Friday Fabulousness..... Burberry....


Alberta Ferretti

Jonathan Saunders

Dolce & Gabbana


Poppy Delevigne, eternally stylish....

Olivia those Charlotte Olympia shoes....

....any other Grey's fans out there....almost finished the Season 5 boxset....

....loving capes this season....

....wonderful news for Summer, Butch and their family here ....

....another busy week.... show on Monday, super-busy charity coffee morning for Macmillan today....
I have no idea what happened to the middle of the week!
....LOVED the shows in London and Milan this week....'s a windy day and the leaves are falling off the trees....
...autumn has arrived....yippee....
....time for scarves and boots and cute hats!

Happy Week-end everyone!!

Origins Online

Selfridges & Co Ltd


  1. Ooh gorgeous today... Mr Dempsey always a Friday Fave! Can't wait for new Greys to start over here! I found that same pic of Olivia this week.. once again she looks AMAZING. Have a wonderful weekend xxx

  2. Gorgeous pictures as always... Happy Friday to you!

  3. FABULOUS! And, I am a Grey's Anatomy ADDICT! I have not missed an episode from Season 1. I am so looking forward to seeing what happens this season! Happy weekend my dear!

  4. Hello dearest! Hope you have had a wonderful week! Loving all your fashion week pics,I thought Alberta Ferretti's line was gorgeous! Olivia looks too cute as always and I am obsessed with those Charlotte Olympia shoes, oooh so pretty!

    LOVE that pic of our lover Patrick Dempsey, yum yum yum!

    Have a wonderful weekend Simone! xoxoxo

  5. What a WONDERFUL post! I don't even know where to start...
    >love ALL the looks
    > SJP looks redic in that outfit!! Love it head to toe
    > Just convinced my husband to get glasses (he looks super sexy in them)
    > gotta get Olivia's shoes!

    Happy weekend!

  6. I just watched the Grey's Anatomy's first show of season last night..loving it!! (I strayed a bit last season, but otherwise have watched all the other seasons.)

    Sounds like you are having a wonderfully fun few weeks, keep it up girl!!

    So happy for Butch & Summer too! Love Olivia's outfits as well as SJP's!

    Have a gorgeous weekend! xxoo :)

  7. You can send that Ferretti dress straight to me!

  8. fabulous post darling! I fell in love with SJP leather jacket too! and OP shoes too! have a fab weekend, Simone! xo

  9. Dear Simone, I Ioved the colours in the Gucci and Jonathan Saunders shows. I'm happy Autumn is here too, although a few more sunny days would be gorgeous too.

    Have a brilliant weekend xx

  10. Ahhh the fabulousness of Friday! Olivia P! SJP! I love the leather jacket and those shoes...don't get me started. I have that 'This is your life' quote on my fridge to remind myself - if you don't like it, change it. Wise words. I am embracing Autumn although the chill in the air took me surprise. Need to get the Rayburn lit. Roll on wood fires and roast dinners. Have a great weekend sweet Simone and let's catch up next week. Lou xx

  11. Love the Ferratti and Jonathan Saunders dresess. Gorgeous. SJP's jacket is super too. Sounds like a great week was had. You are definitely doing what you love.

  12. Love that quote. I read the entire thing!! SJP looks fab too. Have a great weekend!


  13. Thanks for another helping of deliciousness! The D&G is my fave of the cheeky.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  14. Thanks dear for all this beauty!!!
    Have a nice week-end!!
    Love, Monica

  15. Dear Simone, thank you for your gorgeous comments! You too!

    There's a blog tag over at mine for you, speak soon xx

  16. Fabulous clothes! I really loved your typography poster thing. I am very keen on artwork like this, these days :-)

    Adore that Alberta Ferretti dress!

    Ali x

  17. Fabulous pictures!! Loving Burberry and Dolce and Gabanna.

    And that picture of Mc Dreamy.... :)


  18. Olivia...always perfect, isn't she? Lovely post, & I like the same things...but the new D&G is really hot. I'm looking for trends which can be carried right on through fall into spring. Lots of long, sheer skirts, ruffles, prints. We are getting a bit of a change in weather here, 80's instead of 90's, so we think it's Fall too. :)

  19. Why, WHY does the fashion world think that red and purple go together... how many times have I seen this.... What a brilliant time you must have had at that fashion show Simone. One can feel the atmosphere.

  20. The quote is my fav today Simone ~ and Patrick of course. Grey's started here on Thursday night and did not disappoint. I would love to join you in shoe heaven for your research project ~ if only. Hope you are having a great week-end sweet girl. xo

  21. Amazing news for Summer and Butch! how wonderful!

  22. I am always pleased to see autumn and my favourite colour palette .. Thank you for leaving a comment over at my place the other day. I hope you call again :) xx

  23. inspiring!! am fighting to keep heating off for just a few more days.....wrapped in layers of cashmere and wooly doors....


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