Emmys 2010....Top Ten Dresses....

Claire Danes in Armani Prive....best dressed of the night for me.....

Lea Michele in Oscar De La Renta....not everyone loved it but I think she looks fabulous....

January Jones in Versace....this got her on both the Best and Worst Dressed lists....I love it although am not so keen on the black shoes....

Maria Menounous in Ralph + Russo....

Eva Longoria Parker in Robert Rodriguez....

Jane Krakowski in

Jewel in Zuhair Murad....

Julia-Louis Dreyfus in Narciso Rodriguez....great accessories too, love that colour....

Jessalyn Gilsig in Nicole Miller....

Dianna Agron in Carolina Herrera....not everyone could wear it but it works perfectly on her....

Lots of navy and black at the Emmys 2010....the above are my personal favourites of all the dresses....

Couple of the night....Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt, both in Armani....
(photos via JustJared.....for the best Red Carpet coverage see Handbags and Handguns....)

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Loved Claire! Also Anna Paquin- i think she pulled it off. I loved the color of January's dress- but not the dress itself...

  2. i ADORE claire d and jewels dresses- just beautiful colours- soo simple and completely girly...

    loved your holiday photos- that water is PERFECT!
    it must have been soo lovely hearing your daughter make friends in french...lovely...

    is that you with those long brown legs skipping around the place....3 weeks in the sun is pretty wonderful!

    soo nice to have you back ....

    melissa xx

  3. Claire Danes was the epitome of old Hollywood glamour. That dress was amazing! Hard to believe that's the young gal from "My So-Called Life."

  4. I agree, the Claire Danes dress is gorgeous, I also love Dianna Agron's dress, it's so feminine and delicate.

    So glad you had a fabulous holiday the photos were lovely.

  5. I'm not usually such a Claire D fan but here she looks fab - a lot like Heidi Klum, I think. The navy dress worn by Lea is pretty, too. (Re my post today - the first photo was taken in the south of France! Did it seem familiar?!)

  6. Dianna Agron's dress really suits her. LOVE the Claire Danes one though - gorgeous.

    Ali x

  7. I agree with you 100% on Claire Danes as the best dressed of the night. I personally think the new hair color and makeup choices did it for her.

  8. hmm. I wasn't a fan of the Carolina Herrera on Diana...too matronly
    PS. come on over and enter my fun giveaway!

  9. I'm not a big fan of Claire Danes usually but here she was spot on flawless.

    But generally I was disappointed by all the bed head hair look with full length gowns. Did not work for me. And several of these gowns didn't fit properly to me, too tight, too low, or too loose. And why so many glittery gowns? Beautiful as they were, this was the Emmys not the Gloden Globes or Oscars.

    Sorry for the rant but living in LA and having stylists for clients ya get a bet jaded and picky about these things.


  10. I would love to get all fancied up in a fabulous dress!! They all look gorgeous!

  11. Totally agree with your fashion picks Simone! I thought Lea Michelle looked awesome, I totally want to wear that fancy dress to a red carpet event myself! :) Oh yes and John Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt, such a gorgeous couple, they looked amazing! (Don Draper, yum yum!)

    Welcome home, missed you bunches xoxo

  12. LOVE the claire danes dress. My favorite of them all!!! Its so stunning!

  13. Agree, Claire Danes' dress is lovely.

  14. Of course, we would choose the same outfits in the same order! I think I wore a similar dress in Monaco years ago as Julia-Louis, with the sheer panels & a huge slit up to there!

  15. how gorgeous, makes me yearn for a bit of glamour.........red carpet anyone?

  16. clare was the best. second for me was nina dobrev.

  17. Hi there honey :)
    Loving this set, they are all great! I think I like Claire and Jewel's best and of course Jon is too dreamy.

    hugs DJ

  18. I agree with you! Claire Daines dress is the BEST!
    Have a pretty day!

  19. I was hoping that you would get a chance to do this!!

    Jewel's was my fav and I did love Claire's too. There were quite a few misses ~ ones that I did not like personally and after watching the red carpet show it was like "ouch" that's gonna hurt tomorrow!!

  20. Fabulous choices, my friend...so lovely!! I love Claire Danes and Jewels also the best! I was thinking about you as I was watching the Emmmys - knowing you'd have this post up soon! xxoo :)

  21. Thanks for the plug. You have great taste in dresses, my friend. :)

  22. totally missed the Emmys this year, so thanks for the recap! Eva gets my vote, though I agree Dianna makes a dress I don't even like (sorry CH) look fabulous.

  23. I am so glad to have found you! I absolutely adore Claire Danes. Has she ever had a fashion miss? I haven't seen one yet...she is perfection!

  24. Oh yes Simone - love that first - definitely the pick of the day!! Leanne xx

  25. Claire Danes was my fave too! I have never seen her look so gorgeous in my life... I had to do a double take on who that was for sure!

    Hope you're doing wonderful!

  26. How amazing was Clare Danes? I haven't seen her look that fabosh, well, ever! Jewel was equally stunning.

    xo M

  27. Hi Simone,
    What wonderful...dare I call them dresses !! I would love to be famous, just so that I could wear such gorgeous creations.
    It sounds as if your holiday was perfect.....I just love the photograph of your daughter with the baguettes in her back-pack. A lovely memory for the family album.
    It's lovely to have you back, Simone. Enjoy what's left of the school holidays. XXXX

  28. Welcome back! Loved the holiday pics with your ridiculously photogenic family. You should hire yourselves out to the Dept of Tourism in France.

    Loved Claire Danes dress, and her hair. Also Lea Michelle looked amazing. I loved all your picks here. Jon Hamm was a lovely touch. Thanks for that. Meredy xo.

  29. somehow, miracle that it is, i like them all ... that doesn't usually happen in my book ...
    thanks for the post, I missed the gala

  30. Wondering what you thought of Heidi Klum teeny number? I am one of the few who loved it...so daring and sexy and frivolous.

  31. Oh Simone I have missed you! Thank you for your sweet comment, your visits always make my day!! Your photos from the trip look absolutely stunning and everything sounded so divine.... Maria Menounous's dress above is blowing my mind, SO GORGEOUS. Also Jewel looks incredible!

    So I met a couple today from London...Wembledon area and I thought of you! Some day I need to spend more time in beautiful London and especially to see you! I have been so busy working away for our return to Rome. So glad you had a wonderful, refreshing vacation...AND so glad you are back!!! Love you!


  32. I was a bit underwhelmed with the Emmys gowns this year but I did love Claire Danes... that close up shot of her is beautiful. xx

  33. Claire Danes dress was lovely but whoever did her botox has made her look hard, I would not have recognised her xx

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