Friday Fabulousness....Sex And The City

....Sarah Jessica Parker at the London premiere of "Sex and the City 2" in London, Thursday evening....looking fabulous in an Alexander McQueen gown and Philip Treacy headpiece....I love that she wore these two designers again,  just as she did at the world premiere held in 2008 of the first SATC movie....

....Kristin Davis looked beautiful in Norman Norell, Kim Cattrall wore Thierry Mugler and Cynthia Nixon wore Narciso Rodriguez....I thought they all looked wonderful - and very happy to be here in London!

....I admit that I am a huge SJP fan.....I think that she is strong, smart, interesting and funny....and she's risen above the many personal comments that have headed her way since she played Carrie. I think she has shown great integrity and strength. In spite of her enormous fame, she still seems very "normal" in many ways, someone we can relate to....she still looks like she can't believe she gets to wear such fabulous clothes, she speaks her mind and she  still retains her own sense of style - and self. And for that I really admire her.

....I love Kim Cattrall in the show, she plays Samantha brilliantly....

....Charlotte favourite character in the show....and definitely the one I identify with the most....

....via Forty Not Out....

...."that" famous closet.... Carrie's hair and that necklace in this photo.... the premiere in NYC earlier this week....

....Manhattan.....the "fifth" fabulous character in the show....

I couldn't resist it, it just had to be Sex and the City today. I loved the TV show and watched every episode.....but I have to hold my hands up and admit I was one of those who thought that the movie just wasn't necessary....sometimes you just don't need to know what happens next. But I smiled (and cried) my way through the whole movie two years ago and loved it.... and I am sure the new one will be just as much fun.

I love SATC for the fashion....for the fact that it is set in NYC, one of my favourite cities in the whole word.....and for the humour. But I think maybe I love it most of all for the friendships which endure everything.....the good times, the bad times, divorce, boyfriends - the good, the bad and the ugly and the downright weird and crazy - cancer, infertility.....sadness, happiness, success and failure.....the best friendships endure everything and sometimes your girlfriends are your family and nothing truly matters more than they do....I think the show illustrates this perfectly.

I will be seeing the film next Wednesday with my friends M & S....I can't wait!! 

For fantastic additional coverage and some of the best SATC quotes and fashions, please check out Handbags & Handguns.....she has written some excellent posts today.

Have a wonderful week-end and thank you for all the lovely comments this week!!


  1. They all look fabulous once again! I love SJP's whole look. A nice trip down memory lane with the other pics here... check out my SATC2 post today too :) Can't wait to see the movie tomorrow night!

  2. I have to say I am not really into SATC but don't hold that against me! I also love the fashion and what I like about SJP the most is that she proves that with really good grooming and a confident attitude and a big smile you can look divine even when you are (as she is) objectively not that 'pretty'. Love your pictures. And gee she can wear a headscarf well. xoxo

  3. Wow, they all look so classy, elegant, and gorgeous at the premier. What a spectacular headpiece that Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing! I just love how her natural beauty radiates and inspires. Thanks for sharing the beauty and fantastic styles with us once again on this Fabulous Friday! :) Have a wonderful weekend, Simone!!!!


  4. Woah, look at SJP's arms! Love them!!

    :) Marcie

  5. YAYYYYYYYY i love sex and the city. PERFECT friday fabulousness. i cannot wait to see it, going with my mum next weeek when it comes out here :)

    hope you have a fabulous friday simone :) xxx

  6. Oh what fun fun photos and I don't even follow the show or movie :) I adore Carrie's fashion, however and would kill for just one thing outta her closest hehe hope you have a blast at the movies with your girlfriends, lady!

  7. hope you enjoy the movie...its sooo good! i love what you did with this post. brings back the best memories of the girls.....
    hope your lovely self has an even lovelier weekend.

  8. I knew it !!!!
    I have to love SJP. I love her quirkiness and some of the off the wall pieces she wears. I relate to her the most. I would wear many of the things she does..... and, doesn't she look wonderful in the Alexander McQueen dress and Philip Treacy hat ? I love the way she wears those two and is making it her London tradition.
    Gorgeous pictures of them all.Someone said in an interview with them yesterday that they should keep going and make 'Sex in the Nursing Home' Hahahaha.
    Have a lovely weekend, Simone and enjoy the film with your friends. XXXX

  9. I am a huge believer of SJP's. I think she's adorable, glamourous, beautiful, normal, silly, girl-next-door and on and on. But mostly I love my girlfriends who I simply could not live without. And, I mean that. Girlfriends last forever, like diamonds. love you, Simone

  10. Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the only star's outfits I ever look at. She has such a way of pulling off the odd, the elegant, the quirky. Outfits, I wish I had the nerve to try just once.

  11. I smiled at this post of Friday fabs Simone knowing that last year I was on 5th Ave trying to get a shot of SJP while she was filming this movie!! I know you are a huge fan and I too will look forward to enjoying the movie this time around. You know Bumpkin figured that I was a "Charlotte" this week ~ we are too much alike but you are way cooler btw. Hugs to a great week-end!

  12. Simone~
    Definitely one of my favorite series ever, and I'm so looking forward to part deux! You summed it up perfectly about the 'friendships lasting through it all' ~ the best part of it all!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  13. First of all, I can't believe Kim Cattrell was born in 1956! Crazy! And Carrie, sweet Carrie...I swear that girl would look amazing in a gunny sack! Did you ever see Sarah in Square Pegs? I'm looking forward to the new movie! ;)

  14. Love love love this post!! I enjoyed the first movie a lot, although I can't imagine what they have to tell in this one, I'm sooo curiuos to see what happens betwwen Carrie and Aidan, who was my fav!! I'm going to see the movie next week as well but I don't know if I can resist so much ;) xoxo

  15. So many gorgeous pictures... thank you thank you thank you! I so echo your thoughts about why the series and movies mean so much! I keep hearing about "Its just mass marketing - its been done to death" etc but you hit the nail on the head. Girls friendships through thick and thin are the best - of course the wonderful fashion and shoes are the icing on the cupcake! I'm off to see it tonight and am so excited - no doubt there will be tears! Enjoy it on Wednesday... I'm sure you will! (& thank you for the pic credit Lovely!) xxx

  16. Hello! What a homage! I have never seen such SATC fever as this week! I have to wait til Wednesday to see it, so I am hoping I can preserve my ignorance about the plot until then. I am STILL watching reruns every I have been home alone...they are my bedfellow! The ones at the moment are where Carrie has short hair and was hiding her pregnancy and I have to say SJP is one of those rare women who even over the age of 40 looks way better with long hair. She has great hair! Ohhhh SJP love. The other gals are great too and I have such fondness for Charlotte so it's telling that she is your favourite character.

    Happy Friday honey. And I am sooo excited about my parcel arriving - still can't get over winning! Hurrah for you. Louise x

  17. i am in heaven with all these NEW outfits to drool over- and yes both you and lovely louise above are spot on- that necklace and breakfast at tiffanys hairstyle are delicious!!!
    loved all the snaps of the gals- getting us all in the mood to see number 2!!
    have a lovely weekend simone...the sun is still a'shinnig...& girl friends are the BEST- have a lovely time with your 2 at the movie....
    melissa x

  18. Lucky me - I´ve seen it 2 days ago! Wish you a lot of fun when you go watching! Have a great, stylish and lovely weekend! ;o)

  19. I just know I'll be disappointed by this movie because my expectations are too high but.. I've missed "the girls" too much so I have to go!
    SJP is gorgeous and obviously the best dressed but my favorite character is indeed Charlotte, an hopeless romantic like me!
    Great post, fabulous pictures!
    Wish you a terrific weekend
    xo Flaviana

  20. All gorgeous... I love Charlotte too, she is such a sweetie!!

    Have a BB&B long weekend ~~
    xoxo Laura

  21. Great pictures! SJP has such enviable style. I saw the movie last night and liked the first one soooo much better. I'm going again Sat. with a different group of friends, so we'll see if my opinion goes up with the second viewing. I had such HIGH expectations! I REALLY miss all the NYC scenes. Since I no longer live there....I crave to see them! But I will say...great boy eye-candy. Happy Weekend.

  22. Carrie could wear anything, especailly McQueen. and I also identify with Charlotte, and a little bit of me in all the ladies!! Their friendship is the best!

    Art by Karena

  23. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos! I LOVE Sex and the City but like you I wasn't sure that a film was necessary as the ending to the show was just perfect in my eyes. However I just loved the first film. I actually blubbed my way through much of it but that was because I was pregant and had hormones a plenty at the time (that's my story and I'm sticking with it). I cannot wait to see SATC2. Not going to see it until next weekend though. I may explode with anticipation!

  24. I love SJP too. the alexander mcqueen dress looks so good on her. she is so divine! hope you have a lovely weekend, darling! xo

  25. Oh, I am so glad you put these photos up! I love SJP so very much, she makes me happy and I would love to emanate her cool laid back, loving style.

  26. just saw the movie last night with a great friend as it opened here in US Thursday. Was a lot of fun, laughs and great clothes of course. When I was in NYC, Bergdorf Goodman's windows were a tribute by Pat Field. They were a-m-a-z-i-n-g can see them here:

    Enjoy the movie !! and yes, the city is the 5th star !!

  27. I just love SJP in that dress and hat, she looks like she is really enjoying herself.

    I will be seeing SATC with friends too, cannot wait.

    Beautiful post darling, have a lovely weekend.

  28. Oh gosh Simone, I think I must be the only one in the world how hasn't seen a second of SATC (TV series or Movies). I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time next Wednesday - I reckon I'll hear the squeals of delight from here!
    Millie ^_^

  29. Hi Lovely...thanks for your comment! Well... no spoilers as promised but sadly it didn't have the magic of the first one-your friend is right. If you're a die hard fan you cant not see it and I'll get it on DVD cos I have to see it again. But we had a great evening with some champagne and a cosmo before the film! It was fun to get dressed up too! Hope you enjoy yourself and cant wait to hear your thoughts! xx

  30. I have to tell you I have been waiting ALL WEEK for your post on Sex and the City. I knew deep in my heart that you would be posting (and hoping) that you would show the ladies at the premieres. Thank you! They are awesome and lovely.
    HAve a great weekend.


  31. I love that SJP did the funky head piece again...I love that she got THAT many bad reviews last time she did it for the first premiere and didn't care and did it again.

  32. That deep-orange dress is *amazing*!!!
    Love it (and all the images!)

  33. I've just stumbled upon your blog - you and your posts are just fabulous loveliness!!

    Will definitely be back for more

    Miss B xx

  34. A great tribute from you, I am so looking forward to seeing it, but I think I would prefer to watch now at home as its a small screen thing for me and so personal .. I usually end up shedding a tear over something.

  35. I love what SJP wore to the London premiere! She always looks fabulous. Great job with the post, and thanks for sharing the love.

    I hope you're having a fabulous weekend.

  36. I LOVE this post. Looking at the pictures makes me all nostalgic and long for my best friends - I wished they were much closer by!

  37. I couldn't agree more! Love SATC and can't wait to see the daughter already saw it and I swore her to secrecy so as not to ruin it for me! ;) xoxo Beth

  38. Great post Simone...I am looking forward to this one too!
    Style personified....every one of them!!


    PS..Special thanks for your comments on my post last week!
    Your a sweetheart:)

  39. Hi Simone, how are you darling? You're gonna love the fashion. The luggage, don't miss the luggage!
    I have not seen the Alexander McQueen dress from the London premiere. How lovely, and how Carrie, yes?
    Sending you lots of Bumpkin sunshine, I have the book if you are curious of any designers, just send me a quick email, and I will tell you everything!

  40. So excited to go see this in a week with my good friend Sarah :) We were roomates in college and would have sex in the city weekends where we watched every single episode, and we saw the last one together :) I can't wait to see this one, although I agree and wonder if it was necessary.... either way im excited!!!
    I hope to one day be able to wear fashion the way SJP does...


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