And The Winner Is.... drawn by the Random Number Generator....the Giveaway winners are as follows....

Giveaway 1.......the "Love" pillows by Cox and Cox  
Charlotta from Space For Inspiration

Giveaway 2....a book, as seen in Anthropologie....
Louise from Lou, Boos and Shoes 

Giveaway 3 - for those creative bloggers out there....a blogpost about you and your business, two months free advertising on my blog....and a blog button if you need one!

and one more for luck....

 Giveaway 4....the fabulous selection of skincare products....

Giveaway 5....A Little Bit of Everything from each day of the giveaways....
Ashlina from The Decorista

I had so much fun thinking up the giveaways last week....and celebrating a year of blogging,...thank you to everyone for participating and for the wonderful comments.

Winners....please email me!

Happy Monday!

PS Sarah Jane from lovely blog Where The Sidewalk Begins emailed me on Friday to let me know I had won her skincare giveaway last week....thank you so much, I never win anything so this is wonderful :)


  1. Oh congratulations to the winners, I know some of these gorgeous girls so that's even better...such lovely bloggers, no I'm not biased at all :o

    hugs Dj

  2. awh...shucks! maybe next time!

    congrat's to the winners! hurray!!!!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. Oh my goodness!!! I'm so excited about this--thank you so much for picking me for Giveaway #3, Simone! That's so lovely of you :D Will be in touch shortly!

  4. Simone - your blog gets more exciting day by day! I've also left you a message on my own, to thank you VERY much for mentioning me last week, it's so wonderful to get a mention, and I loved your long message.

    Those roses - I can smell them from here. Wonderful!


  5. how incredibly lovely! congratulations to all of your winners!

  6. Oh what wonderful giveaway's, how did I miss this!!! Congrats to the winners. Blessings~~~Daphne

  7. Good grief how fast did that week go!! Congratulations to the lucky winners and enjoy the rest now ;-) xxx

  8. Are you kidding? Seriously, I'm one of the lucky winners of giveaway #3? How exciting!

  9. Hi Simeone,
    Unfortunately, we do not use Outlook. When trying to email you a set up wizard starts.

  10. Congrats to all the winners. There are some familiar blogs there!

  11. Congrats to all of the lovely winners who get some pretty rad prizes I really adore those vases in the last photo with the R on the front :) R is such a great letter hehe hope you are having a darling weekend, my friend!! Talk soon XOXO

  12. Congrats for a wonderful anniversary week Simone and to all your winners!!

  13. Oh my word....I am so happy to be a winner of be blogged about here and get the free ad space...what a terrific and generous gift!

    Simone, you are a true sweetheart!

    xoxo Beth @ The Ruby Blog

  14. How fun! These are such great gifts. Winner #3 is going to be awesome.

    :) Marcie

  15. Dear Simone!
    What lucky little ladies they are indeed!! Have a beautiful week and thanks for all the fun!! Cheers again for year 2 and another year to make us all smile~

  16. Congrats to all the lucky girls...!!! It was a fun week stopping by to see what you had planned! Have a gorgeous week, Simone!! xxoo :)

  17. Dearest Simone ~

    YIPPPEEEE! What a way to begin my week ~ to be listed amongst so many fabulous bloggers/winners!

    Wishing you many, many more exceptional years of blogging bliss!


  18. No. Way. Yipeeeee! Imagine my surprise this Monday morning to read this and find that I won! I never win anything. Thank you so much Simone - loving that random number generator. And a book from Anthro - you know the way to my heart!

    Had the best weekend and this just continued it :-)

    Louise x

    P.S. Am I the only won who loves that chair?!!

  19. P.P.S it's going to my head that I am a winner - I meant 'Am I the only ONE who loves that chair?!!' Ooops ;-)

  20. Congrats to the lucky winners. Simone, what a fun week you made.

  21. Congratulations to all these lucky winners, and a big THANK YOU to you for hosting such a fun week of giveaways.

  22. Simone, it was so much fun following along last week as you posted one gorgeous post after another. All that and settling on a house as well. I am most impressed! I send my congratulations to all the winners and to you too! Great news for rest and enjoy this beautiful day :)


  23. What a fabulous giveaway week you put together!!

  24. big hugs to all your lucky gals...& now you can sit back and enjoy the week with that bday afterglow simone.....congrats everyone....and glad this week someone else gave you a *surprise* too...
    melissa xx

  25. Hi Simone
    Can't believe my busy blog week meant I missed all your giveaways last week - there are not enough hours in the day! I answered your question about .com over at mine BTW. I think its good to have a .com name but its all still done in blogger. x

  26. good morning santa clause... i have been out of town and just catching up on all of my reading... guess i missed all the fun but happy for you and thank you for all of your amazing posts... many more to come!! xx pam

  27. Simone, I'm so excited!!! I can't believe I was one of the lucky winners chosen by the Random Number Generator, and I won exactly what I wanted the most!!! You are so generous and kind, thank you for running such an incredible giveaway in celebration of 1 year for your beautiful blog! Congrats to the other winners as well, I can't stop smiling. :)

    I hope you had a beautiful weekend and Happy Monday! I am emailing you ASAP.... :)


  28. awww congrats to all of the lovely winners, and to you!!!!!!
    PS-I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a beautiful carafe!

  29. I don't know how I missed this one! Or should I say 5! Congratulations to all your lucky winners! Jennifer:)

  30. Dear Simone
    I have to thank Jacqueline for making me discover your wonderful blog! sadly I'm late for your really amazing giveaways but never mind.. your blog is a giveaway in itself! I'm madly in love with everything british so your blog is just my cup of tea:-)
    thanks and keep up the good work! you'll have a hard time getting rid of me ahaha
    Have a lovely day and congrats to the lucky winners !!! jealous, moi ??

  31. Hi fives all round to the lucky ladies.
    Thanks for the wonderful week of giveaways, Simone. It was great fun and some really original ideas too.
    Have a lovely week, Simone and enjoy the sunshine. XXXX

  32. Wooohooooo! I never win anything and I am SO excited to have been picked for the pillows
    !! THANK YOU! xx

    Also, congratulations to all the other girls. What a lucky bunch we are.

    Big hug and thank you again Simone!!

    xx Charlotta

  33. Just came by from Charlotta's blog! This is such a fun and happy site you have here...will be stopping by again I am sure! Off to explore some more posts.

  34. hi love!!!!! you have to know how THRILLED i am to be winning #5. so blissful and the girls who won #3, how amazing for them!?!?!

    my love, you find the best pictures to go with everything....i so need to hire you!!!! ;)

  35. Hi, just came over from Charlotta as well and soo happy to have found your blog! Already following :)

  36. Simone, this was such a lovely gesture. All these giveaways. I think you ROCK!!

  37. My goodness! I am so sorry to have missed these amazing treats, but happy to have found you now.
    All the best from Long Island, NY,

  38. Ohhhhhwa! Would have loved some skincare...
    Maybe next time. Congrats to all the lucky winners! Hi Simone :)


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