Ahhhh....Hello Monday!

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When I was at school and when I worked, Sunday night always brought with it that feeling of dread about Monday morning....homework that hadn't been finished or had been left to the last minute....or the thought of five days in the office....

It is gradually occuring to me that my week-days are now my own now that both my children are at school (still  getting used to that feeling)....clearly I have lots of things that need to be done and my home is not suddenly going to clean and sort itself out....but I do have time for projects, things I have always wanted to do, possibly returning to work....the possibilities are beginning to become clear and seem quite exciting....

So today I have put together a serious to-do list....somehow things always seem much more likely to happen on a Monday, it just feels like a more hopeful day!!

Happy Monday :)


  1. i love these quotes! - i know exactly what u mean when everything is mundane and then BAM everything goes upside down with craziness .. but it's life and i enjoy all the bits and piecec of it all ..

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. possibilities, dreams - make life so exciting! isn't it fun to be at a place in life when you feel freeee to do what is truly best for you. love those quotes! thank you for them.

  3. I adore the 2nd quote, wonderful!! Simone you have made my day!

    Art by Karena

  4. Fabulous quotes, Simone! You are at quite an exciting time in your life - where your world is your own now. I have no doubt that you will do wonderful things in those hours - I look forward to hearing all about it!

    I am at a time in my life where my last child is grown and in college, so I too have quite a bit of time on my own aside from my daily job. So I have also been trying to figure out how to go about these times and so far it's been filled with spending time with long lost friends and traveling. More to come from me too! Exciting!

    Have a gorgeous day! xxoo :)

  5. love the last quote Simone! happy monday! xo

  6. SO true - I LOVE that last quote! I'm currently in that 'place' where nothing much seems to be happening fast - searching for my niche - however, it's happened before and I'm quite sure - like the quote says - that all it will take is a day or a few hours for all that to change. Lists are good - they give one focus - I think I'll join you and write a list too! xx

  7. Love your old and new descriptions of Sunday night. So true. FOr so much of my life I dreaded Sunday night and now it feels like the start of something - not the end.

    I am not sure how I stumbled upon your blog but I am so happy I did. I am a brand new follower!

  8. I'm having a wonderful Monday. My books from your giveaway arrived today. Thank you again.

  9. Hi Simone,
    Oh, how I remember those days when I was at work and the weekend was coming to an end and there were five more days before we had another one !! That was a very long time ago now though !!
    You are at a great time in your life when the world is your oyster.....I have an eensy weensy feeling that you have something up your sleeve !!
    I hope that your little one is enjoying school and that your time at the school gate is a happier one now !
    .... and, LOVE that first picture. Brilliant. XXXX

  10. i think we all have had the sunday night dreads... thank goodness i dont have that too much anymore... every day is truly a gift... i am trying to live day by day... life is too short.
    hope this finds you well xx

  11. and that picture... so adorable!

  12. Wonderful, Simone. I had to look twice to see it was a young girl. Beautiful.

  13. that last one hit home for me. i adore you.x

  14. I loved this post! So true. And I must say that first pic is AMAZING!!!

  15. Dear Simone, how lovely to have some time back to yourself. I bet it goes so quickly though. I'm sure you'll enjoy whatever it is you do.

    I've never liked Monday's and now I work mostly from home I never make any appointments on a Monday so I don't have to rush around. I like to have a day to catch up. When I worked for a record company years ago I had it in my contract that I didn't work on Mondays at all. I used to stay in bed all day to recover from the weekend. I have more chilled weekends these days... Most of the time xx

  16. Love the quotes! Monday is always my to do day:-)

  17. Oh Simone, that first photo makes me want to dive into a vacation. I need one asap and you've motivated me to talk with the husband tonight about our next trip.

    xo M

  18. Lists are a good thing my dear ~ I am a perpetual list maker and it seems it is the only way I can get things done as I can get distracted very easily! The quotes and images are perfect Simone. xo

  19. I love your blog
    Love your quotes and your photographs and everything you share


  20. Oh, how I wish we lived closer and we could do lunch, and some shopping, and a walk. I am definitely due a visit to London! I will have to work on that handsome husband of mine...
    Have a wonderful rest of your week my friend,


  21. oh gone are sunday night lists...
    stop & enjoy the moment...the changes this year will bring to you...

    love that Stephanie R photo...how creative is she...!

    melissa xxx

  22. My son's school day seems so short. As soon as I get a few things done or right in the middle of something, it's time to drive back and get in the car line.

  23. Great quotes - and I agree with you about the whole Sunday night/Monday morning thing. I always appreciate the fact I don't have to go to work/school/anywhere else on a Monday morning now - although housekeeping, being a mum, running my own business and working part time is hard work, it's hard work that I actually like. Which just makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it?!

  24. oh that first photo is so fantastic!


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