Happy Monday...

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This is just how I am feeling today....balanced, positive and hopeful....

....not sure if it's just being one year older....
....the beautiful sunshine we have been having here in London....
....my Britney Spears performance at a party on Saturday night - my husband's face was quite the picture :)
.....or perhaps all of the above....

....or the fact that having been so inspired by the amazing performances at the London Marathon yesterday, I have today signed up to run a 5K race in aid of Breast Cancer Care in September - with a group of friends. It might not sound that far to many people but I am not a runner so it will be a great challenge and I am really looking forward to it!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes on Friday....so many of them! You are all really kind and said the nicest things....it definitely made it a very special birthday, one of my loveliest for a few years......THANK YOU!!!! xx

Just to add, that the ballet was absolutely beautiful....and made even more interesting by person snoring loudly behind us AND the extremely mischievous two year old French boy sitting directly in front of me. I have a four year son and you couldn't pay me to take him to the ballet so I couldn't feel too irritated by him, I'm sure he could think of other places he would rather have been on a Friday evening!

Happy Monday!!!


  1. Britney Spears huh? Hit me baby one more time? Whoops I did it again? Toxic? I could go on...

    Many congrats on taking the plunge and doing a running race. Running is all good - I have the utmost respect for it. Good for you. I missed the marathon coverage yesterday - was on a marathon of my own with the kids (husband playing rugby - whole Sunday to fill)!

    Did you see you got a nice award on another blog? Backwards in High Heels... Well deserved as ever x

    Byeeeee Louise x

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  3. Wow, what a gorgeous photo! I do miss the ocean....ahh so inspiring. I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday, you deserve it! Good for you for running for a good cause too. I'm glad to hear there is sunshine in London because I will be heading there next month! So excited! :):)

    Have a BEAUTIFUL week Simone.


  4. Beautiful photo ~ and sorry I was a day late on your birthday! Whoops! I hope you had a lovely, sugary goodness of a cake to celebrate, too.

  5. I absolutely love the picture. Happy belated birthday!!! :) Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and a great time!!!
    PS- I'm a new follower. Bumpkin on a Swing sent me! Your blog is beautiful! :)

  6. Happy Happy 25th Birthday Simone, Friday and the weekend has been crazy for us. I can just imagine your Britney performance, and the look on the hubby's face. I bet you could have passed for her twin. Won't be long and you'll have gray hairs and wrinkles, so enjoy your youth while it lasts.
    Now who really loves you uh?

  7. Your blog is beautiful. I love it!


  8. glad you enjoyed it all! britney spears dance? i love it! sounds like fun!

    ps. that first pic of the ballerina, i just love it.
    :) happy monday my sweet. xo

  9. That image you posted is beautiful.....

  10. Oh Simone, I missed your birthday! Belated birthday wishes. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I loved your post. I seem to be a day or two off everything lately. I love the opening line to this post. ...balanced, positive and hopeful...Amen to that!

    Best wishes for a fab post-birthday week!

    Jeanne :)

  11. How is this beautiful!-)*Feeling balanced and positive!!!
    Wish you that these feelings stay always by you,Simone!-)))*

    Love and hugs,

  12. A two year old at the ballet? His parents need to be smacked. I'm glad you had a lovely birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday! Such a beautiful photo!

  14. Dear Simone,
    That is such a beautiful image. A perfect one for the way that you are feeling. I'm so pleased that you let your hair down and went for it at the party !!!! Britney Spears eh ? I wish that I had been a fly on the wall ! I hope that there are polaroids of your performance!! haha.
    I love Kim's photo of you in Paris, Simone. You look as if you are REALLY enjoying those mussels !
    What a great birthday week you had. I love birthdays. It's a whole day that is especially yours, isn't it ?
    I watched the marathon and I have so much admiration for each and every one of those runners. I think that I would last 1/2 an hour at the most !! I am also in awe of you too Simone. The 5K Breast Cancer Care Race is no mean feat. I think that you will get an awful lot from the experience.
    Enjoy the new week, Simone. XXXX

  15. Hello my sweet, I just love that you had the best birthday in years...way to go girl! Hey doing a few moves on Saturday night...cheers! life is short enjoy!

    That was so funny about the ballet...maybe not at the time.

    Oh gosh the run, that is so great, get some practice catching Clive in the park ;o

    big hugs Deej

  16. Hit me baby ~ one more time!! So glad you had a wonderful week-end! Cheers to a great week too. xo

  17. Oh how I Love your blog. Your photos always bring a smile to my face. Loving the Britney dance. I put together woman knows when to bust a move ;)


  18. Hello beautiful, here's hoping it was the most glorious birthday weekend ever (sounds like it was!!) We need video footage of your Britney performance, did anyone have their Flip camcorder or cell phone taping? You must have been the cutest little thing ever. Also so happy the ballet was so wonderful, as a former ballerina, I appreciate attending the ballet so much now. Amazingly gorgeous photos and a great big LOL @ Bumpkin's comment as always :) We love you!! XOXO

  19. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time!!! I would have loved to see your performance! :) Good for you doing a 5K!!! I would love to do one, but the idea makes me sooo nervous!

  20. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday Simone.

  21. Wow - sounds like a fabulously fun birthday weekend, Simone....And running the 5K will be such a heart filled experience for you...!! Have a wonderful week! xxoo :)

    P.S. Thanks for making me laugh this morning! :)

  22. I am so glad you're feeling like that! Enjoyed reading you story!! He, hee!! Good luck with the running! Wish I could join too! Love running! Have a lovely day!

    Kristin xxx

  23. Happy belated, Simone! Tried to wish you a happy one on your last post, but had some computer glitch! Would've loved to see pics of your Spears performance! (wink) Good for you on the 5k...I started running in my 20s and could barely make it a minute without stopping...I went on to run 2 half-marathons, and now running is my ultimate stress-reliever. GOOD FOR YOU! And P.S. I have a fun award for you on my blog!!

  24. Oh I try that pose while I'm ironing too! xx

  25. 5K? That sounds terrifying to me. Well done you for taking up the challenge! And good luck! xx MM

  26. Gorgeous photo! (hope she's wearing knickers! :)

    Your birthday sounds fab - wish I could have seen your performance (and the face of your huz!).

    Well done for signing up for the Breast Cancer Care run!

    Which performance did you see at the ballet? Feeling sorry for the little 2 year old. Also have 4 year-old (and a 7 year-old) and would take neither to any kind of enclosed performance at night.. Not right thinks moi.

    Lovely post Simone. As always.

    xx Charlotta

  27. Just wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday, its always inspiring to visit your lovely blog :)

  28. Simple enjoyed that image today...sigh...sorry I missed your Birthday....so I will send you some love today. xoxo

  29. oh... i need this today... feeling a bit off balance at the moment..
    and MANY belated birthday wishes... hope it was truly wonderful xxxx

  30. wow Britney Spears eh? cool! please share some pics, darling!
    have a nice day! xo

  31. Cant believe I missed your birthday on Friday! So a big, bow wrapped, incredibly fabulous belated birthday wish to you covered in virtual sprinkles! And as for the Britney impression - you are officially my hero! Good luck with the running. I'll be starting from scratch next week so we'll do it together! xx

  32. So happy to hear you had a fabulous birthday. I am so impressed with your 5K entry - I so want to run but find excuses not to, maybe an entry into something will make me just do it!


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