Friday Fabulousness ~ The Canadian Edition

Greetings from
across the pond

it's Lori from Wildflowers
stepping in to give you a little
Friday Fabulousness
this week.

I was given total artistic freedom
and although I know that Simone is the queen
I will try my best 
to at least be a princess...

So today
there will be  
a Canadian flavor...

Starting with some flowers

 our provincial flowers to be exact!
come along to Beautiful British Columbia
and the Pacific Dogwood

then on to Alberta
and the Wild Rose

next is Saskatchewan
and the Western Red Lily

and then Manitoba
Prairie Crocus

moving on to Ontario
and the Trillium

the Belle Province ~ Quebec
Blue Flag Iris

New Brunswick has
the Purple Violet

head on over to Anne's Island
Prince Edward Island
Lady Slipper

New Scotland
or Nova Scotia boasts
the Mayflower

heading on up to "The Rock"
Newfoundland & Labrador
the Picture Plant


Now I know Simone is a 

me ~ not so much
but I did some research
and found some Canadian designers
to hopefully "get your fix"

Mark Fast
 Adele Wechsler
Erdem Moralioglu

this was beautiful
by AM Studios
in Toronto

loving some Sarah McLachlan


We have our share of beauties too...

Emily Van Camp

the beautiful Evangeline Lilly

 Rachel McAdams

and our boys are pretty handsome too...

Ryan Reynolds

and it would not be Friday
without one of Simone's main squeezes
aka Kiefer Sutherland

so now I leave you with some pure
Canadian love

Niagara Falls, Ontario

some more flowers
Butchart Gardens
Vancouver Island, British Columbia

and breathtaking views
Lake Louise, Alberta

I want to send a big Thank you to Simone
as I was more than happy to step up
in her time of need

Wishing you all a wonderful week-end
full of sunshine and laughter!


  1. Lovely post, beautiful pictures. I love the very first one - must remember next time I photograph flowers to lie down on the ground and photograph them from below like this. Lake Louise added to the list of places I must visit... and the flag picture is spot on. Well done Lori...

  2. Oh Lori, this is absolutely stunning...thank you SO much for doing this. The flower shots are!!! You always do those so brilliantly!

    I just all these things Canadian...Lake Louise looks incredible, love that you included the beautiful Canadian girls....and what can I say about the Canadian guys....YUM!! You know me so well LOL!!

    You have done a wonderful job, thank you so much....

    Have a great week-end! xoxo

  3. Hi Lori - oh wonderful post - as Simone said you do flowers so well! And a Friday Squeeze is always nice...infact no matter what day of the week it is! Well done, lovely ironing basket-esque post Lou x

  4. Wonderful!! The first photo is my favourite tho'!!

  5. Lori--That very first photo captured my senses in every way. Any idea who the photographer is?

  6. canada really is breathtaking - i guess so is the USA if ur not "from" here - lots to see and do there! - i always had a blast!

    i'm haven' a party - come on by!!!
    *kiss kiss*
    Happy Weekend!!!
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  7. Fabulous post, Lori....Loving that first photo :) and all of the gorgeous Canadian scenery...My friend went on her honeymoon to Lake Louise - that truly is a breathtaking photo! Have a happy weekend and you too Simone! I truly enjoyed all the guest posting this week but definitely am looking forward to Simone's return! xxoo :)

  8. wow lori, such a sweet post, for a sweet girl, on a sweet day. :) sending simone my love...... i hope you have a fabulous weekend my love. i hope your comp gets well soon. i completely understand. mine has issues all the time. i guess thats life.

  9. Greetings to you as well! I enjoyed my visit here and will return again. The photos are great and #1 is my fav :> Hope to see you visit my neighborhood, Have a Great Weekend! susie

  10. I love Canada. Great selection on Canadian fabulousness.

  11. Greetings and Salutations to you! I enjoyed your post thanks especially the flowers.

  12. Lori so happy to meet you & such a gorgeous post. I spent 42 years of my life in the beautiful Pacific NW & much time in lovely Canada. I love that Canadians are so proud of their country, & rightly so. I wish you a lovely summer weekend!

  13. You had me at Ryan Reynolds. Yum!

  14. Well look I think you have covered every base with this gorgeous post ... well done!

    Happy weekend to you and darling Simone,

  15. Loving this post! It is my favorite today! I am so excited that my friend from Canada is getting married in Feb. and I get to go!

    Have a great weekend!

  16. Love love love this post, especially the baby ducklings. Great Post. xx's

  17. I just realized that I never said a word ~ I have just been reading everyone's comments! I am so glad you are pleased with the results Simone ~ I so enjoyed doing it and you know me and Canada ~ I am a proud girl! Happy week-end sweet girl and I hope that you are back on line soon. xo

  18. Bravo Lori - seeing as you have known her for so long, it is understandable that you would do such a lovely version of her friday fabulousness for Simone. You made me miss living north of the border a bit my friend~ I do wish we were all closer.
    Simone, I hope you return soon - being disconnected from technology can be difficult (although probably very healthy!)
    Big love to you both,

  19. Lori, What AMAZING photo's! Fabulous job.

  20. Beautiful, fabulous post. Thanks.

  21. Amazing photos! Emily Van Camp is so gorgeous too!!! Thank you for this wonderful inspiration.


  22. Wonderful Lori!!!
    So inspiring, well done :)


  23. Loving the pictures ! Happy weekend !

  24. Simone, YES! Let's do it! I am holing you to it! In six weeks we shall be so happy! I will have lots to go ~ I want to lose 50 pounds. But ... it's time!

  25. Oh my gosh I'm so RIDICULOUSLY homesick right now!! I'm Canadian and grew up in Alberta on a farm (parents still there)...when I saw the Wild Rose I got a huge lump in my throat and so many memories flooded my head. wow

    We always knew it was spring when we'd be driving to church on sundays with the parents and there was a pasture signaling "relief" with hundreds of Prairie Crocuses fresh out of the ground. I can still see it now.

    A few other tidbits: when I was in University - Sarah McLachlan used to play on campus in small venue of no more than 100. Crazy, huh? Used to see her all the time for $5 or less.

    Now, instead, I live in Southern California and see Kiefer Sutherland around on a regular basis. He's a very real person - recognizes me and my bf and even waves to us if we meet up in traffic. Gotta love those Canadians!

    Lake Louise = HEAVEN. Visit at least once per year and it is an absolute MUST.

    I gotta go call my mom and cry it out! Thanks for an excellent, heartwarming post!! xoxo

  26. Great pictures! I love the first one and Rachel McAdam's dress is gorgeous! xx

  27. Love Evangelone Lilly-sad to see 'Lost' is over now.

  28. I came back to re-look because it's so pretty. I love the Pacific Northwest, everything & everywhere in that area of Canada could be my 2nd home. It is the most beautiful. Butchart Gardens had been a dream; I finally got to visit 2 summers ago. Jack Bauer/Keifer Sutherland RULES!

  29. SO gorgeous! Love the pics. Hope you both had a great weekend.

  30. I adore all of the flower images...what a great celebration that Summer is HERE!!!! Yes!!!! Happy new week to you as well!

  31. Such beautiful flowers. Thank you for introducing some fabulous fashion designers. Love Sarah too. Had no idea Ryan and Keifer were Canadians, love them both as well.

    {Miss Simone, when you are back I have a little something waiting for you in my blog. Have fun with it. Hope all is well. oxoxo}


  32. Oh my goodness!! Since I am from Burlington, Ontario I just loved this post :) It feels like home to me. How lovely! What a great guest blogger that totally fits into Simone's feel and blogging style. Love xo

  33. Fantastic!

    lovely blog :)

    Cheers, Jesa

  34. Oh I am so sorry that I missed darling Lori's post here, it is STUNNING and just as lovely as she is. You certainly have fabulous taste in friends sweet Simone! xoxo :)


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