romance beat me to it and I thought that you would reach for the sick bucket !!!!...so.... I will be wearing Jennifer Aniston's dress and have Johnny Depp as my escort, please.
    Have a wonderful evening, Simone and many magical and happy times in 2010, With much love. XXXX

  20. I should like to wear the gorgeous black gown beneath Andy Garcia... So classy! And really, it isn't fair to give us SO MANY beautiful men to choose from! lol Can't I just take them all??? If it came down to it (and my current man were unavailable for some reason) I would probably pick Cary Grant. Although Hugh Jackman is completely decadent, Grant's humor, good looks, and that trans-atlantic accent would make the perfect "New Year's party" package!

    Have a wonderful 2010 and may all of your wishes for the New Year come true! xoxox - Maranda

  21. Mr. Depp can escort me anywhere! And I'd like to be wearing the long black dress with the white stole! cheers!

  22. I'll take Andy Garcia, and I want Kate Winslet's long black dress...and her body.

  23. I would wear the deep v-neck fluffy-looking cocktail dress and Johnny, with his signature scruff and bandanna hanging out of his designer suit pant's pocket. deep sigh

  24. Diane Kruger's dress is what I would wear if I had her body!! Awesome blog, I am glad I found it!!!

  25. Happy New Year my darling, my best wishes for much happiness in 2010.

    cheers deej xxxooo

  26. I just found you, what a great way to start off the New Year with a new friend. This is such a BEAUTIFUL blog, thank you! P.S. I saw Gregory Peck once getting off his private jet in Vegas, he was very tall, but still such a distinguished looking senior citizen.


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