Friday Fabulousness.... by Carter Smith....

A little wisdom and a lot of glamour and sheer beauty....perfect for a Friday.

We are starting a holiday week-end here in England....and it's one full of parties for me....a catch-up dinner with three girlfriends tonight, a grown-up party tomorrow, a family party on Sunday and a 4 year old pirate! I  am also hoping to take a few hours just to steal away somewhere quiet and just sit and read, I have been missing that this week....

It's been another fun week in the world of blogs, thank you for all for some wonderful comments....
am glad that you enjoyed my "Top Five...."....I resisted including George today since even I know you can have too much of a good thing ;)

Thank you to Tania at Backwards in High Heels and to my most favourite blog-discovery of the week. the fabulous Fashion's Most Wanted for my Beautiful Blogger Award.

Tania is a wonderful writer, a published writer and someone whose work I have been reading in different magazines for years, I was thrilled when I found she also wrote a blog - and equally excited when I found out she was reading my blog!

Christina writes Fashion's Most Wanted and I am convinced she is possibly London's most stylish and glamorous girl....her blog is gorgeous!  Such an interesting read, it's full of quotes, movies, glamour and so much more....

 Thank you very much!

Have a wonderful week-end!


  1. sounds like you'll have a fabulous weekend! i hope you're having great weather for all those parties! enjoy! Beth

  2. ohhh I LOVE the bow bracelet on the third photo down!! Its sooo cute!!!!!

  3. Beautiful blog. I love the quotes, especially the first two. It is great when you come across a posting that makes you think and has amazing pictures. This one has both. :)


  4. Beautiful post my dear! Hope that you have a fabulous weekend :).

  5. you are ALWAYS deserving of an award...the photos and quotes inspire me everytime i come to visit you!
    i love the grass is always greener quote...because its SOOO true.
    hope you are having a fabulous week loveey. and i hope you even have a better weekend...after all, its still your birthday month, no?

  6. Oh I just love the quotes Simone, you are the best. I do adore that picture of Diane, lovin' the jewelry she is sporting.

    Congratulations on your well deserved award my friend,

    Have the best weekend,lots of oooxxx Deej

  7. nice post and love all the quotes! very inspiring!
    have a great weekend!!

  8. girl congrats on this post and the award but let me tell you everyone of those quotes hits home i'm definitely posting these on my blog i am digging the quotes have always loved them since i discovered bartlett's famous book of quotes in my teens xoxoxo suzanne

  9. and by the way did i mention that you are just so soulful to me...

  10. You never cease to amaze me Simone ~ gorgeous photo's and I am loving the quotes this week. Have a fabulous week-end at all your parties ~ you party animal you!! xo

  11. I love how uplifting this post is. What a great end to the week!

  12. I love the quotations, Simone, & I went to visit
    Fashion's Most Wanted. It's Kentucky Derby time for us this weekend, so we'll all be partying somewhere with brilliant huge gaudy hats. xx's

  13. Simone, I love your Fabulous Friday posts, they always put a big smile on my face :)
    those quotes are fabulous too.
    I hope you have an amazing weekend.

  14. Hey there gorgeous friend, I don't think you could be more fabulous even if you tried!!! These images just like all your others blow me away with the beauty.

    Can you tell us more about this incredibly sexy birthday weekend you had?? Sounded AMAZING!

    Would you join in praying and supporting the US Gulf Coast right now? Sweet Bumpkin (who you know she and I are like your biggest fans) and many other friends are going to be affected, so sad. Any optimistic thoughts you might be able to put into the universe would be wonderful!!

    Hope you and your family are doing well and that you're still enjoying birthday WEEEEEEEEK! Stretch it out as long as possible! xox

  15. That sounds like a crazy weekend! A lot of funness ahead..but yes do make sure you get some QT with yourself as well. Bery important. I love Diane Kruger. American princess with a French twist:) love it. Happy Friday! Happy long weekending !x LZ

  16. Love the Friday Fabulousness; it signals the weekend for me now! Sounds as if you will be busy, but good busy as...what is better than parties? I would have enjoyed a beach post today, as per your comment, will look forward to next week! Take care, happy weekend, Louise x

  17. Adore the photos- and the quotes Simone- I'll take vunerable and love anyday! gorgeous post...& on a serious party note- have a ball- good luck with the yo ho pirates and have a glass of bubbles for the rest of us somewhere along the line....

    melissa x

  18. Oh and by the, truth and stability - those have got to be the best things in life - for me atleast. Absolutely fundamental. LB x

  19. As usual, very beautiful quotes and images. If I should ever be re-born, can I please be a racy beauty such as Eva or Penelope? Please?
    Have a lovely weekend. Ours is packed with parties and lunches, too, I don't think I'll be able to sneak away to sit somewhere and read...

  20. What a gorgeous start to my weekend and a lovley close to my first week as a blogger! Thanks for sharing and please pop by some time!

  21. I absolutely love all of your quotes today! So inspirational... really :)

    xoxo Laura

  22. Diane Kruger, C.S. Lewis and Penelope Cruz all in one blog post? That really is fabulous.

    Happy Friday!

  23. What a beautiful post. I love that C.S. Lewis quote. Fab blog title, too.

  24. Was just scrolling down today's post, thinking how clever it was of you to juxtapose the beautiful faces with the quotations, loving the CS Lewis piece, when I saw my name at the bottom and your kind words. Thank you. So happy to pass on the award; your blog is a continual delight. Happy bank holiday weekend.

  25. I absolutely love following your blog! Your posts are so very inspiring and beautiful!

  26. Just what I needed this Friday lovely and inspiring my friend.... you have a gift.

  27. Wow, the diamonds are dripping on Diane Kruger! Fabulous post!

  28. I just found your's great. This post is fabulous...I love the photos, but even more it's the quotes...well done!

  29. Gorgeous Simone and I love the quotes between the nice to rest and contemplate each one before moving on to yet another beautiful photo. Looks like you have a busy weekend in store...hope it is a fab one ;)


  30. Amazing pictures, amazing quotes! Have a fabulous time partying!

  31. oh Simone, so amazing quotes. I loved the one that says your mistakes make you who you are. must memorize this one. always so afraid of mistaking... hope you have a beautiful weekend, darling! xo

  32. everything about this post is divine! I love coming here and finding beauty and eye candy. Thanks for posting.

  33. Simone,
    Everything is just as I remembered. I've been spinning plates and juggling, so I've not made my regular daily visits. But, as always, I find nothing but perfection when I return.
    Happy 'belated' Birthday! It sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned. I received my gift/give away book, and I love it - the pages are getting worn. I will post an official thank you next week, but again I say thank you. It was a fabulous surprise and I've thoroughly enjoyed ever page of the book. Enjoy your special weekend. Rita

  34. love Diane K! These are great pictures!

  35. sweet simone...
    you are so deserving of your awards... each and every one.. you continue to calm me each week with your amazing beauty and sweet posts..
    xx pam

  36. Dear Simone,
    Well, Friday fabulousness looks just as good on a Saturday !! I had a gremlin in my laptop and had to get it sorted out !
    Beautiful women and thought-provoking quotes.
    Well done on your Beautiful Blogger award.It is such an apt award for you. You so deserve it.
    Enjoy your fun-filled weekend, Simone. XXXX

  37. WHERE do you get those quotes??? I am living half of them and inspired by the rest. Fabuleux!! Happy weekend!

  38. I always love to come over to your blog. I enjoy your gorgeous pictures and lovely quotes.
    I want to give you the Happy 101 award, because you are a huge inspiration to me.
    You may pass the blog on to other blogs you love, you can tell something about things in life that make you happy but it is no obligation.
    You are totally free !
    I hope you will enjoy the award !
    Miss Baptista

  39. Love the Carter Smith imagine, I saw it on your sidebar and fell in love. Lots' of brunettes here, they have dramatic beauty in my opinion. Catching up and commenting away........


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