Friday Fabulousness....

....Fashion's Night Out, NYC this week....

....Olivia Palermo at NYC's Fashion's Night Out....

....the lovely Gemma Arterton at the London premiere of "Tamara Drewe" this week....

....the gorgeous Eva Mendes at the recent premiere of "The Other Guys"....

....phew, what a week!

Again, so many thanks for supporting Butch and Summer - and me!!
My daughter and some of her friends made cards for him, some mums at school sent cards and in total, over 75 of you offered to send something to him...

....absolutely AMAZING!!!

....I am SO thrilled :)

I also know that other bloggers have also read about Summer and Butch either here or elsewhere and they too have written blogposts offering support....what a great effort by very proud of yourselves!!
(if you still want to get involved, please read my post Please Meet Butch ....)

On a more personal note my son, my youngest child, is five today AND starts full-time school for the first was only for a few hours, tomorrow it's all day....

....there have been tears - mine, not his!

I have been a full-time stay at home mother - or Chairman of the Board and Household Executive as I sometimes like to refer to my current role - since he was born and it's just been the two of us at home.
For five years. I know that I've been privileged to have that time with him.

My son truly fills my heart with love every time I look at him and his big brown eyes....he is a presence, a typical boy, you can always hear him wherever he is in the house and he has been a climber ever since he glimpsed something that he considered needed climbing!

He is my question-asker, he is a leader, he has lorryloads of confidence, enthusiasm and vitality....he's the funny one in the family, charming and affectionate and has always known just the right time to put both his little hands on both of my cheeks, look into my eyes and kiss me soundly! He shares my love for dancing to pop music in the kitchen, he loves me to catch him and he always wants just one more snuggle at bedtime....

He loves pirates, Dr Seuss books, stories about bears, singing Beatles songs with his Daddy, Tom and Jerry and all the books by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler....
He loves noodles, could eat pasta and loves to make cakes.
He can't wait to be a teenager because apparently then you automatically get a skateboard....but when he saw "Toy Story 3" couldn't understand why Andy had to actually leave home in order to go to college - and why, more importantly, he would want to.

He cannot wait to start at his sister's school and I know, just like with preschool, he literally won't even look back....and I love that about him, that he just loves everything he does and throws himself in to it. I hope he never loses that feeling.

But of course, even as I write, I have the biggest lump in my throat and I will make sure I have my sunglasses with me tomorrow morning when his Daddy, his sister and I take him to school for his first full day, just to hide the inevitable tears....

....I'm missing him already!

Happy Weekend and thank you for all the wonderful support and comments this week, I am behind on my blog-reading but will catch up ASAP :)

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  1. So many beautiful images. Note to self, buy more flowers! Reading about your little boy took me back, I held it together until I got to the car, then floods of tears! It's that letting go of them into the big world, sooo hard :)

  2. Oh Simone ~ I am so glad we have our date tomorrow so maybe I can bring a smile to your face as I am sure that you will be shedding some tears in the morning. What you said about your dear sweet little man brings tears to my eyes ~ and I can only imagine what you feel when those big brown eyes look at you. Lovely images for a perfect Friday. Hugs and Love for a wonderful week-end. xo

  3. Oh, what a gorgeous boy you have! I still have a couple of years to go before that big day, but I am sure I will shed some tears as well!

  4. What a beautifully heartfelt post, Simone! Your little boy is adorable and sounds extremely charming! I remember taking my little boy to school for the first time - it was very heartwrenching and it seems like yesterday, only it was 25 years ago. How wonderful that you had that time to spend with him at home. My kids are 10 years apart, so I also had alone time with each of them and it was so fabulous! Happy weekend, Simone! Much to love you! xxoo :)

  5. What a lovely tribute to your little boy - he's absolutely gorgeous.

    (I've been wanting to tell you - someone at work is going to cake decorating classes, and they brought in some of the 'results' the other day, which were the most beautiful, glittery, shiny, luscious cupcakes, EXACTLY like the photos you put on your blog, and like you make, and I immediately thought "Ooh, Simone...." !! They were delicious as well, needless to say.)


  6. Your little boy is adorable and sounds like the loveliest character too. I can imagine why you've had tears at the thought of him starting big school, I'll be the same one day with my daughter too I'm certain :) Hope he has a smooth start to the school year. Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous images - your Friday posts always start off my day with such inspiration :)

  7. Simone thank you for sharing such loving thoughts and images.

    I have a New Giveaway from The French Basketeer I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  8. Dearest Simone, this is the most inspiring post I have seen in a long time! First the images were gorgeous as always...LOVING the flower photos, and secondly you are such an inspiring mother! Your son is a handsome boy with the most beautiful brown eyes! I just love that he wanted to wear a tie in order to "be smart".... oh he is so precious.

    Thank you also for your sweet comment. I can't WAIT to be back in Rome and share the adventures again! :):)

    Have a beautiful weekend my friend. ♥

  9. Oh Simone. I took my niece for her "first day" the other day and I cried and cried and cried when she walked off with her backpack around the corner. When I picked her up afterward I cried some more. Actually haven't stopped since. Now I'm back in Cali and feeling so homesick for her. I don't know why, but I just don't want her there. She's too little. Ugh.

    Hang in there, my friend. Sniff.

    ps - I can't believe I'm saying this but what was Olivia thinking with that wreck of an outfit?

  10. What an adorable little boy!!! I am so glad it is Friday. It really has been a crazy week. Your photos and words are always great, though. They keep me going through the week.

    xo M

  11. Love the alternating images of flowers and gowns - beautiful!

  12. Morning sweetpea....Ohhh myyy gooooddnessss....those eyes - your boy is going to be a heart-breaker. I have such empathy for the bittersweet sensation of that first day of school. Always such a big step but I have a sneaky feeling he is going to love it and you I am sure will be one of those lovely Mummies who is there to collect him every day with a big smile and a homemade cupcake (this is what I imagine anyway) or maybe some healthy flapjack? ;-)

    As ever a set of wonderful images; your posts (and actions, like with Butch this week) are happy-making. On your first day of school, did you ever think you'd grow up to be such a cool person? Evidence here for sure...

    Love Lou xxx

  13. What a gorgeous little boy you have! I love the bit about Toy Story 3. So sweet. My daughter starts reception in January and I am secretly glad they have a two-entry so we get the later date. :)

    Lovely images, as always!

  14. Hello,dear,dear Simone!-)*

    Just amazing tuching is this post...
    SO incredible nice photos and you beautiful son is SO precious,SO lovely boy,what an eyes!!!
    You are wonderful lady,great Mom and kindnest person,my dear friend from this wonder Blogland world!!!


  15. Oh Simone...your precious boy. Those brown eyes must melt your heart. I feel like crying on your behalf!! Be gentle with yourself, dear friend. I'm sure some days will be tougher than others, but soon you'll have a new routine and the days won't seem so strange. From the description of your girlfriends, I'm sure they will be covering you with love and diversions. Hang in there. Sending you big hugs, Meredy xo.

  16. Sorry Simone....I don't really have my heart in your Friday Fabulousness this week as all I want to know about is your beautiful son and his first day at school !!!!
    He is such a gorgeous boy and sounds as if he breaks the heart of anyone who comes in contact with him. I love your relationship you have with him. Don't be sad. He is moving onwards and upwards and you will have many, many more wonderful times to share with him.
    I'm with him on the pirates (Johnny Depp !!), reading and hugs and, if eating pasta everyday didn't put weight on, then I would !!!!
    Lots of love to him on his first day at 'proper' school and lots of Kleenex for you and his daddy. XXXX

  17.'ve done it....

    you looked after him in the most blessed way a mother can...with love and with time....

    no wonder he is one of those wonderful people who throw themselves into everything laid before them....our eldest daughter is like that...although our son looks soo much like's the big brown chocolate eyes....

    it's an end to an *era* in some ways...but the start of his own wonderful journey...the one where *he* takes you...and his dad and his sister along for the ride in his world...
    i love to think of it this way...everyone is still as tight knit and loving as ever but one of the family members has something new for us all to share....and be proud of....

    and the skateboard thing...get him one for his 6th bday then he never needs to leave home to go to college... :)

    beautiful images- they completely took my mind off the rain outside...

    have a lovely weekend with that big boy...hug him tight!

    melissa xxx

  18. Aw Simone... your boy is gorgeous and your words bought tears to my eyes. They grow up so fast and it kind of breaks your heart when you see them go off into school for the first time. A big step for him... one that he will take all in his stride but possibly an even bigger one for you! A gorgeous Friday Fabulousness as always. I was going to buy a card for Butch but I thought I'd get SC to make him one this weekend - she loves to draw and write! Have a wonderful day, hide behind those sunglasses and give your boy the biggest hug when he gets home! xxx

  19. such an inspiring post. beautiful pictures, including the one of your son. congrats to him on starting school. my son started kindergarten a few weeks ago. i miss him, but have been enjoying the "me" time. thanks for sharing and take care.

  20. What a lovely post about your sweet boy! He is so blessed to have such a loving mother. Give him a big hug from all of us!

  21. Happy Birthday sweet A! Can it really be 5 years! What a beautiful, touching post to him. He is such a love! Enjoy celebrating with him this weekend. oxox Lara

  22. He is one classy looking little man, no wonder you'll miss him. Did you get my email?

  23. I agree with James, your son is one classy young man indeed. His brown eyes could stop a freight train. Be prepared mom as the girls will be lining up to make friends. I love that he couldn't understand why anyone would want to leave home. Oh I miss having my children live under our roof. Empty-nest is hard. I will have to catch up with my reading about Summer & Butch, I'm so behind. Wishing you a lovely weekend & I hope all goes well with your little man & his first days of school. xx Deb

  24. Oh SIMONE! How beautiful! The eyes! The tie! What a major day for you (and of course, him!). Thinking of you. I soooooo get it!

  25. Dear Simone, I loved reading this post. How lovely to have had all that time with your son. It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship. He's gorgeous! Lovely brown eyes.

    That poppy picture is lovely xx

    PS. I sent Butch £20 on Paypal. I wish I had more to give.


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