Little Cuties!

Yes, another cute baby.....couldn't resist this one!
Found here

via Buttons, Bows and Tiny Toes here

Love this print via

And finally....

Vote Lou......please!!!! Thank you :)
Now through to Round 2, with your help she can go all the way!!
Just click on Lou, Boos and Shoes in the list above.

We have snow in to dig out my snowboots!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Ahhh you are too kind my sweet - and my goodness - what a technical whizz to embed this in your page! I did the same - what would I do without you? I think however it will take a miracle as some of the bigger blogs have hundreds of votes. Fingers crossed...Lou xxx

    P.S Those babies - they make my heart ache they are so cute! How did they get them to pose like that??

  2. Those babies are the cutest Simone. I did head over and vote for Lou. Enjoy the snow. xo

  3. Hi Love!!

    These babies could not be more precious...I am smitten with the 2nd hat, just adorable!!! Oh and Lou deserves to win for SURE. Hope you are having a great week, inspiring friend.


  4. Ooh... those sweet little toes and fingers. Those photos are just precious.

    Snow? You lucky girl! We usually have at least one good snowfall by now, but this morning it is nearly 50 degrees. I am craving a good old fashioned snow storm!;)

    Have a blessed week, Simone!


  5. Hi,my beautiful friend:-)*

    These babies makes me SO smile and they are beyong sweet...
    And your girlfriend Lou is a great inspiration!!!

    Thank you for sharing,
    Much Love,

  6. Dear Simone, what absolutely gorgeous babies! The blue hat is so cute! They are adorable. I nearly got broody there... for about two seconds!

    I've voted for Lou.

    Loved your comment about the shoes, they sound stunning. I love shoes like that. What a cheek those women talking about your shoes! I'd love to have seen their faces. Have a good day. It's snowing quite a lot here now! xx

  7. Too cute!! Off to vote for Lou right now!

    Ali x

  8. Those babes! Oh my. And why don't I recognize any of these blogs...I've got some reading to do:) Happy day to you sweet Simone.

  9. No 2 has me kissing the screen!!! Total cuteness crush!

    Yes, Lou, her Boos and shoes definitely deserve to win. Have voted.

    xx Charlotta

  10. These babies are adorable! I must get that Spiderman print - my little boy loves Spiderman and that would look so cute in his room!

  11. OMG, those are the most adorable baby photos! I am in definite baby mode as my niece is having her baby in 2 months!! I can't wait!!

    I voted for the fab Lou last night - I hope she wins!

    Have a fun snow filled day & stay warm! xxoo :)

  12. Ooo those cute baby photos. Adorable.
    My son needs that poster on his wall too.
    And of course I voted for Lou. Go Girl !!!

  13. oh my goodness. those are the most precious babies I've ever seen! too cute! I'm voting for Lou! xo

  14. I just voted. I did check everyone else before, though. So now I can say: really, the best!


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