London, December 2010

We've had so much rain over the last few days that the snow has pretty much disappeared....
it's been five days since I've been out, so it's time to break out of my cosy cocoon....:)


  1. Dear Simone, I know how you feel about leaving the house! We are back in hibernation today. I must pop out briefly this afternoon but I'm very happy being in.

    The walk was fun but we didn't exactly get much exercise with all the stop offs!

    I love Gene Kelly, isn't he fabulous? Now, have you watched Edward Scissorhands yet? I'm waiting for your review...

    I will let you know about the Wii Fit. It's still in the box under the tree at the mo. I've decided to start the health kick next Monday... I warn you now they usually only last two days!! I've never been to a gym in my life and got away with it so far although I'm chubby round the middle at the moment - I've put on weight all over during Christmas but it only shows on my stomach as I'm so tall it spreads out I suppose. The only thing I've ever done exercise wise is riding and a bit of yoga. I'm going to give the yoga a go first on the Wii Fit so I don't do myself an injury with the shock.

    I bet you and The Actor go to the same gym - does it have a pool? He swims a lot and is always trying to get me to do something.

    We're in London til next week then off to my dad's for a couple of days. What are you doing for New Year? xx

  2. It all looks gorgeous. Would love to see it in person some day!

    Happy New Year Simone!

  3. what beautiful photos! London is so amazing!! Happy new year!!

  4. Wow Simone!! What beautiful images, particularly the last one. Happy New Year!

  5. Beautiful photos, Simone!! I came out of hibernation too, as I had to go back to work - but it's a very short week, thankfully!! xxoo :)

  6. I've been hibernating for 4 days now! A big part is because I am sick and going out in that weather would make me so much worse!

    Are you from London? That is my favorite city in the world. I wish I was born in England. I would have easy access to all the fancy places in Europe AND have a killer accent.

    :) M

  7. Hello sweet - hibernation sounds ideal! I had my Dad to stay - let's just say it seemed like a long stretch! Finally now have some time to myself (well me, S and the Boos) so will re-group over the weekend. Funny though that I started reading your blog exactly this time last year! Funny to think that was just a year ago. I happened across what you wrote last December/January and it just opened such a door for me! So thanks honey - how could you have known that we'd become firm friends?? Take care, L xxx

  8. Get out and spread your wings you beautiful butterfly! I have been slogging to work in the snow and cold ~ it is dreadful and just to think that last week this time I wanted snow! Can I give it back?? xo

  9. I really must visit London some day - these photos are calling to me! I hope you have a Happy New Year!

  10. Beautiful photos. The South Bank still looks beautiful today (or did before the barriers went up)

    Happy new year!

  11. wow ! what a great set of photos !!!!

    Have a great year 2010, and thnx for sharing thats pics !!!!


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