Friday Fabulousness....

Gorgeous Kate....

Friday Squeeze....I am not overlooking the fact that Jude has been a naughty boy on more than one occasion....but he is rather pretty....

Now THIS is a cocktail bar....look at that view....dedicated to my fabulous friend JennyMac....her blog was one year old this week  and she is giving away a rather marvellous prize of a Jimmy Choo bag....I shouldn't really be sharing this information since I would absolutely love it myself!! 

One of my favourite images of the week...St Peter's, Rome....
The gorgeous Carmen Kass in Russian Vogue....

Just fabulous!

I spent an hour knitting this morning with a friend who has a gorgeous 8 week old puppy called Nelly....half chocolate lab/half poodle....I have never had a dog but it was all I could do not to hide her in my knitting bag and bring her home :)

Diane Kruger stealing the show at the SAG awards last week-end....

I go back and forth on my view of Angelina Jolie but I don't understand why she gets so much negative press, I think she is well-intentioned....I know I am probably in a minority though! This is a beautiful shot of her....

The camera does love Sienna Miller, such a pretty girl....

Dreaming of sunshine and lie-ins....bliss!

Another week gone and January is nearly over....what happened?!

My husband made it back home from skiing with everything intact, I have been planning my French trip/s......saw "Up in the Air" with gorgeous George last night, great movie.....and tomorrow am having a reunion lunch with my oldest girlfriends....we have known each other twenty five years this year so are planning a week-end away somewhere.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments this week - I got such fabulous responses to my Rome post, I hope you all make it there one day soon. Thank you for those bloggers who gave me awards and mentions this week....I so appreciate it.

Happy Week-end!


  1. I definitely needed a little Jude today - merci~
    I hope you have something fabulous and marvelous planned for the weekend - oh how I wish we could do some shopping together, have a bite to eat, high tea perhaps. I am getting my longing for a London trip feeling again - might have to convince handsome hubby that he needs to do some business there soon!
    Can't wait to see you in April!

  2. I'm seeing up in the air tonight! SO excited! btw, amazing picture of Kate Moss! She is a stunner. Enjoy your weekend too! x LZ

  3. I definitely want to see "Up in the Air" to gaze at George for a while too!

    Happy Weekend to you Simone!!
    xoxo Laura

  4. Ah I need to be wherever that last picture is! And beautiful picture of Sienna and Kate. Wishing you a wonderful weekend x

  5. What a post! Those 10 best things in life were wonderful. Want to make hot chocklad right now! And Jude Law...couldn't agree more!!

  6. I am in desperate need to go to the movies ... so many great flicks that I dont want to miss before they go to dvd!
    I too am dreaming for sunshine ... this week has been so dreary!

    Beautiful images as always Simone ...
    Enjoy your hubbie this weekend and your reunion ...
    Keep warm!

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  8. Hi Simone,
    So much to talk about !!....Jude is very pretty but, I fear that he is back to being a naughty boy, ALLEGEDLY !!
    Gorgeous fashion..oh to have somewhere to go to wear one of those little beauties.
    I love those labradoodles. My friend has one.I know how easy it would be to take him home.
    Gorgeous flowers....
    .... and Angelina..... I know what people mean but, I like her too. I think that she is so beautiful.It sounds as if the Brad thing is in trouble. They only thing that I'm not keen on is celebrity adoptions. I can never understand why they can't, sometimes, adopt a child from their own country who lives in unfortunate circumstances. Sorry. I'll get off of my soapbox !! Haha
    It should be a good weekend for me. It's my birthday on Monday, so this weekend consists of family lunch, dinner, food, food, alcohol, more food and, hopefully, a few pressies !!
    I've also got a few birthday lunch/dinners with girlfriends lined up for next week !!
    Have a good weekend, Simone and a lovey reunion lunch (I love those). XXXX

  9. Hi Simone!

    So happy to be back home myself! Long journey of family visits and enjoyed watching the crumb being spoiled, but nothing beats home sweet home!
    Love this post and need to catch up on the Rome tales....
    And I am with you on Angelina, we only see what the press shares not what is real. And those cupcakes....yummy!
    Happiest weekend wishes to you!

  10. Oh Simone, my age is showing they are all lovely photos, but I paused longest on the cupcakes! I agree with Jacqueline about the adoptions!

  11. Well, where do I begin with all of this Friday Fabulousness? Jude Law is very pretty indeed - we all love a little bad boy once in a while. haha....

    I'm so glad that you like Up In The Air starring our man....I never tire of looking at him, those eyes, that smile.....major swoon!

    The best things in life list is AWESOME!

    The flowers, the cupcakes, the cocktail bar - WONDERFUL! And that labradoodle is so gorgeous....I would steal him away too!

    Glad your husband is home intact and sounds like a fabulous girlfriend weekend!


  12. Glad your hubby made it home in one piece:) I loved Up in the Air too. Great movie and George just keeps getting better with age. What's up with that. Have a great weekend Simone:)

  13. I am glad he made it that beach photo of course:)...they always make me smile and all the wonderfully gorgeous photos too...

  14. I loved "The Best Things in Life" list! They're all my favorites! Have fun with you old friends this weekend! Jennifer:)

  15. Lovely, especially the ten best things!
    Enjoy, there is nothing like girls on their own.

  16. Jude is always a lovely sight on a cold, winter afternoon (or any afternoon rather). And, I agree with your views on Angelina Jolie. Frankly, I adore her. She wrote a book on her work with the UNHCR and it makes you think about some things. Happy weekend!

  17. What truely inspiring pics! Just fabulous and perfect for a Firday pick-me up.

  18. You are so pretty and I love your blog found you on my sisters blog dustylu

  19. are so darling... best things in life and amazing... i agree... love all of the photos.. i have tried to like angelina.. just not for me... thank you for your sweet comment ...have a great weekend x pam

  20. Mmm Jude is cute and cheeky, loved him in Sherlock.

    Just love the shot of the bar and the Greek hillside town. Oh my!

    Have a lovely weekend darling, pleased hubby is back in one piece!

  21. So much beauty in one post it's shattering. Yes, Jude is amazingly pretty, and I have always adored Angelina. Have a super weekend, it sounds like you have great fun planned. xx

  22. Fabulous is hardly the word to describe this week's post ~ it is spectacular. I truly cannot pinpoint one favorite although you know I am a pushover for big brown eyes and puppy breath. Have a wonderful week-end my friend! xo

  23. Come see Sophia!

  24. What wonderful pictures to take us through the weekend! :)

  25. Love the post. You always have such great pictures. I too love Jude Law and even Angelina - no ones perfect.
    Have a lovely weekend!


  26. Enjoy your girly reunion, always such fun. I so enjoyed your Rome post, one of my favourite cities. xx

  27. Your blog is such a beautiful collection of images, I feel inspired by all of these.

  28. Oh, Jude is dreamy... But George makes me salivate. And Angelina is so beautiful, isn't she? Sometimes I am told I resemble her slightly, but I think it's just the lighting.
    Wishing you a fabulous weekend with your sweetie.

  29. Well, I think if Jude wasn't so naughty he'd be a lot less interesting. Gorgeous picture of Angelina.

  30. Is that possibly the gorgeous Gwyneth rather than Kate?

  31. I think it maybe Gwynnie too!?!

  32. My dream? To go to THAT cocktail hour and go home to sleep off the drunkenness in that ocean-view bedroom!

  33. Everything is better with a little bit of jude :)

  34. I adore Angelina. She is so beautiful. Jude Law ain't half bad either.


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