"Five Years...."

Christina from Fashions Most Wanted tagged me recently for a "Five years...." list. Christina must be the coolest girl in London, her blog is extremely well written, you can tell she does her research thoroughly and she knows what she is talking about....her posts on people, fashion, parties, arts and culture are absolutely fascinating.....reading her blog often feels like being a fly on the wall at a very glamorous party! She's also just very lovely....

When I was at school from age 11 upwards, I had piano and drama lessons with the most interesting/cool/intelligent/beautiful girl in the school....she was in my year but she was the lead in every school plays, was head of the Debating Society and could hold a conversation with anyone.....she was clearly destined for great things - and she made it, I won't name her here but I often see her name mentioned in the press. We were chalk and cheese but she was always absolutely lovely to me and I remember her with great fondness....and Christina always reminds me of her for some reason!

So here goes....

1. Where were you five years ago?
I was six months pregnant with my son during a super-hot summer, had just moved to where I currently live (with the intention of only staying there a year or so!) and I was enjoying the last couple of months with my daughter before she started full-time school. I was also working part-time, two days a week in publishing - advertising production. I think I had about  6 weeks to go until I started my maternity leave - although I think that started sooner than I expected after the 7/7 London tube bombings and I, for once, decided that it was too risky to travel on the tube so I finished work a few weeks early. It was a very happy time for me though....my daughter was 4.5 years old when my son was born and I loved having those years with her, just the two of us girls....they were happy days. I am very fond of where I live now, it's a great location, very close to the centre of Muswell Hill and two minutes from all our friends, the shops and school.

My life five years ago actually seems a very long way from where I am now....now I am a preschool mother and a school mother....the two being quite different....and I have two children....very different from just having one....and my life revolves pretty much around my home and my family....

2. Where would you like to be five years from now?
I have been at home full time since my son was born and at the moment I am definitely wondering what I will do next. He starts school in September and I am wondering if I will go back to work and, if so, what I will do.....I think I would like to. I am feeling that I would like a change of scene and that I need a new challenge. Being a full time stay at home mother is certainly not without its challenges. but I have loved it and wouldn't have had it any other way....whatever I do next will definitely have to fit around my children. These last five years have revolved around my children and I have a feeling that the next five will involve some changes for me, some exciting ones! 

We will move house in the next year for sure....not far, probably literally just down the road since really we need to think about school catchment areas etc etc. My daughter changes school in two years time and I would love her to go to one particular school....we shall see!

I would like both my children to be happy and settled at school, for me to found some new challenges for  myself....and for my husband's company to have done so well that he can spend a little more time at home!

I do think that the next five years will be a happier, fuller and less challenging time for my little family than the last five years......I have lost five close family members in the last 2.5 years and all in very sad ways - even as I write that down it seems incredible to me and quite overwhelming ......so I know that what lies ahead of us in many ways cannot be as difficult as some of the events we have been through recently. Onwards and upwards....

3. What's on your list to do today?
Buying new pillows
Buying some summer clothes for my daughter
Organising my giveaway gifts for mailing this week :)
Getting started on "Grey's Anatomy" Season 1 boxset that a girlfriend told me I must watch! Can you believe I have never watched the show!

It is a holiday Monday here so it's not a normal day for me.....and I have been enjoying my husband being at home....and trying to ignore the fact that my son was a complete monkey on our brief shopping trip!!!

4. What five snacks do you enjoy?
Crackers and brie - or cheddar
Carrots and houmous or taramasalata
Fresh bread with really cold French butter
Toast and honey or toasted bagels and butter
A cup of Earl Grey tea....not a food I know, but I do love a huge mug of hot tea...and maybe a slice of homemade cake too....

5. What would you do if you were a Billionaire?
Buy a home on the French Riviera, an apartment in Rome, an apartment in New York City, something in The Hamptons and home on the west Coast of Wales - and share them!
Pay off mortgages for friends and family
Travel A LOT! I have been lucky enough to live, study and travel abroad and I think being anywhere else apart from where you live is a wonderful opportunity.
Buy my perfect house - probably in the area we now live in, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else permanently, I do love where we are
Definitely give money to good causes....I am always looking for ways, however small, to make a difference so I know I could spend a large chunk of money doing this

I would share my fortune for sure though.....while I think money makes life easier, I certainly don't believe it always brings happiness. I'm not terribly materialistic and a bigger home is probably the only thing I could tell you for sure that I want today.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page"
St Augustine

This was fun to think about and I will pass it on the following bloggers should they choose to accept......

Happy Monday!


  1. Simone...this is a wonderful post. So nice to read all about you and your lovely family. I can relate on many fronts...I think your quote says it all,

    "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page"
    St Augustine

    Amen to that!

  2. Thank you Simon, it is very generous to share what you are really thinking.

    Isn't it funny how you can look back and think that things were so different just 5 years ago, and yet those same 5 years have gone by in a flash.


  3. Grey's Anatomy is my biggest guilty pleasure! Warning: it's highly addictive.

  4. Oh that was lovely Simone, so great to find out more about you and your beautiful family.

    I love the last list too, something we need to pin up somewhere!

    Have a beautiful week,
    hugs Deej

  5. I cannot wait to hear about what you think of Grey's ~ it is one of my favs. Brothers and Sisters is good too ~ do you have that over there?
    I cannot believe that your baby boy is starting school in Sept ~ where on earth does the time go?? I remember you leaving work early partially because of the bombings. I also remember that you were more than ready to stop working... Can't wait to see what you decide to do in the fall.

    I love this Simone and will work at my own list and post it soon!

  6. Dear Simone, I was very touched when I read what you wrote, thank you. I loved reading your answers and I'm sure the next five years will be absolutely fantastic for you. I'm sorry you had to go through so much in the last five. Let's have a drink when I'm next in Muswell Hill. Much love, Christina xx

  7. It was nice to learn more about you. I sincerely hope your next five are better than you hope!

  8. Happy Monday Simone. I like your ideas if you were a billionare. I was sad to hear about your loss over the past few years. Sorry and kisses to you.

  9. Nice poet. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading it.

  10. Love the St. Augustine quote - it's only of my favs.

  11. What a lovely post.
    Thanks for sharing and have a great day!
    xox Ziz

  12. Simone, your post really got me thinking about my own life ~5 years ago and 5 years from now. Great post.
    Have a pretty night,

  13. Dearest Simone,

    It is apparent that you are such a wonderful mother, and it is so touching to see your deep love for your precious children. I am so sorry to hear about your close family members. I can't imagine how terrible that must have been, but I do know that you are an inspiring and strong role model for us all. I am wishing you brighter days very soon!

    Crackers and brie sound delightful, as does earl grey tea! Buying a home on the French Riviera or an apartment in Rome also sounds DELICIOUS. ;) (also so excited that you are mailing the giveaway gifts this week, yay!)

    Happy Monday Simone!!!!


  14. You will love Grey's. It's such a great, addicting show.

  15. Goodness how time moves so quickly except when it comes to loss. You certainly have endured much in such a short time.

    Brie and early grey sounds like a plan...
    I like the poster at the end of this post...

  16. Hi Simone,

    I will accept the "five year" challenge. I am working today so will post on my return, Gosh food for thought!


  17. Hi Simone - I have really enjoyed this little string of '5 years' tags/awards as they do draw out something different than the 'what makes me happy' ones. Yours is great - a really interesting read - you have hidden depths. What you wrote about Christina is lovely and I know exactly what you mean about having someone at school who is an inspiration and then you come across their double in later life.

    As we know we have parallel lives so I too was doing the baby/school run thing as our children are the same ages. I think whatever you decide to do you will be happy as you just seem one of those people who makes good stuff happen. Louise x

  18. I loved this post, it does make you think where the last five years has gone .. in your stage of life, when the kids were small so much happened in that time. Now they are senior school you will not believe just how fast it goes past and its frightening. Take the time to enjoy them .. as I know you already do but when the teenage hormones start arriving ( in both my boys around age 10) it is challenging but they need you just as much, if not more so xx

  19. oh simone...5 years brings with it soo many changes and thoughts....the wonderful & the heart breaking....i am soo sorry for your losses...having children i almost think these events are worse and you just want to *protect* your babies from the world and what it can deliver...
    i too had my littlest just born, as you know from my *5 years*...& was pretty much doing as you were on the other side of the world...& too loved every second of it...
    those precious times with your first child- mine too was a little girl are perfect...& then the time with your second whilst the first is at school- for me a son too- are also perfect in a totally different way....the days are the 2 of you fitting around another little persons schedule *outside* of family life...and then any other lucky child that comes along...is just precious in their adaptability and love for everyone in the family bigger than them...
    i also have found myself thinking about *work* from here on in...as like you, but last sept, i had all my children at school...its an exciting time for you...& one you will *find* your place in and no doubt find incredibly fulfilling, in a very different way than before you had your children...
    & i also think you should congratulate yourself on this...your blog...inspiring, beautiful, loving, and full of your thougths...which is why so many of us are *following* you...not only is this a blog of gorgeous eye-candy but you always finish with your own thoughts on the world....this for me, makes it a standout as it reaches to both sides of my personality- mother and frivolous fashion and mag lover...
    thanks as always my friend...
    melissa xx

  20. well honey bun - i mean every word....xx

  21. What a fabulous little list you have here :) I think you have a very lovely life and you deserve every ounce of happiness, Simone! We like so many of the same things too hehe like Earl Gray tea and Brie and cakes and I adore that you can it the London Tube!! eeep! How cute! Have a lovely day my friend xoxox

  22. Simone, Thank you so much for your comment and compliment! I can see that you would identify with what I am saying with your gorgeous blog, and your beautiful posts.
    Have a pretty day,

  23. I love Earl Grey too! I have a cup every day. Great post. I love learning fun things about my favorite bloggers.
    :) Marcie

  24. That was a really good tag, Simone. You have certainly seen and done a great deal in the last five years..... some happy, some sad, which, I'm afraid, is what life is all about.
    I hope that no-one asks me to do this one.....I think my life in the last few years has been a bit like 'Groundhog Day' !!!!!! XXXX

  25. Great review of the past 5 years, with all its highs and lows and happiness and sadness. Hope you enjoy Greys - McDreamy is GORGEOUS!!!

  26. May all those dreams and goals come true in the next five years. Looking forward to hearing more about them ;-)

  27. oh how fun, loved this post Simone! thanks for sharing your thoughts! xo

  28. beautiful list......you know how much i enjoy getting to know you better :) xoxo

  29. What a wonderful post, Simone. Especially loving that quote at the end - very nice! It was really nice to read about you and your family. You and I are very similar in what we would do if we were billionaires. Have a fabulous week, my friend - you are wonderful! xxoo :)

  30. Thank you for the tag my friend! And I loved reading your answers. Amazing that your "5 yrs. ago" one doesn't seem that long ago...I remember you working PT and having to stop early b/c of the bombings. And then your sweet Ale arrived! Off to write my answers. Big Hugs!

  31. This was lovely. I was always love hearing more about your life and the way you speak of it. You are a lovely lady Simone, and I think you are the person you spoke about. Eloquent, refined and beautiful.


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