Bird's nest hair....

(All photos above via Martha Stewart, always  a great source of holiday creativity)

A few weeks ago my very excited children and I attended a Halloween evening at the fabulous One Aldwych hotel to test out the fantastic new fancy dress range from Clothing at Tesco.

Yummy themed food, pumpkin-carving, face painting, the UK premiere of  "Monsters-vs-Aliens, Mutant Pumpkins From- Outer Space" and, best of all, really great costumes to choose from....my son was a skeleton and my daughter was a pirate witch.
There were rails of very creative costumes - dresses with cobweb sleeves, lots of purple, black and orange, great masks, lots of original and interesting details...Halloween heaven!

My great friend E loves a fancy dress event and hosts a Halloween party every year.....she knows a good  costume when she sees it and on my recommendation headed straight for Tesco and bought her 2010 costume!

All costumes available from Tesco in-store and online (and they are now half-price!)

We headed home having had a lot of fun and the children were given huge goodie bags plus their fab costumes - perfect!!

We are in fact away this week-end but are going to a Halloween party this evening....the costumes are ready and the face painting has already begun :)

Thank you so much to Tarryn and all her colleagues for such wonderful hospitality - you all looked amazing in your costumes too!


  1. what fun!!!
    ps...i'd love to have a front porch all illuminated with pumpkins like the one photo :)

  2. Boo! The kids look spooktacular Simone. Happy Halloween to those sweeties and to you too! Loving that cupcake... xo

  3. I love your blog
    I love all you share

  4. All those lit up pumpkins ~ how fun is that?! I'm so glad it it is autumn, though was really glad to have a beautiful wedding weekend just in time for it to cool down this coming weekend.
    Have a great day ~ xox Alexandra

  5. I am loving the pumpkins in the fireplace!!! Such a wonderful idea!

  6. What a fabulous time you and the children had, Simone and qmqzing face painting....Halloween is really taking off in the UK now, isn't it ? I was always a bit of a 'stick in the mud' when it came to Halloween as it's a bit of an American thing (although, apparently we started it in Pagen times !!) but, I have to go with the flow !! We now always have enough bags of sweets to open a sweet shop and a jar of small change by the front door on the 31st!! There are some wonderful costumes around now and so reasonable too.
    Wishing you and the family some lovely parties ahesd in the next few days.....BOO !!!! XXXX

  7. oh my god...i am soo sorry to have just read yesterdays post simone....
    that poor girl and her family....
    what love he knew....

    melissa xox
    p.s- what a halloween party...brilliant stuff!!

  8. i love this time of year, all the pumpkins and cute kids all dressed up whats not to love.

  9. i LOVE this post! i used to love getting my facve painted!!! hope you are having a great week love! xoxo

  10. Awesome photos, Simone. This is just what I need to get into the holiday spirit. Would you believe that I am so last minute, I still don't have a costume! The photo of all the pumpkins on the steps is my favorite.

    Happy Wednesday!

  11. How cool! Is that really you face painting, by the way? Impressive!

  12. Ha ha what a fun post Simone. I just love the face painting your daughter had, how pretty and your!

    I just love that photo of all the lit up pumpkins on the door steps.

    Have fun!!
    love Deej

  13. what a fun post! I absolutely adore halloween!

    I am a new follower


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