Friday Fabulousness....

....the beautiful Penelope Cruz....


....SJP last week, the newly appointed creative director of Halston....

....just add friends....

....the very handsome Colin Firth and Tom Ford after Colin Firth won his BAFTA on Monday night....hurrah!

....40 days and counting....

....what a great romantic....

....spring flowers....

Happy Friday!


  1. What beautiful fabulousness!! I love the photo where people are hugging out of the train. =)

  2. Dear Simone~
    So balanced AND beautiful over here with you!! Thank you for the uplift at the end of my long day! You are my sunshine~

  3. Fabulous quotes Simone ~ loving all the flowers especially that last bouquet and save me a seat at that table please. Have a fantabulous week-end girlie. xo

  4. Loved the quotes. And what a great gig for SJP. How impressive is that? Love that people are starting to talk about Spring...could it be that it's just around the corner??:)

  5. Deep sigh, Simone...your Friday posts always seem to centre me for the weekend ahead and make me forget about the worries of the past matter how weird it has been. If I could send you those flowers in the birdsnest, I would my friend.

    You're like an exquisite magpie or bowerbird, collecting only the most eyecatching, soul-affirming and mood-lifting treasures to decorate your blog and our lives. I love that about you. I'm sure it's just a reflection of your generosity of spirit. Oh to be able to sit at that table under the fairy lights with you and our other mutual blogging pals!

    I hope the weekend ahead with your lovely ones is filled with lots of happy moments. Meredy xo.

  6. Love the inspirational quotes! Stunning eye candy as usual..~lulu

  7. Beautiful as always! I just love all your pictures! They always evoke so many beautiful wonderful emotions!

  8. Simone,
    I'm going to shut the computer down now after seeing such beautiful splendor! Hoping to drift off to sleep with the vision of those sweet couples in love with the bon voyage kisses!
    Happy weekend to you~

  9. I am in awe of the beautiful images you always have. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  10. I love all your photos, they make me very happy.... enjoy your site immensely!

  11. Wow - its getting to the point where I am waiting for Friday Fabulousness each week. The responsibility you have to inject some loveliness into our days! Looking forward to your handbag post - I am envisaging something Italian, elegant, understated? Or pared down, slouchy, completely at ease? x

  12. Wishing you a fab Friday too. Love all the pictures. A little glamour on a Friday morning whilst I am planning my day is a great uplift.

  13. Dear Simone,
    Fabulous images for a friday !
    I, too, need a seat at that beautifully decorated table..... and the house with the blue shutters is divine.
    Have a wonderful weekend with your family Simone. XXXX

  14. woauw, woauw, woauw...don't know what to say! Beautiful pictures & very good blog!

    Wishing you a nice weekend,

  15. Spring flowers, SJP outfit, the gorgeous house
    and of course the very handsome and charming Colin Firth...
    you made my day Simone!
    All lovely and that quote!
    Have a great weekend!!
    Jeanne x

  16. Happy weekend! the photo of the train is fantastic!

  17. That train photo is fabulous, as I am on a train trip kick right now...Colin Firth - so lovely. Is there still room at that table for me? The blue shuddered house is gorgeous and the spring flowers are so beautiful!! Wonderful post, as usual Simone...Have a fantastic weekend. I hope your weather is improving! xxoo :)

  18. Simone,
    You have the most elegant and inspiring blog!
    Love your quotes in this post!
    I just love it here.
    Happy Friday and a beautiful day to you!

  19. oh so beautiful images, Simone. love those hugs and kisses on the train. hope you have a wonderful weekend, darling! xo

  20. great photos and the city 2 is only about 2 months away...should be a good one! I hope her new job with halston goes very well.
    thanx for the post!!!

  21. a few months ago your photos made me yearn for i'm ready for spring! I want to wear cute dresses and little shoes and walk amongst flowers. :) ...if only I could get rid of the allergies....

  22. Your posts always make me want to have a better wardrobe...
    Have a fabulous weekend sweet friend!

  23. *sigh* lovely, just lovely!

    thanks :)


  24. Oh wow fabulous for sure my sweet.

    I really want a spot at that table..."just add friends"....please. Adore it.

    Have a beautiful weekend,

  25. Hello Simone - I found your delightful blog via Pamela at The House of Edward. Enjoying scrolling though so much loveliness AND, guess what, I know Muswell Hill very well as my brother and his family lived on Cecil Road for many years before moving to the South of France. I stayed in Muswell Hill annually. My niece and her cousins attended St. James school. We bought cheese at that fabulous tiny cheese shop, had lunch at the Crocodile and several suppers at Charlie's Pizza. Just bet you know those places. I miss my family being in London - now when going home to Devon (Torquay) I really have no reason to go to the city. It's a wonderful experience to be raising your children there - still one of the best cities in the world.

    Please stop by if you have a minute - would love to hear from you.


  26. I love the happiness saying!!
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend Simone :)

    xoxo Laura

  27. Love this..and Tom Ford is one of the hottest men on earth.

  28. Simone I hope your weekend with your family was a great one? I loved the quote & something very similar rang true to me. In fact has been much on my mind. The line about loving those who treat you right & forget others, finally has set in after all these years.I love this post.
    I agree with Jenny - Tom Ford is divine.
    xx deb

  29. Oooh Colin Firth, yum!!! and the romantic train photo I love too. Simone I love that you always have the inspirational (and wise) little quotes. Happy week to you. xx

  30. Bonjour Simone,
    Oh I really, really love that sweet train scene with all those romantic couples, and the maison with those periwinkle shutters is just what I'm looking for. 40 days and counting till your Paris trip!
    Just wondering if you received my email, I wanted to touch base with you. Just if you have a chance my friend.
    Here's to a fabulous week!

  31. Simone!!!!

    I know I have already commented... but you deserve another comment... the new layout is Beautiful!!!

    I love it :)
    xoxo Laura


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