On The Town....

Beautiful photos of Valentina Zelyaeva by David Burton for Elle Russia
via FGR

I am currently cocooned in a world of movies, food, warmth, Lego and hot drinks....and more food!
I haven't left the house for three days....it's been blissful!!
Maybe not quite as good as being snuggled up in a cottage in the country with Daniel Craig....but still pretty lovely ;)


Toast Sale now on!!


  1. Simone,
    Oh, such a choice - out on the town or staying snug and warm at home - both have their own temptations. Happy New Year! Rita

  2. This might be a crazy observation, but she has the best eyebrows! These are wonderful photos.

  3. I too spent the last three days hanging out with my family (except for the drive home today). It's been fabulous! xxoo :)

  4. Dear Simone, that sounds perfect!! We've been the same. There's talk of going for a walk today so we'll see. The Actor is still in bed, I'm just about to make him his first cup of tea.

    Glad you're having a lovely break xx

  5. I just love the hats in these pics! Sounds like you're having the perfect post Christmas break :)

  6. Love it Simone! Hanging at home with movies and blankets is the best!! I too have been holded up at home. I am sick, but am enjoying my "me" time. :)

    xo M

  7. Beautiful images! I love that first one with the velvet...looks so cozy! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    Hope Ava

  8. Happy New Year!
    (I would love to know the secret to that model's hair!!) ;)

  9. How I wish I was beside you drinking something warm ~ watching movies and giggling like teenagers. Pass the cookies please! xo

  10. Beautiful post, beautiful thoughts, Simone.
    Happy New Year to you & your family. Much more in 2011.

  11. Could she be any more stunning?
    Wishing you a wonderful 2011 filled with fabulous adventures and opportunities! I know it is going to be a magical year for you!


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