Guest Post...Lou, Boos and Shoes

Hello, happy's Louise from Lou, Boos and Shoes! Your good friend and mine, Simone, is well and truly without computer at the moment! Dismay! So she has entrusted me, along with a couple of others, to swoop in this week as fairy blogmothers to deliver some 'fabulousness' to keep us all going!

This is an easy-breezy post...things (of beauty) that make me think of Simone and this lovely blog...

Beautiful faces...

Rumba pants - to bring a little smile... :-)

 Unexpected quirkiness adorned with pretty flowers...

Petals and shoes and whimsical loveliness...

via 100 Layer Cake
Dreamy images...

A few gems of wisdom...

How could I forget? Cupcakes...

And finally, a generous sprinkling of sparkle...


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Lou.....thank you so so SO much.....I LOVE it!! Thank you my fairy blogmother.....mwah!!!! The gorgeousness has returned....and the rumba pants, LOVING those!!!! xoxo

  2. Rumba Pants.. So that's what those things in my lingerie drawer are called! Seriously, they are divine.

    And I love that sparkler, I expect they are probably banned now! xoxo

  3. Oh lovin' this Lou, reminds me of Simone for sure....were would we be without the Rumba pants!


  4. Dear Louise,
    You have stepped into the breach with wonderful style and Simoneness !!!!
    A beautiful 'stand in' post with Ironing basket cupcakes, beauty and fabulousness.
    Sparklers, shoes and frilly knickers...what more do we need for a great start to the week.
    You're a star, Louise. XXXX

  5. Louise..perfect as usual. You and Simone have the right touch, I could not think of a more perfect compliment to her blog. You could be sisters in the blogging world. You both have a great eye but tell it in your own way. I love visiting both blogs!


  6. You did a fabulous job, Louise (as if there was every any doubt!) :)

  7. Lovely lovely Lou - ah yes the rumba pants - beautiful post in true Simone spirit! Leanne

  8. Ahhh ~ have done a fabulous job stepping in as the fairy blogmother in Simone's time of need! Loving the cupcake and those rumba pants are divine ~ Happy Monday!!

  9. I love this!! :) Every picture truly signfys beauty! I'm so glad I found this page from Louise's page! looking forward to following it too!

  10. Like having Simone in stereo - lovely!

  11. Lovely. You stepped into Simone's sprarkly pretty shoes perfectly. Love those shoes and peonies. Gorgeous.

  12. What a beautiful cupcake and the Rumba panties are so cute!

  13. Gorgeous post! True Simone style! And, Simone, I sure hope you'll be back soon! You are my absolute no1 favourite blog!!!

    Kristin xo

  14. Wonderful images. I especially like the last three!

  15. Amazing images as usual Louise! That face is stunning. I love a clean and effortless look.


  16. Oh Lou! So good to see you here. I love the dress w/the flower belt, but all the pictures are so dreamy.

  17. love it.....feels like simone but with a lou quirkiness....a cupcake in frilly rumba pants kinda day....simone and lou at thier lovliest...the dress and blooming flower are heaven...
    melissa x

  18. GREAT guest post! Rumba pants and cupcakes! What's not to love!
    and Simone~ THANK YOU for such a sweet comment on my blog today! Too many towels! I LOVE IT!
    Have a pretty day!

  19. Hello, nice to meet you you have some of Simone's style! Great photos choices.

  20. Loving this post - it is definitely filled with Simone-ness! :) Have a beautiful week! xxoo :)

  21. So many pretty things! I feel the need to go shopping now :)

    Lovely guest + post! She is one of my favorites... and lovely to see this new-to-me blog!

  22. Lovely images AND two of my favourite bloggers in one spot :) how delightful. Great post, Lou! Adore you both xo

  23. Such a gorgeous post! Have a sweet day!

  24. Oh, wow! What beautiful photos. The one I love the best is of the girl on the spiral staircase--that is heavenly!!


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