Monday, Monday....

I like's the start of the new week, yes....

....but there is also that feeling about starting something on a Monday that makes you feel as though you are more likely to succeed at it....going to the gym, a diet or a new activity....don't they always start on Mondays!?

I am at present a full time stay at home mother and lucky enough to be able to manage my well as being a slave to my children's school timetables too!

My son has only been at school since September and so I have had to find a new rhythm since then....every day is different which I like most of the time....

Sometimes I crave a routine and sometimes I just feel like a little spontaneity....I know I am fortunate that I can have a little of both.

Some weeks I get everything on my to-do list done....some weeks I don't get any of it done - and wonder what on earth I have been doing.

I am still trying to discover the perfect day, the perfect balance of fun and doing-the-everyday-stuff-that-must-be done-whether-we-like-it-or-not....

I'm still not sure what the perfect day consists of.
I have a to-do list that doesn't seem to get shorter, I don't go to the gym enough, I don't read enough, I still owe friends phone calls and I still haven't cooked all those new dishes I intended to cook with all my new "spare" time.

After working for years, I now have more "free" time at home than I have ever had....and now I am wondering if a return to work is in fact what would be the best thing for me!

I do have a pretty good balance in my life....

I have more than my fair share of really good friends who are always there for me....some days a quick morning coffee can be just the pick-me-up that we all need...time for listening or for sharing, for reassurance or just for time to laugh....

I do have more time to do the little things that so often get overlooked (bottom of the ironing basket anyone?),

I have more time to blog and write and I have a little more time to ponder and plan....

I believe that it's healthy to have a goal be it to read two more books per month or running a's a rare person who doesn't seek to challenge themselves or to seek new projects.

Life is a funny thing isn't often when you get to a specific time of your life, it's not always how you anticipated it would's different, albeit good different.

When you arrive, you then immediately start to think "Right, what now?"

And I guess that's what makes life so exciting and puzzling all at the same time.

These days people rarely have a job for life anymore, you can start new things and take up new opportunities all the time - and at any age.

I've never been one of the those people who has a plan and a really clear idea of what their next move is....and actually I quite like that.
Sometimes though a signpost or a map might have been handy!

It's just a matter of deciding which road you are going to take next....

Happy Monday!

Great quotes via Bits of Truth ....

The Little White Company


  1. First of all, what a wonderful Monday morning post!! I have NEVER seen the bottom of my ironing basket...haha...!! For me, the busier I am the more organized I am. I, too have alot of free time now that my children are grown, it doesn't mean I get more done however. I have always lived my life by the seat of my pants, never really planning alot. And my life is NOTHING like I thought it would be when I was younger, it has taken many twists and turns, but believe me, it's been a fun ride that I wouldn't trade for anything! Happy Monday, Simone - you are a fabulous woman and whatever you decide to do, I know you will do it with all of your heart! Warm hugs and smiles! xxoo :)

  2. Very wistful photos. You know we will all support whatever you do as long it doesn't prevent you from blogging!

  3. I'm a SAHM too and my mental to do list is never ending and never gets completed, just added to! I'm quite a creature of habit and like the structure of the week and the after school activities. But I do love my time at home, pottering, blogging, playing with my 2yr old. And I do like Mondays, when I can put the house back together after the weekend. Have a good one.

  4. I am so glad you're enjoying my quotes at:

    Quotes somehow just seem to explain life a little better than ordinary words!

  5. Hello - ahhh Mondays - yes I quite like them. When I went part time one of main criteria was that I had to have Mondays off and that has always stuck. I love that on Sunday nights I never get that Sunday night homework feeling. So I spend Monday re-grouping, doing admin, checking the 'to do' list. I thought just today that if I didn't work surely I would be better at getting through the 'to do' list but from what you write it sounds like the opposite. I agree that if you have a whole day (and there is always tomorrow too) then sometimes it's hard to get things completed.

    I don't know what the answer is - just be happy and try to work out what makes a happy day, whether it has balance or not. I feel like we, as readers, are on this journey with you, so you are not alone fairy blogmother Simone! Lou xx

  6. Oh my gosh Sweetie, no problem at all!! Seriously, was not at all concerned! I love the ones you picked too!

    As for the YSL, coral might just be my color! Umm... that or the turquoise. Ok, maybe I'm still never very sure ;-)

  7. I'm also a SAHM and agree with so much of your post. My twins are now 18 months and my two older children are at school. I regularly toy with the idea of going back to work, but so far it hasn't seemed like quite the right moment. And I love being at home, so it's a difficult decision.

    You're right about Mondays too - they're full of new beginnings.

  8. Hi Simone,
    Well, I worked really hard and then, when I had my first baby, I gave up work and have never worked since !!!!....and, I loved being home with our children. If one possibly can, I think that it is very fulfilling and your children will always appreciate that you were there for them. Our daughter has just bought her own flat in Crouch End and we have just got back from helping her with some things that needed doing there....and, our son and daughter-in-law are about to buy their house and are expecting a baby and we will be there, helping them decorate and anything else that they throw at us !! Being a mum is such an important job, whatever age they are but, if you decide to go back to work, that will be good too.
    Happy Monday evening Simone. XXXX

  9. I love your Thinking Out Loud posts Simone! Enjoy the time you have now with your kids, you've got plenty of time ahead to re-enter the work force. I restarted my career @ 35 & it has gone beyond my wildest dreams. Do it when you're ready on your terms, not someone else's.
    Millie ^_^

  10. Love the quotes. I'm also a stay at home mum - but never seem to manage my time very well at all. Somehow I manage to faff away my day and before I know where I am - Sonshine is ringing the front door bell to get back in. I should really send him to board somewhere far, FAR away. But even then, I'm sure I'd still fritter my time away!

    Ali x

  11. Simone,
    This is such a beautiful post - so stunningly written. You made me ponder which i love doing from time to time. And i realised i am much like you - never really one to plan and know where my next move is. and I agree, i like it too.
    Thank you for this lovely post, you are such a lovely person and i think being a stay at home mum is one of the best opportunities in the world.
    my mum was a stay at home mum up until i was about 10 and my brother 8 and it was the best thing in the world - being able to kiss my mum goodbye in the morning and then run up to her in the afternoon and give her a massive cuddle rather then having to go off to after school care.
    I think it sounds like you have a perfectly balanced life with everything that matters being the main priority.
    I hope you have a great week Simone :) xx

  12. my lovely simone...i just wish we were *down the road* from one another for this chat...we could get all the kids together baking us a patch of christmas goodies...we could share a pot of tea...& just *enjoy the moment*...

    it seems, sweetie, that that is exactly what you are doing...enjoying the definate plans...but also not taking your *moment* for granted...

    what a blessed spot!

    melissa xoxox

  13. What a great post. I imagine life as a SAHM, but I am sure it would not be at all what I imagine. I love that you seem to take it as it comes, adjusting as necessary, defining your days as you like. Some days are meant for plowing through that to-do list and others are for enjoying life, and others are meant to balance it all. Ah, balance. A funny thing that we all strive for, whatever our situation.

  14. Dear Simone, I think you do very well with a home and two children and blogging! I keep thinking about doing some exercise but haven't got round to it yet and now of course it's too cold! Luckily I'm quite a speedy person so it doesn't show yet! I just about manage a job, blogging and The Actor. As you know I have no children (God knows where I'd find the time) and I have a cleaner twice a week. I don't know how you do it all. Plus you iron! I don't even have an ironing board let alone an ironing basket. Everything I wear can be hung up neatly on a hanger or sent to the dry cleaners. You probably do much more than I do.

    Thanks for your lovely comments. I agree I wish Patsy hadn't gone. Ann is turning it into a comedy show. She reminds me of the elephant in a tutu in Fantasia! I'm so glad Gillian's gone. What a dreadful woman, she would have driven me mad. Shaun, Stacey or Jenny to win plus I am developing a soft spot for Dom now too. I love being a TV addict! xx

  15. PS. I must include seeing all my gorgeous friends in that list although I wish I saw some of them more xx

  16. What a beautiful post Simone ~ putting it all out there and pondering where to go next. I love the quotes you chose to accompany your words. xo


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