It's A Love Thing.... weren't what I had planned for yesterday....
nothing like it in fact....
....I'd seen your type before but it was never the right time....
but sometimes Destiny steps in and one just has to surrender oneself....
 I spotted you at fifty paces and felt my heart flutter....
 and immediately I knew there was a good chance you would be coming home with me and wouldn't be leaving anytime soon.... I got nearer, it crossed my mind that you might be out of my league and I tried to tell myself that you probably were intended for someone else....someone who could take you around town on a regular basis, show you the sights, eat at fancy restaurants and take you round the world travelling first class every time....

....but actually, it turns out you were meant for me....I might even be so bold as to say I was meant for you....
I held on tight to you all the way home on the Tube, sneaking peeks at you when you didn't even know I was looking....
it's only been one night and I just know you're not going anywhere....
we look so right together....even my husband said's quite soon, but he knows we're off to Paris next week and he can see I am in good hands, so he understands....something this right just can't be wrong....

Sometimes love happens when you least expect it....but when it does, you just have to grab it with both hands, appreciate it and truly enjoy it....

I love you my shiny-new-burnt-orange-patent-perfectly-sized-large-bag/holdall from Ted Baker....we're going to have some really good times together....there have been others but I just know we've got something very special....

Happy Monday!!


  1. So cute, at first I thought you were talking about a puppy or something. One problem, where is the picture? We need to see the bag.
    I always love a new bag.


  2. This really made me smile - a woman and her handbag is definitely a love affair! Plus orange is the unsung hero of the handbag world - goes with everything, any time of year. Perfect. Patent orange is ever better if that's possible. I can see you gadding around Paris with it - fitting in with all of the chic Parisiens...LB x

  3. Oh Simone,
    That was inspired.
    I'm afraid that I'm not a bag person. I don't have lots of handbags, as I can't be bothered to keep swapping everything from one bag to another !! That probably says something about me !! Haha me a lovely jacket and, I have to have it. I could open a jacket shop !!
    You will be the toast of Paris with your lovely new handbag. XXXX

  4. hello, i'm the newest follower of your super lovely blog, happy blogging

  5. Love it!!
    You had me every step of the way Simone!!
    Have a great week:)

  6. oh haha! great post Simone! I'm a bag lover too. But I'm pretty loyal, once I found the perfect one I keep it all the time. I don't like swapping everything from one bag to another! have a great day! xo

  7. You got me too! Your new bag sounds gorgeous. I'm in love with a new bag too and its going on lots of fun trips with me! Enjoy.

  8. Love this today....I am a bagaholic so can relate. I would love to see your new bag...Happy Happy Monday. xoxo

  9. I KNEW IT WAS A BAG!! Lovely post, Simone - love the line "he knows we're off to Paris next week" - how exciting! I love a big bag myself, and a colorful one - so fabulous! Enjoy your week! xxoo :)

  10. OMG Simone!!! What a fabulous post!!!! You are a tricky one for sure! I'm sure "he" is a true beauty and it was meant to be... Congratulations on finding your perfect fit:)

  11. I love this post!! I'm sure you are your new bag will have lots of happy times together!

  12. Happy Monday Simone!!! This was so lovely!

  13. I don't know why I've taken so long to stop by at your blog, it's beautiful! Your title picture of the bare back at the window is stunning. Love the handbag post, I was sure it was going to be a puppy!
    Became a follower straight away!

  14. Glorious Simone...just too wonderful. I read every single word, waiting to know to whom you were speaking. A handbag!!! I know exactly how you feel. Accessories Accessories Accessories, they can make or break a "look." xx's Marsha

  15. Very cute,I was going in the kitten direction.

  16. I was not sure where you were going with this and then I remembered your shopping trip!! Good for you, but where is the photo of this fab new bag??

  17. Simone,
    Fun post. You had me all the way. How about a treat for that trick...can we see the bag?!!! Rita

  18. May even give you more pleasure too Simone.....

  19. I can just see you swanning around Paris, looking like a local. Do you think you'll walk a little taller, tread a little lighter, perhaps throw in a cheeky little sashaying action now you have the perfect companion? Don't hide your light under a bushell! Do it for those of us left in domestic servitude! Meredy xo

  20. Amazing post, love it! :) I can't wait to hear all about your trip to Paris....oh how I am jealous.


  21. There is a special kind of handbag love and you my dear are smitten! Now... where's the photo?? xx

  22. Oh SImone, I'm a bit like Jackie but this post had me in stitches. You are so funny - I thought you were talking about your husband and you had an anniversary coming up or something ;-) And one of the things that was saved out of our house fire was my gorgeous burnt orange patent Charles Jourdan hand bag. I might only have 5 - but I love them all!!

  23. Oh Simone, good job, totally loved this...hey we are girls...what can I say.

  24. What a great post!! I understand the love...


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