Friday Fabulousness.....Summer Style....+ Giveaway Day 5!!

....the road to the beach is always a happy one....

....summer colours....

....the perfect summer spot....

....summer hair....

....summer berry pudding....

....summer those cute sandals....

....oh, yes please!....

....summer dresses....summer fun....

....summer in the city....a hot Friday night...high above the hum of the traffic...a rooftop bar....perfect....

...summer in The Hamptons.... of my all-time favourite Alexi Lubomirski via Dustjacket Attic....

....summer lunch....

....summer wedding....

....summer perfection!....

....I'd love to say that this was me last summer....but I think you would all know I wasn't being quite truthful :) Cute as can be though....

....the perfect summer drinks....

....summer afternoon nap....bliss....

"Yoo hoo George, over here...."

It is a gorgeous summer day here in I sit at my kitchen table writing, from my window I can just see perfect blue skies and the bright green of the trees....the good weather is meant to last for a few as always, we will make the most of never know in England, this could be our whole summer!

It has been a week of extremes for me.....we have been madly busy concluding our house sale, moving furniture, signing forms etc....and as of one minute ago literally, we are SOLD....COMPLETED....mission accomplished. We are house-free!! Yippee!! Phew!!

So this week's Birthday Blog Giveaways have been just the distraction I needed....I do love giving gifts but never knew it would be this much fun, I've absolutely loved reading all your comments and planning my next giveaway.

The giveaways have reflected some of my favourite things and today's will be as follows....something from every giveaway this week.....
A gift from Cox and Cox*....
A lovely book via Amazon....
Something handmade....
A skincare product....
plus a little something from London....
I won't tell you exactly what the gifts are...surprises are always fun!

All these items for one lucky winner! Just be a follower and leave me a comment....and if you have time, tell me where your favourite or dream holiday destination is....just out of interest :)

I will be drawing all the winners tomorrow and will announce them on Monday....

Happy Week-end everyone and thank you so much for all the lovely comments this week!

*Don't forget that Cox and Cox are offering all my readers a 10% discount up until the end of May, just quote code SA05 at checkout.


  1. Wow, look at me, top of the list to comment! Wonderful collection of summer pictures - I am transported to the beach right now. A super fun week with your blog. Congrats on selling the house - celebrations this evening I'm sure. Keeping all things crossed that I may win a little something. Enjoy the weekend sunshine.

  2. Hello honey. Firstly congratulations on the house sale. Whhooop whhoooop - time to celebrate! Secondly a veritable feast of summer loveliness to look at today. I too am sitting listening to birds tweet outside and feeling that summer sun! I even have bare legs! May?!

    Your giveaway has been a blast - have loved the daily updates, almost like shopping but with no guilt! I gave you a mention today too...I am sure you are inundated with visitors and followers.

    So favourite holiday destination - so much choice, but I would have to say Hawaii. The most awesome place, a place of extremes. I can just recall being curled up in a cabana for two, looking out at the surf. Or when we checked into our room, walked out onto the balcony and saw a whale and and its calf just off shore! Unreal.

    Have a great weekend Simone and again congrats on a one year old blog - what a milestone! Lou xxx

  3. Congratulations Simone on the house sale! Pour yourself a long cool drink of something cool and bubbly.
    What heavenly Summer images, I want to be there by the sea, beautiful, elegant, body to die for!!! Ha Ha.... I can but dream.

    Enjoy your weekend, it is going to be a scorcher.

    Love x x x

  4. Hi Simone, Congratulations on the sale of your house! You must be thrilled to have all that finished! As always, this is an incredible giveaway! Those images above are stunning and really transport me to another place! Actually, I would love to go to London as my ideal destination! I live in New England (Rhode Island) and have always wanted to the "old" Englad, so to speak!

    We are also having great weather for the next few days...enjoy! And, thanks again for giving us all the opportunity to win such fabulous giveaways! I will pop this one on my sidebar, too!
    xoxo Beth

  5. What a gorgeous collection of summer imagery, it took me right back to the warm weather. Winter has just kicked in here, and is starting to get really cold!

    I love reading your blog - thanks for sharing such gorgeous discoveries!

    Dorothy x

  6. Happy blog anniversary--what a nice way to celebrate! And what an interesting idea to specify followers in your goodie giveaways. (hmmm....) Also, love the summer pics!

  7. I'm sitting here in Duisburg/Germany - the weather is promising for the Pentecost Days, and I just feel the Summer when looking at the collection you assembled here. I love these pictures - my favorite are the two striped beds at the shore. Me tooo ! Well, at least I will have a Summer Wedding in June :-)) - regardless how the weather will be. Enjoy your warmth in England ! kind regards, MArtina

  8. Love your blog & love the summer pic's. Here in Melbourne Australia, Autumn has kicked in and the weather is getting colder - a lovely Autumn day today but a chill in the air. The summer pic's remind me that it will be a long winter before I get to feel that summer warmth again....enjoy it while it lasts.

  9. Congratulations on your house sale and thank you for the wonderful summer images! They make sitting in an airconditioned office feel almost summery!

  10. Ahh.... lazy Summer days... I want to be sitting in one of those chairs in the surf :)

    xoxo Laura

  11. Gorgeous pictures! Makes me feel warm and happy just looking at them. I'm not sure I have a dream destination, but there are tons of places I want to go. If we're talking dreamy, I'll say Italy is somewhere I really want to go that I've never been. And thinking of the places I have been able to visit, I still dream of Hawaii - Kauai, to be specific. It's paradise. Quiet, natural, extreme, and so beautiful.

  12. these are great summer photos!! congrats on the house sale as well.

  13. Oh those images are wonderful, they are getting me in the mood for the beach right now. My favourite holiday destination has to be the beach at St Cyr Sur Mer in the Var, there is the most fabulous rustic beach restaurant there, that serves the most wonderful simple food, freshly caught fish, the most amazing salads all washed down with a bottle of Bandol Rose, the rest of the afternoon spent lazing under a parasol on the beach, with a good book and forays into the sea when it gets hot, and of course waiter service all afternoon...the perfect day.

  14. Lovely pictures! I am longing for the beach right now. We spent our summer holiday at the beach last year. Oh it was sublime! Not a thing to do but to sit in the sun or water, play in the sand, be with each other.

    This summer we are traveling to your lovely city, London. We've never been there and are very excited. Lots to do and not a lot of time! I am sure it will replace the beach as my favorite place, although, the beach always holds a special place!

  15. Dear Simone,
    What a wonderful summery Friday Fabulousness. Such gorgeous images. Isn't it lovely today ? The skies are blue, the weather is warm, and, the birds are singing as if they are making up for lost time. !! It feels as if this has been the longest winter.
    My favourite holiday destination ? That's a hard one. It would have to be Italy and, if pushed, I would say Venice. It is so magical and beautiful and, I loved being there.
    Your giveaway's have been amazing. A collection of the most lovely things. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of them. You have been so generous. I have mentioned it on my latest post but, I think that was a mistake !! I've really lessened my chances of winning one !!haha
    Enjoy the beautiful weather and have a summery weekend. XXXX

  16. You have outdone yourself this week and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and ever post! I know it has been a hectic week for you and I do not know how you found time to do this too ~ but as you said it was a welcome distraction. The images are beautiful Simone and please, please enter me in your giveaway! I have so many places that I want to go ~ London being one of them! *wink* I want tropical, white sand and clear water but then I also want lights, hustle and bustle as we want to go to Vegas next year to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Fingers crossed here! Have a wonderful week-end. Hugs!

  17. I am dreaming of a hot tropical vacation. Some where far away. Maybe Hawaii. :)

  18. Ah summer...floaty dresses and fun events...weddings...
    I love image of the gal on the yellow bike in the ocean!
    Congrats on the sale of the must be very happy!
    Hope the sun is shining down on your patch today.
    Hugs from the hostess.

  19. Okay, I'm convinced that wearing a lovely dress and plunging into the ocean shouldn't be a dream.

  20. Happy weekend! I am a follower :) My dream holiday would be GREECE or Morocco or Australia or Fiji....ok dream holidayS...:)

  21. I am a follower - love the photos above!

  22. The weather's gorgeous, the house sale completed,and a happy blog birthday, all that remains is to raise a glass of something bubbly whilst you enjoy the sunshine! 'Cheers!'

    (I've not had a holiday for eleven years so my dream holiday would just be; to stay well enough with enough energy to visit my favourite city in all the world.... New York!)

  23. Hi Simone,

    Congratulations on the house sale! Have you found a new place to buy or are you going to get to enjoy the looking for a while?

    We had your summer weather last week and now it appears to have made its way across the Atlantic to you. Now it is rainy gray skies for us. Your images, as always, were the breath of sunny warm air needed this morning.

    My favorite Summer vacation spot? Well it was supposed to be Wales and then Italy this summer but the airline companies have not cooperated. Unless the ticket prices return to normal it will be at home digging in my garden and making Italian dishes with the fresh Basil, Tomatoes and other fresh vegetables it will start producing around July.
    Happy end of Friday to you.


  24. I stopped on this hectic morning, just to sit in front of these gorgeous photographs, and dream a bit. So very lovely!

    As for me... my favourite holiday destination is probably the Lake District, or the Isle of Skye. If it's not a passport trip... then there is a small island we go to when we can. Just books and lemonade by the sea. Divine.

  25. Dear Simone...
    Congratulations on the sale of your home. Where will you be off to now?
    I have thoroughly enjoyed this weeks posts and celebrating your FIRST birthday with you. To say I am hooked on your blog would be an understatement. The images transport me to a different place...a place that makes me smile and makes my heart happy. Thank You. For me...the ideal extended stay in Hawaii. It's been 12 years since I was there and I think of it often when I need to mentally escape. I, too am keeping my fingers crossed for one of the lovely goodies. I'll keep tuning in. Have a great weekend!
    Michelle in KY

  26. Simone,

    This has been an incredible week over here, how generous you are! What a great giveaway today, will be a lucky winner!!! I will be hoping... ;) Congrats on the sale of your home, I am so happy that you will have that stress behind you. You must be relieved!

    This post has inspired me incredibly, and how lucky that you have summer today! It is cold and cloudy here in Northern California... :( and I miss Europe so much. I love the statement in your post, "the road to the beach is always a happy one." I could not agree more, I miss the beach also! You have blown me away again with the gorgeous photos you have shared with us, and the summer dresses are to die for!!!

    Happy Friday, Love. ♥

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. I have been loving your giveaways this week and have my fingers and toes crossed that I will be one of your winners, but if not I will be happy for whoever you choose :) I am HOPING that you don't let this little George thing we have influence your decision on the prizes...haha..:)
    My dream vacation spots are of course England, Italy, France and Switzerland(where my dad is from). Next weekend I am taking a little fun girlfriend trip to Catalina Island (which is not too far from me) and Las Vegas to see the Cirque De Soleil Beatles Love excited! Still hoping Alex will see eye to eye with my European vacation soon....but we also have our eyes on Costa Rica too!! Happy happy weekend to you, Simone...P.S. letting you know I will be "borrowing a couple of these fabulous photos" xxoo

  29. sweet friend,
    these images are EXACTLY what I needed this Friday morning. I have been desperately in need of some summer warmth and relaxation these past few weeks (since returning home...). I am so looking forward for it to actually arrive here in the pacific northwest!
    if I could pick a summer destination, it would, of course, be to go back to the south of france. what a dream that would be...
    congratulations on selling the house - one step closer!
    have a fabulous weekend mon amie!

  30. As we are just going into winter here, I'm wishing I was in one of these pictures. Have a fab weekend

  31. Congrats on selling your house!

  32. so first of all, i am so happy to hear about your home. congratulations doll! that is the best news i have heard all week. oh what i would give to spend this weekend visiting some gorgeous beach in france. oh la la. hope you are still enjoying the weather out there, its supposed to be pretty here all weekend! hooray!
    these pictures are just making my entire Friday better! i remember when i first found your blog, and the images just brightened my day. you are my blog bliss dollface! have a beautiful weekend. big hugs to you and the girls...XOXOXO

  33. Don't we all just long for this beautiful summer! I want to jump into the sea or a pool after seeing this! The best weekend wishes to you!!

    Kristin xx

  34. And, of course, I have to tell you my favourite holiday destination. Italy....!! Can't get enough of the food, the wine, the language, the culture and the very nice people!!! :)

  35. Oh My blog is having a birthday too. It has it's own bithday cake and candle..
    I will be a new follower you and would love to win the lovely goodies.
    Favourite holiday..mmm Went to Prague before easter and would definately go back.
    Same rules over at my place. Pop over, become a follower and leave a comment.

  36. Dear Simone, I really like your post and I thinks you are too generous!!!
    Thanks for the beauty you always give us!!
    Favourite holiday? Of course at the seaside..which seaside? I like the smell of the air as you step out from a plane in the Caribbean..I like fishes and corals in Indian Ocean...I like palms and the reef somewhere at the Maldives...but what I really prefere is the Mediterranean landscape, the smell of rosemarys, Thyme and sage and maybe one fish on the grill..I have it in the dna!! Maybe Santorini or Ibiza??? Kisses from Italy,
    ciao Monica

  37. Congratulations on the sale of your house! I am sure that is a huge weight off of your shoulders. There are so many places that I would like to see during the summer months that it is hard to choose, but in this moment my mind is wandering around India. I am so intrigued by the art and the culture and would love to spend some time there.

  38. Congratulations on you house, how exciting! Of course I would love to win these wonderful goodies, you have the absolute best giveaways! Anyway, I would be so excited to get a chance to head to the Amalfi coast, always dreamed of it!

  39. Congratulations on celebrating a year of blogging! It's been a joy to read!
    If I were going to go on holiday, I would go back to Bermuda. So gorgeous there! I have a soft spot for pastel coloured homes.

  40. big hugs for the sale simone....i can *feel* you grinning as you typed!!
    you are sooo generous- any one of the special give-aways during *your bloggy* bday week would be heavenly- this is the icing on the top of that pink *cupcake* back on day 1....!!
    i have a little secret- i am heading back to my current *magic,special,gorgeously untouched* hideaway in 2 weeks...i promised my husband that i would never tell anyone of the islands in the ionian sea- unless they asked first!! paxos is a greek island where the first lang is greek and the second is italian...& it is like a little piece of venice on an fave city in island form......shhhh dont tell anyone!
    melissa x
    happy weekend...

  41. Dearest Simone ~

    CONGRATULATIONS on selling your house! Nothing like the feeling of being 'free' to roam wherever you wish to go and to start anew! We are so ready for ours to sell and cannot wait to just take off to wherever our path leads us ~ for the first time in my life, I have never been more excited about the 'unknown' just feels good. The world is our oyster.

    All these images make me yearn for St. Tropez or Villafranche....both destinations we love so very much and cannot wait to spend time there again soon (i hope).

    Bon weekend to you! Definitely champagne (lots of it) is in order for all the celebratory bliss you are experiencing this week!


  42. WOW only 1 year of blogging!! Congratulations on the anniversary and on the sale of your house. My god I have moved a lot in my life so enjoy the initial elation before the packing kicks in.

    Love the summer images just beautiful...My dream holiday location goes to Italy hands down. I absoloutely loved Verona & Positano, but really it all took my breath away.

  43. Loved this post! I am soo ready for summer and the weather is just teasing me here in LA. Warm during the week and then rain and fog over the weekend. No good at all!

    I have enjoyed all your giveaways and think it is so sweet of you to arrange all of them! My dream summer destination would have to be Barcelona or Santorini. I just want to chillax with a cute boy, sip on a beverage, eat some incredible food and enjoy a beautiful summer day.


  44. Dear Simone,
    Just checking in to say, this post is SO DARLING!!! Love that bike in the ocean and the dress with lobsters on it! GIRLFRIEND you get me going!!!
    Love it all all all!
    Anyway, I am already a follower and my favorite travel destination is anywhere made in FRANCE!!!! It is like a world all it's own, at least to me... Again, CONGRATULATIONS on selling your house! I know this is a very good thing for you. I can't wait to see what this opens up for you!

  45. It is always a strange feeling, between houses. I want to go to Morocco, and Turkey, and Thailand.

  46. So many amazing images here. I love the bike in the water, and I LOVE that hat. Have a great weekend Simone. I look forward to reading what you have for us next week.

    :) Marcie

  47. Congrats on the house! I look forward to your blog everyday, thanks for the beautiful images =)

  48. 1st, yipee on the house closing. 2nd, the Amalfi Coast of Italy anywhere/any time. 3rd, the path to the pool is much more to my liking, love the beach just not the sand. LOL. xx's
    ps: I know you look just like that pic!!

  49. Pick me, pick me! I adore London!

    ♥ Danielle

  50. Hi dear Simone! I've just found your blog thanks to gorgeous Jackie from Home. These images are just perfect today! Here in Italy is a wonderful warm day, it really seems already summer!!
    I'm your new follower!
    Have a great week end!

  51. Oh my goodness, I'm so happy to have stumbled over your gorgeous curate the most lovely collection of images!! I particularly love the images in your feminine!

    I have to pick two favorite destinations...I spent three days in Paris a few years ago and have been longing to go back ever since. The appeal is that everything in Paris is, quite simply, beautiful! You don't even need to do anything, just walking down any street is sure to promise a glimpse of something lovely! My other favorite is Disneyland because that is where my husband and i honeymooned last September! We had the most wonderful time indulging the child inside and being deliriously in love!!

    Have a beautiful weekend!
    Hope Ava

  52. I'm visiting my inlaws and it's practically snowing loved seeing some wonderful summer inspiration to remind me that it's coming!

  53. Oh, it is so cold and gloomy here in Oregon, these were the perfect pics to dream over!

    I'll take any warm spot at that moment! :)

  54. Hi Simone - wow such a big week - I have so many dream destinations for holidays but I absolutely love Bali - I have visited 8 times in the past 20 odd years and love it so much - for us it the perfect place to relax, eat fantastic food at brilliant restaurants, have unbelievable massages and stay in stunning hotels all for reasonable prices - what more cold you ask for. Hope you weekend has been fantastic now you are house free. Leanne xxx

  55. Oh wow and I thought we were busy, that is SO great about the house honey. How exciting. What a gorgeous post, I loved every image and thank you SO much for the kind mention.

    hugs DJ

  56. Congratulations on the sell of the house!
    My dream vacation currently is a toss up between sitting under the jacaranda with DJ in Australia, or sipping tea in Paris with all my UK Fashion Divas. What are you drinking?

  57. Congratulations on the sale - that's exciting news! Now you are in a very good position. Chain free, woo hoo!!

    Your pictures made me crave summer and just made me realise that our vacation starts in less than 2 weeks. I need those sandals. Urgently!


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