Fashion's Night Out....

....Sarah Jessica Parker....

.....Claire Danes....LOVE this....

....Ashley Tisdale....

....the fabulous Diane von Furstenberg....

....Kelly Osbourne, looking wonderful....

....Blake Lively....

....Sarah Jessica Parker....

....Gwen Stefani....

....Rachel Bilson....

....Alexa Chung....

....Diane Kruger....

....Olivia Palermo (with her new shorter hairstyle....) 

....Rachel Zoe and lovely Roger....

....the amazing Gisele....

Fabulous nights out and fantastic fashion at Fashion's Night Out in New York City and London this are some of my favourite outfits....

(Great coverage also over at Forty Not Out ....)

Off now to read the September issue of US was almost a work-out just carrying it home :)

Happy Saturday!


  1. Claire Danes is always a fave of mine! SJP looks amazing too, thanks for sharing!

  2. Dear Simone, lovely pics. I thing Kelly looks amazing. I love her transformation. Alexa looks very pretty, as ever. I like SJP's second look. Hope you're having a lovely evening. I shall watch Strictly soon. I'm so glad you reminded me, thank you xx

  3. Claire Danes has really come into her own...I remember when she had tat tv show with the red hair and look at her now! Amazing...loved her dress at the emmy's as well. SJP always looks great and I love Rachael Zoe but wish she would eat something. Those bones in her chest are not that appealing....will be watching her new stuff tonight on QVC at 10pm!!

  4. Dear Simone, thank you so much for your wonderful comments about the interview. I don't know if you do follow up comments so I'm re-posting my reply on here.

    Would you do me a favour? I would love it if you could copy and paste your comment onto the actual post. Fee would be so thrilled to see it.

    Oh Simone, you're welcome. I'm happy to help if I can and it was thing for you to do. Have a great evening xx

  5. What beautiful images! These dresses are art- they are so stunning. I am especially fond of that fabulous number that Blake is wearing! Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend, take care.

  6. I am so happy for KellyOsbourne. She looks pretty... and happy.
    Have a pretty day!

  7. oh S. these photos are so good. thanks for sharing. i have been dying to see what the girls have been wearing. kelly osbourne is just my new favorite person right now. BAM!

  8. SJP's looking about 10 years younger than she looked 10 years ago!

  9. hello simone :-) great post! didnt they all look so stunning!! i especially love rachel bilsons dress, alexa's dress and diane krugars...beautiful.
    i hope you have had a lovely weekend :-)

  10. Fab post Simone ~ I smiled at the memory as we were in NYC last year for Fashion Night Out ~ and you know what ~ I bought a t-shirt! It was the only thing in Saks I could afford ~ I actually have been wearing it quite a bit lately although I do not look quite as stunning as these ladies do in theirs! Hope you are having a fabulous week-end. xo

  11. SJP looks amazing! That blue is a good color for her! Rachel Zoe is a favorite of mine, as well. I just think she and her husband are darling.

    Thank you so much for sharing, sweet Simone!

    Hope you had a lovely lovely weekend, my dear!!


  12. Wonderful post, Simone! All the women are so gorgeous! Thanks for the reminder to run out and get my Sept. Vogue issue - love it! Have a beautiful week, my friend! xxoo :)

  13. Love the pictures! SJP as usual and I am so happy to be seeing more of Claire Danes, as I have always loved her. Even waaaay back when she was just a girl on that show...look at her NOW! And I just adore Roger..I feel so badly for him on the last couple of episodes. Hope you had a great weekend. : )

  14. love claire danes. just love her

    my madison loves to watch rachel zoe so i've been spending some time with her doing the same.
    hope all is well!!! xo

  15. Love Love Love this post!! First, Clare Danes is so pretty, but that outfit is all wrong. Loving Blake Lively's fresh look.

    Great post!

  16. My favourites are Blake Lively and Ashley Tisdale! Aaahhh!

  17. I love Claire's jacket or top... not quite sure what it is. Kelly Osbourne looks amazing. I'm not loving Rachel Bilson's dress, but she sure is pretty.


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