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....from Vila , Denmark via the beautiful Haute Design

via my guest-post over at She's Getting Married ....

....found this week on FGR....

via Beach Vintage (for details of how to make this gorgeous creation too!)

Amanda Wakeley via Splenderosa 

I'm a pretty traditional girl who had a pretty traditional wedding but I just love this invitation - and the story it tells....
via the fabulous Lou, Boos and Shoes cousin got married last year and the wedding took place outdoors, it was beautiful....this wedding is just lovely....

Scarlett Johansson for Mango via Fashion Foie Gras

....Olivia P, radiant as ever....via The Vogue Diaries

via The Remedi -
this beautiful Shipla necklace is going to be one of my giveaways next week....

Halle Berry looking fabulous at an event in LA this week....

....from Marie Claire US via Fashion Gone Rogue ....

....Autumn Chic via Dress Design Decor

....Bronte Beach via Space For Inspiration ....

.....taken from the most beautiful photo shoot from Elle Italia....see it here at Dustjacket Attic....

It's been a lovely week in spite of lots of rain and the return of coughs and colds :)
We have 10 days school hols here and, amongst other things have....

been to the movies ("Despicable Me" - 7/10)
spent the day with my oldest friends and our 8 children 
went to a Halloween party and ate a lot of orange food
had our favourite uncle over to stay and shrieked a lot (their uncle/my brother!)
made our most successful banana cake ever (we are easily pleased!)
bought new shoes
bought new books & discovered "Swallows and Amazons" by Arthur Ransome
(it is a lovely thing when your child reads and loves something that you loved as a child too)
finally got a Buzz Lightyear costume

brushed up on our French for our trip to Paris this week-end!!!!

Yes, I am off to Paris again!
This time with my husband and our children, leaving London on the early Eurostar train on Saturday morning and arriving back late Monday night....very exciting!!
The journey door-to-door takes a little under 4 hours which is quite amazing - my son cannot wait to get on the high-speed train and go in the tunnel under the English Channel.
My husband is looking forward to the restaurants.
And my daughter is looking forward to the Eiffel Tower, seeing the pretty shops, her morning pain au raisin and a trip to Laduree. Or is that me?! She is her mother's daughter that's for sure :)

Next week it is Giveaway Week and I will have a wonderful giveaway for one lucky follower each day!!

Happy Week-end!!

Happy Halloween!!

Sweaty Betty


The White Company


  1. Gorgeous images as always!! Love that first one and the quote in the second is so very true. Hope you have a fabulous time in Paris - be sure to share lots of pics with us!! x

  2. Oh, to be able to whisk away to Paris for the weekend! What a luxury! Have a blast, and thanks for the gorgeousness as always.

  3. Have a wonderful weekend in Paris Simone - gosh I'm not half envious! The press Down Under has been full of Halle B. this week. Pics of her stepping out with that love rat Olivier Martinez didn't go down too well here. We are still very protective of our girl Kylie & he sure did her wrong. Maybe someone should have a quiet word with Halle.
    Millie ^_^

  4. Have a wonderful time in Paris! So amazing that you can give your children these experiences :) Love this post, great to be introduced to different blogs xx

  5. Have an amazing time in Paris!

    M xx

  6. Happy Happy Halloween my dear!

    Paris again! How wonderful and decadent!! I wish I could tag along. I know Isabella and your daughter would get along like 'handbags & shoes'..! :)

    Have a fantastique time and be safe!!

    xx Charlotta

  7. ...P.S. Please share the recipe for that 'most successful banana cake ever'..! xx

  8. Have a fabulous week-end Simone! I cannot wait to hear all about it upon your return. xo

  9. Great post - and I agree with you about the invitation. I'm thinking of doing something similar with my Save the Dates. :)

  10. Always love your Friday posts - such a wonderful way to start the weekend. Speaking of weekends, PARIS! Oh what fun. Enjoy the trip and special moment with family.

  11. Wow fabulous post. I love that first image! Kori xoxo

  12. Simone ~

    What a fabulous Friday line-up of beautiful goodness! Love all the new links (and some ol' favorites) ~ thank you!

    Ah Paris! One of my favorite memories to-date is taking the Euro Train (first class with champagne and loveliness) from London to Paris. Such a magical (and civilized) way to travel! Have a delicious warm hot chocolate for one does it better than Paris!

  13. Dear Simone, you've had a busy week! Have a really wonderful weekend in Paris! How gorgeous!

    Last time we were there we were taken to a restaurant called Le Dome in St Germain. If you like fish and seafood, you will love it!

    Look forward to hearing all about it on your return xx

  14. Hello - or should I say Bonjour? My husband is in Paris as I write this so you two will virtually pass each other in transit! Great post - love the sharing - we bloggers are quite good aren't we?! Hardly humble I know, but you see this much loveliness in one post and it all comes from other blogs - it shows me something. I read a GREAT post on Tania's Backwards in High Heels blog about why she blogs and it gave some good credence to the pastime.

    Anyway - how is it that I don't know about Remedi?? Eh? I will be hooked I can see. Gorgeous pics - as ever...

    Have a wonderful weekend sweetpea - catch up when you are home.
    Love LouLou xxx

  15. Buzz Lightyear costume - horray! My son had his at age 2.5 yrs. We still have it 5 years later. Its soooo worn thin and of course way to small for him, but was such a huge part of his life for a few years and one of those things that will be kept forever.
    And my Ruby asks every day to watch the Laduree website to see the macaroons bouncing around to the music - she loves it.
    Enjoy Paris. Lucky you. Its on our list to visit maybe before Christmas if there's time, or early 2011.

  16. Ooh Paris... how wonderful! Please eat many macaroons on my behalf and have a fabulous long weekend in the city of light xxx

  17. oh Simone, I fell in love with that grey dress too! (too bad is no longer in stock) hope you have a wonderful time in Paris with your family. lucky girl! xo

  18. oh simone. i want to come to paris too. how fun! those pictures are breathtaking. fabulous post. xoxoxo

  19. Gorgeous post, Simone! Enjoy your wonderful trip to Paris (especially on the Eurostar, I LOVE that train trip) You all will have so much fun - have a few macaroons and pastries in my name..haha..!! Warm hugs and much love to you! Safe travels! xxoo :)

  20. Have an amazing time in Paris!!!!
    I love that Jill and Matt proposal!!!
    Enjoy your weekend

  21. Oh,Simone:-)*

    Adorable images,SOoooooo cute!!!

    Wish you aabsolutely enjoyable time in Paris...
    I can imagine how exciting sholud beeing it fo you!!!
    Happy,happy time there...

    Hugs and Love to you,

  22. au revoir mon amis....
    as i have my morning coffee you are *clickety clacking* to the beautiful paris...
    paris in autumn is sooo lovely....the views from the eiffel tower will be stunning...the colours....perfect....

    have an extra one of *everything* for the rest of us lovely gal....

    how beautiful those images were...& to finish with a little moment of paris...mmmmmm

    big hugs to you sweet- create memories...
    melissa xox

  23. Awww. Some of the pics make me want to get married all over again. Preferably to the same man :) Enjoy Paris! x

  24. Ohhh! I bet you're having a wonderful time in Gay Parie!!!!!


  25. I LOVE that invitation almost beyond reason. Wonderful!!!

    Enjoy Paris - it will be beautiful at this time of year. Pending strikes.

    Ali x

  26. What an amazing post Simone!! Everything here is gorgeous. And that wedding invite is to die for. So clever and cute. I just wanted to keep reading more and more about the couple :) Hope you have a great weekend beautiful!! XOXO Happy Halloween!

  27. OOOoo, PARIS* Have a wonderful time, lovely friend! Great post, too—so many beautiful images... thank you also for the link love :)

    cannot wait to hear about your trip,

  28. Just love that first photo and the wedding cool.

    Loving Olivia's make up...and thank you soooo much for the link :)

    I adore Swallows and Amazons, they made a sweet little tv movie of it ages ago.

    Off to Paris.....Oooo it's a hard life darling *wink.

    love Deej


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