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My friend Liz over at ...but then i had kids passed on to me the Plastic Joy award.

As part of this award, I need to list five characters (ie, not the actors who play them) who...well, who I would like to get better acquainted with...if you catch my drift...

I had a hard time choosing but here are my top five, in no particular order....

1. Dr Doug Ross....I think George has played some great characters in his movies but I still think Dr Ross was one of his best roles....a very hot pediatrician, what's not to love, as they say? And he did the right thing and ended up with Nurse Carol....

2. Vincent Mancini.....I will always have a huge crush on Andy Garcia....violent movies are not for me at all but I loved him in "Godfather 3"....handsome, strong, loyal to his family and falls in love with his cousin even when he knows he shouldn't....

3. Jack Bauer....not my type physically but as anyone who watches "24" knows, you cannot help but root for Jack and fall for him in some my case, hook, line and sinker.......the show is addictive and Kiefer Sutherland is brilliant in the role....strong, fiercely loyal but also emotionally vulnerable....when he falls in love, he falls hard....

4. Gordon Gekko....I do love a man in a suit and braces (as we call them in England.).....I worked in The City (London's financial district) for some years, I think that's why, it's life in the fast lane for sure. Powerful, ruthless and sexy....Michael Douglas....

5. Sam Baldwin....Wonderful father, great sense of humour, has loyal friends, follows his heart (eventually!).....I love this man!

For my troubles, this is my Liz says...."probably not what Mattel had in mind...."!

I shall pass this on to (with no obligation at all....)


  1. Congrats on the award. I couldn't agree more with Vincent!


  2. Ooooo, Simone,
    A bit of blog saucyness !. I hope that you only allow people to read this after the watershed !! hehe.
    A lovely top 5 of characters that you would like to be on somewhat more friendly terms with ! The only one not for me is Michael Douglas. I think there is something creepy about him but, it's a good job that we don't all like the same typ, isn't it ? Well done on the award. I like this one 'cos it' different.... and cheeky. I like a bit of cheeky !! XXXX

  3. I cannot wait to play this, cannot wait.
    I'm gonna make you laugh so hard.
    You just wait.
    Love you, love shoes! Mwah!

  4. Hmmmm is that GI Joe! Ken will never get over this. A very amusing and somewhat insightful post.

  5. Well - George is always going to be a winner in my book, as you know. Other interesting choices - love this award - especially Sam Baldwin. I totally see where you are coming from. I have never watched '24' (shock, horror, abit like you missing MadMen) so I think now I should invest in a DVD box set. L x

  6. Love how you snuck old Georgy boy in there ;-)

  7. Great list Simone ~ I will have to sit down and think of my five!

  8. Ooh, Robin Hood.... as played by Sean Connery!

  9. ohhh I LOVE your list!!! And that award cracks me up!!! :)

  10. Simone ~
    This is fabulous! First time to see this award go around, and I cannot wait to see what "Bumpkin on a Swing" does with it!

  11. I agree on George for sure but Michael Douglas? I never saw that movie so maybe I should rent it. I think you are missing Johnny Depp however!! :)

  12. WoW...that's a weird award!
    You chose your men well in my humble opinion!
    I am still smiling...what an image...I let Ken kiss Barbie or Midge...I must have been so naive...Ken was the driver of the car, the guy to bring in the shopping bags and he took out the garbage...LOL!

  13. Kudos Simone. I love love love Jack Bauer, they're making a movie now I hear. And, also a NEW Wall Street movie with the current "hero."
    King Arthur. And, my favorite man for eternity Sean Connery, but you already know that. xx's
    to you gorgeous one.

  14. Dear Simone~

    Your list had me at Hello!! I agree 100% with your top choice. Dr Ross is dreamy. Second on my list- Jerry McGuire.
    I have to say, the plastic joy photo was indeed the icing on the cake! Thank you for the giggle!!! :-)

    And a very Happy Birthday Week to you!!!!!

  15. Wonderful list of characters, Simone - especially with "our" Dr. Ross leading off...Thanks for including me in this - this will definitely be a fun post to think up...!!

    Congrats on your award! xxoo :)

  16. That award is hilarious!!! Good choices too:-)

  17. Oh that was so funny Simone, when I got to the award I burst out laughing. Hilarious I'm waiting to see what the others do now...he he.

    I'm likin' your guys honey, I think my fav is Dr Ross.

    xoxo DJ

  18. Simone, what a great post...hilarious!!!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment, I am SO excited to finally visit London for the 1st time, and see it all! I'm so glad to hear it is easy to get around.... do you have a favourite restaurant that you would recommend??

    Oh, and you know your Italy!!! That was totally at Piazza Navona! However we took a few photos elsewhere that morning so you were right in your 2nd-guessing too. Brava! :):)
    I hope you have a fantastic Wednesday, dear Simone.


  19. Ha ha, love it!! I see that you have kept Gorgeous George for longer than just le weekend you lucky devil!!! Post made me laugh & a little dreamy about these hot guys!!!!

  20. So fun to read, and great choices too!


  21. simone... just love this post... i love these men (actual men and the characters they played)

    i would just add robert redford from ALL of his movies... xx

  22. and andy garcia from all of his... what is it about this man? WOW xx

  23. Oh Simone, this is too much fun! I love all your man candy picks, Jack Bauer, yum yum and awww just loved Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle, such a great movie.

    I am going to tag team with Bumpkin, you just wait, this is going to be HILARIOUS!! XOXO Thanks for the tag! :) Love you!

  24. Oh my gosh, I just saw this and thank you so very much. My barbie doll was always knocked up by ken. I love how we are all just a bunch of man crazy women, let me see how the week goes. Thanks again. Love, Heidi


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