Friday Fabulousness.....London Style....

....definitely a London girl....Kate Moss....

....London designer, Amanda Wakeley....

.....the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben from the London Eye.... 

....the lovely Keira Knightley....

....the iconic Routemaster bus....

....London boy Jude Law.... of my favourite London views.....Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and a large part of "The City", London's financial district....the unusually shaped building is known as "The Gherkin"....

....the original London girl....Twiggy....

....Kim Cattrall wearing designer Vivienne Westwood at the London premiere of the SATC movie....

.....the lovely Colin Firth....(I saw him in "A Single Man" last night, what a great performance)....

.....the London Eye, built for the Millennium but such a great success that it is still standing!

....the beautiful Kate Winslet....

....Trafalgar Square and Nelson's Column....

....the wedding of Charles and Diana, July 29 1981....such a huge event in London, a very happy day. I went to the wedding fireworks the night before in Hyde Park and remember watching the wedding on television so clearly....this photo makes me think of London at its very best when everyone really came together. The same, sadly, was true of Princess Diana's funeral....people connected in the most amazing way....

....London icons....

....London Fashion Week....fabulous dresses by the late Alexander McQueen....

....St Paul's and the Millennium Bridge....

....the fabulous designer Vivienne Westwood....

....St. Paul's Cathedral....

I am going to dedicate this Friday Fabulousness post to the gorgeous Jackie at Home who is most definitely a London girl - and a very original one at that......and to Emily at London Zest who has moved to London from France via New York and who writes a very lovely and inspiring blog about living here and exploring the city.....I have lived here since I was six years old and she has already been to places that I haven't!

This week, as you know, has been school half-term holiday week and my children and I have been channelling our inner explorers. Totally undefeated by A LOT of rain (what's the betting that next week when they are at school it will be gloriously sunny!).....we have visited the National History Museum, climbed up the Monument, been on many red buses and the Underground, been to Harrods Food Hall and their pet department (where I had to refuse my son's request to buy two chihuahua puppies at £2000 apiece, gorgeous though they were), walked around the city A LOT, explored rather a lot of toy stores and several parks....and got pretty wet!  We did have so much fun though!

We also caught up on some movies, my daughter learned how to cook the most delicious breakfast pancakes, we visited a soft play centre (where I got to read for two.whole.hours.), saw "The Princess and the Frog".....and we still have a few more days to go....phew!

One of the loveliest moments of my week came while looking for a film to watch and finding our wedding video.....I put it on for the children to see. My son (who is just 4) is really intrigued by the whole idea of marriage at the moment for some reason and keeps telling his sister (who is almost 9) that actually she's wrong, she can marry him! Anyway, watching the video he was mesmerised and then pipes up "We aren't in this Mummy are we...."......before I could even respond, he continued "....because we're still in your heart....."
He does have my heart, that's for sure.

Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. Oh, my lovely friend, Simone,
    Thank you soooo much.
    As I was scrolling down all of your wonderful images of, what I think, is the most magnificent city IN THE WORLD, I realised exactly why I think that..... and , you have shown images that make my heart skip a beat.
    We were in London on Sunday and everytime I see The Gerkin, St Pauls, The Monument, The London Eye, Houses of Parliament etc, etc, they never fail to give me goosebumps .... but, the most glorious of all is that favourite London ariel view that you have shown is stunning.
    I also now love the last sepia photograph of St Paul's...I think that it's an old photograph, isn't it ?
    The wonderful thing about London is the fact that every time you look down and alleyway or turn a corner, there is a Dickensian scene set out for you....I LOVE IT !!
    Thanks so much Simone, for dedicating this post to Emily and me.I think that you can tell that I quite like London !!!! haha.
    Oh, and, despite the weather, you have certainly filled the half term days with culture and fun and exploration....a delightful combination...and I love the little things that your son comes out with. He says such funny things and then he touches your heart. Tomorrow is supposed to be blue skies and sunny, so have a lovely day.I'm going over to Emilys blog to see which parts of London I have yet to discover !! XXXX

  2. Just beautiful! Any post with Jude Law is Absolutely Fabulous. That was also a great London favorite - the show Absolutely Fabulous - made me laugh so much.

    I also loved the Royal wedding pictures - I remember it clearly when they married and when she died (I still have the newspapers from back then).


  3. Thanks for bringing a bit of British to my Friday Simone. Have a great weekend. xx

  4. 1. pet department? new?
    2. where is kate beckinsale. she is my. very. favorite.
    3. have you met miss jackie yet? if not, why not? she lives on the same darn island as you do! I want photos!

  5. Little boys do love their Moms!
    What a wonderful thing to watch... I need to find my wedding video!!

  6. What a great idea! I should look for my sweet.

  7. I truly enjoyed this post and the ending was so sweet. I have a photo of my oldest son & daughter playing dress up in a wedding gown that I had made & an old suit jacket. Such tender memories. I do hope the sun comes out tomorrow for you all. Looking forward to reading Emily's blog & you know how we all love Ms. Jackie!! Happy weekend to you all x

  8. What a great post! I have never really had a driving desire to visit London, but now I feel I must! Thank you for that! Thanks for your comments on my recent posts honey. I always love hearing from you. Have a great weekend. Kori xoxo

  9. Oh wow, where is my passport! Thanks Simone for reminding us how truly fabulous London is. I really enjoyed the trip :)

    Your little boy gave me a lump in my throat. My he's wonderful.

    Beautiful day ahead my friend,

  10. What a simply splendid post. I love every image! I was in London 2 years ago, on my way to Cork, Ireland to visit friends, and got so so sick I had to return to Houston (after 3 nights). The only thing I got to see was Mayfair and Gordon Ramsey's place. Sickening, isn't it? Oh well, now I'll just read your blog. Lovely. xx's Marsha

  11. Such a wonderful post, Simone....I am dreaming of visiting all the places that you have shown here....just fabulous!

    I remember getting up very early in the morning to watch all the royal wedding coverage and also the days after the devastating loss of sad. I saw her and Prince Charles when we were at the Expo in Vancouver in the mid 80's...she was so gorgeous!!

    You have covered alot of territory with your children this week, wow.....reminds me of the days when my kids were young!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Simone...xxoo :)

  12. Divine post. My daughter wants to marry my son too. Its so cute> All they understand is that its about love. Did you like the Princess and the Frog? I loved it and thought the music in particular was amazing but I think it is a bit scary for anyone under 6. Have a lovely weekend. xoxo

  13. I have tears in my eyes 1. because I miss & love exploring London ~ it must be time for another visit & 2. because master 4 is totally gorgeous...

    I hope you have a sunny weekend...

    Cate :)

  14. What a thoroughly British post - lovely to wake up to on a Friday morning. I too share half term fun and my kids are 4 and 8 so I can so relate to your comments and to your son's making sense of love and marriage! Its taken me months to convince my son that he can't marry a member of our family, so he is now moving on to choosing one of his classmates...

  15. What a great post Simone, and thanks for sharing your London with us. It's funny, I love London too, despite only living there for a year or so, and of course now living so far away. Must be time for a wee visit! How precious is your wee boy!

  16. Aw that comment from your son is adorable and melted my heart! And London here I come.. tomorrow! Happy Friday Lovely xx

  17. Simone! Youb are so so sweet! Thank you so much for your kind words today. I love your blog as well, it's the first one I visit every day:) It puts a smile on my face each time.
    I saw a Single Man last night too! My friend fell asleep but I was so captivated by the inspiring Colin Firth. Gorgeous performance, gorgeous man! Happy happy Friday to you lovely. And definitely make it to Columbia Road this weekend. I could not stress it enough:) Happy weekending! x LZ

  18. I truly dream of visiting London!!! I love the Kates by the way - Kate Moss AND Kate Winslet....such natural beauties! Sounds like you have been having an amazing time despite the rain, it is raining here this week as well!

    Fabulous Friday post indeed...Cheers! :)

  19. Simone you have been brave taking the kids out and about this week with all that rain ... we have done the complete opposite!

    We have however visited all those place you have posted ... and I absolutely adore London ... we are so lucky to be living here ( and thats coming from an aussie!)

    Most locals dont do the' touristy thing', but as Jackie said, every corner you turn around there is a Dickensian scene set out for you!! ... and I love that too!

    Enjoy the last few days of half term!

  20. Thank you for sharing such great images of Lovely London... I was there in 1979... it was so much fun and I loved every minute of it. You post reminded me of just how much I loved that city... thank you again.. a beautiful post!

  21. Hi Simone,

    I do not know how to right now blog, but I love reading yours. It is fantastic. I had to start my Friday morning here in St. Louis, Missouri by reading about your lovely family and your lovely city. Your children are darling and what your son said made me laugh - so sweet! I also am inspired by your photos and the idea of exploring your own city. However, London would be a dream come true!

  22. Simone, thank you for your amazing comment on my post today. It made my day.

  23. oh such a great post, simone! how sweet your son is? so cute!
    have a beautiful weekend!

  24. Sounds like you're all having a lovely time.

    Love Kate Winslet. She's so beautiful.

  25. What a lovely week with your kids you've been having. Good for you for exploring your wonderful city with them. Someday I'll get there! Love all the pictures - you know Kate Winslet is my absolute favorite! Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  26. Great London post!! Makes me wanna go! Love Colin Firth...and Keira Nightley and Kate Winslet! Thanks for your nice comment! Have a fabulous weekend!

    xoxo, Kristin

  27. ...loved my visit here today...all so wonderful


  28. Dear Simone,
    I can't say I miss London much at the moment. But looking at these pictures makes me realise again why we chose to live in London, and why I will be happy to come back next week.
    xx MM

    PS: I have tagged you over at mine with a 'what's in your bag' tag. I'd really be curious to see what you carry around...

  29. What a tribute to London! I have never been to London...maybe one day!
    Thank you for following my blog and entering my giveaway!
    Bonne chance!


  30. Ah, to get to London again!
    I got goosebumps when I read what your son said about still being in your heart.
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  31. What a great post!!! Thanks so much for sharing London with us... I found your site via a la parisienne, and I love it. I will definetely be back. I am going to add your blog to my side bar. Have a blessed day!
    Daphne Nicole

  32. When I was in Naples, Italy visiting my dad.. I wanted so bad to visit London but instead we went to Holland and France. My grandma later met us there at a place called Lordes.. everyone from all around the world goes there to try and get healed.. have you heard of it? It was a very neat experience.Thanks for the lovly picturs!!And how sweet is your son to say that... To cute!!

  33. What a wonderful week you had Simone and these pictures are making me fall in love with your city you know. It is creeping further and further up my must go to place list... I wish you a wonderful week-end full of sunshine!

  34. Oh, what a lovely post. There are so many things to love about London :)
    Sounds like a wonderful weekend you had!! I love that you didn't let rain stop your plans, and you carried forth doing whatever you wanted regardless of bad weather!
    Your son sounds so cute!! :)

  35. Sweet words only a child could dream up...I am so excited about your London post daughter just got accepted into a school in the UK and so I will finally get to visit this amazing city and country soon! xoxoxo

  36. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog via Simply-B. So pleased with myself. Love your Friday Fabulousness and seeing all those great pics of London - my home town (now living in the Netherlands). I can see I shall become a regular visitor.

  37. Waaahhhh! Your son just kills me....the beautiful way his thoughts are processed. Hmmm, I think I know where he inherited it. Sigh.

    Anyhoo, just wanted to say also.....FAB post! I have never been to London, despite having a British passport and this post has convinced me even more that I would just love it. Who wouldn't right? What's that saying "If you're tired of London, you're tired of life"?

    I can't tell you how impressed I am at the cracking pace you've set for the half-term holidays. I've got a mental image of you bracing yourself with a cup of Earl Grey before setting out on the day's expeditions.

    Tell your kids from Aunty Meredy that they are very lucky indeed. Only two children in the whole wide world get to have you as their Mum. Hope that the weather improves in time to make the rest of the holidays a little easier. Meredy xo.

    p.s. I quite agree about Jackie....divine.

  38. what a wonderful post!! Thanks for the peak into London!

    And its wonderful that your kids can recognize the love in your marriage video. Children bring out the best in us, huh?

  39. Like so many I see her. I just love, love, love your blog.

  40. OMG I was so BESOTTED with Colin Firth when he showed up as Mr. Darcy in "Pride and Prejudice" in 1996/(US). I've been a huge fan ever since. Can't wait to see him in "The Single Man" - just don't know if I can really believe that he can carry off being gay. But after winning the BAFTA, it's pretty obvious he's a great actor and did a great job. KUDOS


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