Halloween Cocktails

Halloween Punch

1 part Midori
1 ½ parts Skyy Orange Vodka
1 ¼ parts Sweet and Sour Mix
15 squeezed Orange Wedges
Melon balls, red orange slices and kiwi slices to garnish

Pour ingredients in order listed into a pitcher filled with cubed ice. Shake and stir for about 5 seconds. Strain from pitcher into punch bowl. Garnish with melon balls, red oranges and kiwi for a frightfully fabulous Halloween party centrepiece!

Trick or Treat
1 part Passione Nera black sambuca
1 part Midori

To make this devilishly simple ‘shotail’ pour the ingredients carefully into a shot glass to keep the green and black layers separate, and enjoy the cauldron of liquorice and melon flavours!

Emerald martini ....see here for how to make this....

It seems Halloween isn't just for children and tomorrow night I have been invited to an impromptu Halloween drinks party :)

I have rustled up something suitably witchlike to wear.....gathered together some appropriately ghoulish and ghastly snacks....and having rummaged through my cocktail cabinet, browsed the supermarket and explored online....I discovered Midori ....perfect for those glowing Halloween cocktails.
I have been testing them on my brother this evening!

(love the music!)

Check out Midori for more cocktail ideas....bwah ha ha!!


  1. Yum! I could definitely use one of those drinks right now!! :) xxoo

  2. Dear Simone, that emerald martini looks great! I love the pumpkin picture too. Hope you're good. I am completely better thank you for your lovely comments xx

  3. mmmmm simone!! i kinda want some halloween punch in a big way. *thirsty*


  4. these look sooo tasty and get me so in the halloweeen party mode!!

  5. This all looks delicious!!!
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Oh good one, I'm working on becoming the cocktail queen. Was mixing up a storm on the weekend, should have seen this post earlier!!

  7. sweet simone. i've missed you so. how are you? xo


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