Getting To Know You Tag....

1) What is your favourite time of day?
I would absolutely love to say that it is early morning....drinking a quiet cup of Earl Grey in the kitchen, looking peacefully out of the window at the morning mist....planning the day ahead or enjoying half an hour's yoga while the rest of the house is fast asleep but it seems impossible to wake up ahead of my children who have not yet mastered the art of the "lie-in"! One day.....

I have become something of a late night potterer/putterer....I love the peace and quiet, I put music on, make a large mug of tea and get to work. It's often a really productive time for me.

....what a view....

....a perfect spot for that first cup of tea of the day....

2) Where and when did you meet the love of your life?
I met my husband sixteen years ago.....after graduating, I had worked in London for a while and met him just after I had returned from nine months working in NYC. We worked near each other, got chatting, we were both moving to north London at the same time, I moved into my flat in Hampstead, he came round to help me move in....and the rest, as they say, is history :)  Timing is everything....he didn't know he wanted to get married, but happily he was persuaded!!

3) What three words would your friends outside the blogging world use to describe you?
Loyal, dependable and positive (hopefully!)

4) What country would you like to visit and why?
Really difficult to choose...I would love to visit Africa but am terrified of spiders and snakes. I would like to summer in Cape Cod or Martha's Vineyard, I would like to go to some of the Scandinavian countries, Russia, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Hawaii, I haven't been to NYC for ten many places really. If I had to say one country right would probably be Canada for the stunning scenery, I love huge landscapes....

5)  What is your favourite dish to cook?
I am working on being a better cook, it's one of my goals for the next year....I wish I could wow you with some amazing signature dish....but I can't be anything less than honest. I like to cook traditional English food - roasts and dishes such as shepherds pie. My husband is a fabulous cook and so he cooks at Christmas (and all other holidays!)....he's an instinctive cook who doesn't need recipes and really enjoys putting ingredients together....he's Italian, need I say more! It's a challenge cooking for someone who is a much better cook than you will ever be! I love to bake and am great at desserts, pies and cakes - and I'm very good at mashed potatoes :)

"My favourite thing to make for dinner is reservations...."

6) Salt or sugar?
Definitely sugar, I do have a sweet tooth as opposed to a savoury one. I love chocolate, particularly Cadburys which is my favourite in the whole world! I can appreciate other "luxury" brands but Cadburys milk chocolate cannot be beaten in my opinion.

7) What are your must have make-up or beauty items?
Moisturiser, particularly serums which I very fond of at the moment - I have been using Boots No 7's Protect and Perfect for a few months now and LOVE it. I always wear foundation and mascara (Chanel), I love perfume, lip balm and hand cream. If I had to choose one item it would be the serum which makes my skin feel fabulous.

8) What are your favourite flowers?
Roses, hydrangea, poppies, peonies and sweet peas....

9) What do you think are your worst vices, honestly?
I am particularly good at justifying things to myself so it's quite hard to think of vices!

Possibly spending money I don't have, having a vision but sometimes being distracted, I can be stubborn (I am a typical Taurean) in as much as you can be stubborn when you are a parent (!).... and I am physically incapable of eating just one biscuit/cookie/chocolate....
10)  At what time of your life were you happiest and why?
I am a very happy, positive, glass-half-full-and-about-to-run-over person, I just can't help it. I didn't have the happiest childhood and my parents had a very messy divorce when I was eight, the fall-out of which affected us all for years.

In spite of that - or maybe because of it - I do seem to have the ability though to place the horrible, sad, messy and unhappy stuff in a box, put it away, look forward and move on. I've always been like that really and I don't really know why. It certainly doesn't mean that I don't deal with it - I have definitely done that - but I just look to the good and positive in life. I am very emotional but can always see the positive side of everything.

Really truly happy times for me were.....
summer holidays in Wales on the beach with my grandparents....
My  first job after graduation working in investments in the City of London, I had some great times there....
My first trip to NYC with my husband before we were married....
Our honeymoon in Antigua (blissful after months of very stressful wedding planning!)....

The arrival of both my daughter arrived two weeks early literally as we were in the middle of moving was all so quick, I had no time to panic, it was all totally surreal. My son was two weeks late and was the little boy that I had hoped and wished for (we didn't find out the sex with either of our babies), that was a magical moment....

I would say that I'm pretty happy right now...I feel happy with myself, my children are so happy at school, I have fabulous friends....this feels like a good time for me :) It doesn't take much to make me happy, I can be alone and feel totally content....

Thank you to the fabulous Christina at Fashion's Most Wanted for tagging me....
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Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Loved reading this! It's always so fun to learn a little bit more about the people who write the blogs we love. Your comment about being physically unable to eat just one cookie/etc made me giggle - that is absolutely me too! Very fun, and I think part of the reason why we all love your blog is that your happiness shines through.

  2. You are one of the most well adjusted people I know.It is refreshing to read about someone who is so up beat. Happy Wednesday to you as well!

  3. I really enjoyed finding out more about you through these great answers of yours. Such interesting responses. I am definitely a sweet tooth too :) You definitely sound like someone with a positive, happy outlook on life :)

  4. You are so beautiful! I love reading more about you! Thank you for sharing :)

  5. Dear Simone, lovely answers. It's great you are happy with your life. I think it's brilliant. I am too but there are so many people that haven't found it yet.

    I rarely buy biscuits because I'll just eat the lot, usually in one go. I always, always have chocolate in the house and am hopelessly addicted. Have a wonderful week xx

  6. This is such a beautiful post! I'm a Lover of all peonies as well... and cookies for that matter. I don't discriminate ;)

    As always, Love your blog!

  7. that white sofa is beautiful, i want to jump into that photo! :)

    I love baking as well!

    my favorite things to bake are muffins and cakes.

  8. Loved your post Simone, so interesting to discover more about the person behind the blog! I am so glad to hear that your children are happy at school, it is such a big step, not only for the children, but for us Mums too!
    Lou has passed this tag onto me, I must get on to do it.

    Have a fabulous wednesday.

  9. Hi here Simone,
    What a great post....I loved reading all of your answers. ...... pass me a cake to have with my Earl Grey will you ?!!!! hehe
    I am definitely a glass half full, brimming over and spilling onto the floor sort of girl.....I think that it's just in the genes, don't you ?
    Have a lovely Wednesday, Simone. XXXX

  10. Hey honey,
    Just loved reading this cause it means I find out more about you! I love that you are glass half full what a total blessing that is. Way to go girl!
    hugs Deej

  11. oh i loved reading about you simone...
    i can't believe how similar we are in nature & needs...
    beliefs & travels...
    there is nothing lovelier than a cup of tea & a little sharing with a friend...whose blog you love daily...
    huge hugs to you....
    thankyou for passing the *peony* over to me...i would love to share in this tagging....

    melissa xox

  12. Hi,sweetheart Simone!-)*

    I can'tto tell you how much I enjoed to reading you post!!!
    I am also morning bird...
    You are my inspiration of the day,thank you so very much for sharing you thoughts and feelings,dear friend:-)))*


  13. I smiled when I saw that Canada is on your list. As always ~ I love reading more about you and your likes & loves. Thank you for the tag ~ I will work on this soon.... Happy Wednesday sweet girl. xo

  14. LOVELY answers - you are such a sweet, positive person and a joy to read! xxx

  15. As someone above says - you're happy and well-adjusted (lucky cow!!). HOWEVER - N O T where chocolate is concerned. I'm sorry, but it's got to be Galaxy, not Cadburys.

  16. Simone... I swear we are Taurean twins! Can't just eat one biscuit and can never buy just one pair of shoes! I'm an absurdly happy and positive person too and think that's possibly due to messy stuff from when I was a kid. Loved your answers and it feels wonderful to get to know you a bit better xxx

  17. Lovely post, Simone, and beautiful images to go with! XX!

  18. Simone, this is such a lovely post. So nice to learn more about you. I am a happy and positive person too :) and I loveeee cadburys chocolate too. you know it taste different in australia and england. both equally yummy though.

    AND i love that your new addition is Greys Anatomy. it is the best show! I actually just added another quote from greys anatomy into my most recent post.

  19. Hello sweetpea... :-) loved reading your answers - positive? Simone? My goodness YES! You are like a breath of fresh air. These images are just perfect for the post too. Lou x

  20. I loved reading this is just as I would have imagined you to be!
    Beautiful images...

    From another late night potterer/putterer :)

    Jeanne xx

  21. You are just adorable! I came to visit from Charlotta's where I loved your guest post :) Happy Day to you XO, Kelly

  22. Wonderful post, Simone. I too can't eat just one biscuit (especially lately..haha...) and like you am definitely a glass half full person as well!

    Loving that last photo - a dream closet wouldn't you say?

    Have a gorgeous weekend! xxoo :)

  23. Simone....your answers were perfect and it is so lovely to know more about you...xv

  24. Nice blog!:)get more inspiration on POP DISORDER!


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